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Footwear built on the converging disciplines of art, craft, and technology. We hand make sneakers in limited quantities, then offer them to you, minus the markups.

Gift: Logan backpack.


Assouline is a globally acclaimed luxury publisher that creates and distributes editorial books with iconic brands.

Gift: Missoni Cookbook, GQ Men, Cartier Panthère, Chanel editorial books.


Fine jewelry — No concessions. Iconic designs, purest gold, ethical sourcing, honest pricing, handcrafted in New York City – accept nothing less.

Gift: Solid Circle Earrings ($280 value).


UPTON is a direct-to-consumer leather goods brand, focused on delivering the highest quality products at an honest price.

Gift: Wallet and belt.


Dirty Lemon makes better beverages to be had daily, operating as the first consumer brand in the world to sell products exclusively via text message.

Gift: Four cases of Dirty Lemon ($260 value).


Negative is a line of minimalist, luxury basics, designed by women, for women, all about comfort without sacrificing style.

Gift: $250 gift card.


Alala is a luxury activewear brand with a sophisticated downtown attitude created for modern, trendsetting women who demand form and function from their gear — for days with endless destinations.

Gift: $250 gift card.


Based in Los Angeles, Vince creates elevated yet understated pieces for every day.

Gift: $250 gift card to