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Our interpretation of the legendary German Army Trainer

The German Army Trainer (GAT) has a rich history attached to its name. Although the original designer of the GAT has been lost to history, it is clear that before the fall of the Berlin Wall, in 1989, the sneakers were issued to a standing force of more than half a million German soldiers. When the force was downsized, the shoes quickly seeped into the civilian realm.

With a rubber gum sole for traction and an all leather body for comfort, the standard issue shoe was made in Germany and offered basic elements to German soldiers during indoor training exercises. Since they were made for the government, there was zero branding. We've kept this true in our version of the GAT.

Materials & Process

Upper | 3oz calfskin and suede leather from Veneto, Italy

Outsole | Italian 70 Shore A rubber sole

Footbed | Italian calf-skin over removable molded in-sole

Counters | 3oz Italian soft split suede

Construction | Hand stitched and lasted in Albacete, Spain

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