6 Reasons Why Figaro Chains Are Popular

Lester Fangonilo - October 19, 2021


One of the most popular kinds of gold chains are Figaro chains. Learn what they are and why they’re still in style.

3mm Figaro Chain in 18k Gold


When looking for accessories to suit the style you're going for, you have to consider a lot of things, including the color, texture, size, and others. While there are so many accessories you can choose from, gold chains are the most popular. Not only do they look luxurious, but gold chains also blend with different outfits. This explains why gold jewelry is a staple in most people’s ensemble.  

There are also silver chains that some people prefer over gold chains, based on a number of things. However, it’s safe to say that most people generally use gold jewelry, especially gold chains. 

One of the most popular kinds of gold chains are Figaro chains. Do you know what Figaro chains are? This page will let you know some things that will make you include them in your next outfit style.

What are Figaro Chains?

Figaro chains are a kind of jewelry that has one elongated oval link after 2-4 regular links. These can also be personalized by adding pendants like crosses or gems, depending on your personal style. These are popular with both genders but are mostly worn by men. 


3mm Figaro Chain in Silver


While the origin story of Figaro chains have not yet been fully uncovered, it is often associated with Italy. Italy makes one of the best Figaro chains in the whole world.

According to some, Figaro chains was coined after two male leads of classic operas, The Barber of Seville, and The Marriage of Figaro. These two men were so famous during the 18th century , and reportedly inspired the creation of Figaro chains. 

Figaro chains may look the same as curb or cable chains. Curb chains are made of interconnected, flattened and twisted links, while cable chains consist of symmetrical and uniform links interconnected to form a chain. 

Also, Figaro chains can be curb chains with flat links or cable with circular links. However, the distinct feature of Figaro chains is the elongated links inserted after every 2-4 regular links. These elongated links can be just oval-shaped links, but some jewelry has hearts or diamonds.

Types of Figaro Chains

Figaro chains are available in different colors, such as gold and silver. It can be white gold, yellow gold, or two-toned gold. These types of gold also come with varying karat numbers. Figaro chains also are available in different sizes, thickness, and lengths.

Why Figaro Chains Have Worldwide Popularity

Figaro chains are a classic when it comes to men’s jewelry. So why do you think these chains are popular? 

Read the list below to know how Figaro chains remain timeless even with established and emerging styles of chains worldwide.

#1. Timeless.

Even after centuries, Figaro chains are still popular. Although a variety of chains are available in the market today, these chains still remain iconic and still in style for men. 

#2. Very Durable.

Aesthetics aside, Figaro chains are thick chains with very strong individual links. The links that are interconnected are so tough that they would still remain intact after being yanked or pulled. These links also cannot be easily tarnished so that they can last for many years.

#3. Unique design.

The distinct characteristic of Figaro chains, which are the elongated links, make them so popular. Not only does it stand out from the regular chains, but it also brings out an attitude to the person wearing it. 

The design mainly has elongated links, but these can depend on the manufacturers, be it 2-4 regular links or 3 circular links. You can even customize your own design in some countries like the US.

#4. Gender-neutral jewelry.

Even if it is more popular among men, women can still wear Figaro chains and rock the style. This is because Figaro chains are gender-neutral, so anyone can wear them however they like. Plus, these chains suit every style. Therefore, everyone can own them. 

It can be worn with fancy clothing, casual, street-style, or even with tracksuits. It all comes down to the styling you're doing. Figaro chains give you vibes from cool to chic, casual to fancy. 

#5. Easy-fix chains.

Although Figaro chains are built very well, the chain links can be broken in some unexpected events. In this case, you can fix it very quickly. You can just remove a part and fix the link without ruining the whole design. 

If you really can't do it yourself, you can secure the services of a professional jeweler.

#6. Versatile.

As mentioned before, Figaro chains look good with every fashion style you can think of. Its versatility is one of the reasons it is popular. It can be worn as is, or with charms and pendants like crosses or medallions. 

You can try styling with just a simple Figaro chain or go bold by layering different sizes of these chains. 

However, most men opt for a simple one-layer Figaro chain worn with a black shirt and a cardigan/blazer. But that’s not all. 

Figaro chains can be worn on different occasions, whether for formal dinner, party night, or just at home with relatives. These chains look great no matter where and when you wear them.

In conclusion, Figaro chains are timeless and very suitable whenever and wherever you want to wear them. So, if you’re going to up your styling game, best buy a pair or two of Figaro chains. That way, you can take your aesthetic to the next level.