Add to Cart: Best White Sneakers for Women to Have in Your Wardrobe

Tuesday Bote - April 7, 2021


White sneakers are classic. You can wear them every day and still have a diverse sense of fashion. They go incredibly well with anything in your wardrobe, from baggy sweats to a sequined slip dress, and are so comfortable that nobody can blame you for not wanting to wear anything else. If you don’t have a pair of white sneakers in your closet, it’s high time to Add to Cart.

What Makes the Best White Sneakers for Women?

Not all white sneakers are created equal, however. It’s not as if a universal manual existed for shoemakers to create the perfect sneaker. This is a good thing, in a way, because brands get competitive in producing better sneakers, and consumers, of course, benefit the most. But how do we know which ones are the best? How do we verify what are the best white sneakers? We zoomed in on the three most important determinants of a perfect white sneaker and how they contribute to sneaker perfection.



Of course, it’s essential to be on-trend, and it’s obvious why clunky dad sneakers, exaggerated soles, and high tops are exceptional as statement sneakers. In contrast, low-top silhouettes make their own statement, even without the attention-grabbing size and shape, and, unlike overnight fashion fads, they never go out of style. Low-top silhouettes are the best white sneakers to wear with dresses, with pants, with shorts, with basically anything. 

A classic example of a low-top silhouette is the iconic Low 1 sneaker line from Oliver Cabell, the most popular in White. Curving right below the ankle, the top raises slightly above the heel to protect the Achilles’ tendon. The rest of the shoe follows this graceful flow, curving only slightly around the foot and toes, never too round nor too pointy. Neither the rubber sole nor the tongue under the shoelaces protrudes unnecessarily, maintaining the shoe’s general sleekness all around. 

It is also the best white sneakers womens fashion looks best in, as the non-imposing sleekness allows your outfit to shine without distraction and yet are gorgeous enough to get noticed anyway. This is because a low-cut silhouette accentuates the ankle and lengthens the legs, complementing your pants, whether wide-bottomed, garterized or skinny, or any flow of skirt, pencil-cut or billowy, mini or maxi.


White sneakers are insanely comfortable, which is why you would rather slip them on instead of any other shoe from your closet. Canvas sneakers are known as the best sneakers to kick back and relax in, but leather sneakers are quickly challenging them on this point. 

Leather white women’s sneakers are immensely pleasurable to wear because it’s not just their uppers that are made of buttery Italian calfskin leather, but their lining and footbed as well. The footbed also has a removable molded insole under the layer of calfskin for additional comfort. And although the silhouette is slim, there’s a pleasantly surprising space around the toes that make them more comfortable than other sneakers of the same kind. 



Another plus for leather sneakers is that they last a lot longer than canvas sneakers too. And, although it doesn’t seem like it, they’re much easier to clean. The best white sneakers cleaner are usually those created by your favorite brand, as in the case of Oliver Cabell’s shoe care line, which features a gentle yet highly effective sneaker cleaner, a soft sneaker brush, shoe whitener, and leather conditioner

If your white sneakers tick all three of these boxes, well, congratulations, you’ve found the best white sneakers brand ever. 

What are the Best White Sneakers for Women?

A white sneaker is a white sneaker is a white sneaker. And yet, not all white sneakers are created equally. Here are some of our current favorite white sneakers for women and what they look best in. 

Best White Sneakers to Wear With Dresses

What used to be such a jarring combination is now a quintessential look that represents effortless femininity. And of course, Oliver Cabell’s classic Low 1 Whites are the best sneakers for women to wear with any kind of dress. The undisturbed minimalism of the Low 1 sneaker fits with all skirt lengths and flows and injects an undeniable sense of elegance to your OOTD. 

However, we also think that the Low 1 Malibu sneakers are the best white sneakers for dresses. Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 Malibu sneakers have a gold heel tab and tongue, small accents that prevent the sneakers from going totally unnoticed. The gold accents still allow a lot of diversity, as would a pair of ear hoops or an ankle chain. You can wear the Malibu sneakers with a bright summery frock on a bright, sunny day, or with a silky black slip dress on a night on the town. The gold tabs also draw attention to your feet when wearing short pleated skirts or ankle-length tube skirts, in any color. They’re also the best white sneakers for shorts, following the same principle as mini skirts. 


The Low 1 Malibus are also part of Oliver Cabell’s Distressed Sneaker series; you know that sneaker trend where they’re intentionally distressed to look and feel worn in and, somehow, manage to lengthen their lifespan? When you wear distressed sneakers, you’re basically jumping straight into enjoying them without the need to break them in. Pre-distressing shoes makes them comfortable from the start and takes the pressure off of wearing pristine white sneakers that you’re worried to get dirty.

Best Sneakers to Wear With Jeans

Jeans are another article of clothing that has been enjoying the distressed trend - ripped jeans are still very much in vogue and go very well with distressed sneakers. The way both jeans and sneakers are beaten up in specific ways to achieve the distressed effect without actually damaging either your jeans or your shoes. And let’s say that when your sneakers or jeans naturally get worn out, they don’t look as good. So distressed jeans and sneakers achieve a maximum visual impact, and even more so when worn together.

While Low 1 Malibu sneakers definitely look good with jeans, it’s actually another sneaker in the Distressed line that are the best white sneakers for jeans: Oliver Cabell’s Low I Vista sneakers. Although no two pairs are alike in Oliver Cabell’s Distressed line, the Low 1 Vistas do seem more distressed than the Malibus. They appear a dirty white, making them less conspicuous with a pair of jeans than if they were new and bright. One of the many great things about classic white sneakers is they look good even when dirty. Instead of looking like you just bought a pair of new sneakers, pairing your Low 1 Vistas with jeans gives off the impression that this is how you always look: relaxed, chill, unbothered, uncomplicated. 

There are so many looks you can pull off with the sneakers and jeans combo. Be energetic in an oversized fluffy sweater or your varsity jacket over a sports bra. Be sophisticatedly sexy in a halter top or turtleneck. Be charming in a frilly gingham top that bares your midriff or huge bell sleeves on a fitted blouse. Be rebellious in a motorcycle jacket over a white t-shirt. The Low 1 Vista sneakers can pull off every one of those looks and more. 

Best White Sneakers for Casual 

You know how you don’t feel like dressing up on an average day, but you still want to somehow look well put together? The best white sneakers for women are the kind that can glam up any casual outfit you feel like pulling on without all that much thought. Any of the sneakers we’ve mentioned already can do just that, but Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 Transparent sneakers can actually do casual better. It has transparent outsoles to make the silhouette look even more streamlined and inconspicuous and lithe and graceful. So even if you’re in sweats or joggers and a hoodie, the Low 1 Transparent sneakers inject your easy look with an elegant lissomeness. 



Indeed, the best white sneakers for women are versatile and can be worn with any kind of outfit. Of course, there are no hard rules for wearing your white sneakers except you should be having fun in them. And sneakers worn for fun are ultimately the best white sneakers you’ll ever find. 


Why are distressed sneakers around the same price as unused sneakers?

Distressed sneakers are also unused when you buy them and only get used after you put them on. They are distressed by a particular method that Oliver Cabell has developed that makes the shoes look worn without actually destroying the shoe, stunting its lifespan, or lowering its value. The distressed sneaker trend has also become a high fashion craze, and several luxury brands sell distressed sneakers at twice or three times the price as Oliver Cabell’s distressed sneaker line. 

Can we clean our white distressed sneakers?

We definitely recommend it. Skip the shoe whitener and use Oliver Cabell’s shoe cleaner and brush to keep your sneaker fresh without erasing the scuffs and scratches that came with it. Use leather conditioner to keep your sneakers soft and pliable and protect them from the elements the next time you wear them.