Does Wearing A Silver Chain Necklace Have Health Benefits?

Lester Fangonilo - October 5, 2021


Do you own a silver chain rope necklace or any piece of silver jewelry? Then you might be surprised that silver is linked to several health benefits. We enumerate them here.


Jewelry is historically a staple item in fashion. Pieces of jewelry are known to enhance a person’s body and boost their confidence. It can be said that jewelry helps with social and emotional health. 

But to what extent can mere jewelry be helpful to humans in terms of health benefits? This article lists the few benefits that can be obtained when you wear silver jewelry like a silver chain rope necklace.

What Are The Health Benefits of Silver Jewelry?

Silver jewelry is a ubiquitous fashion item that is aesthetically pleasing and very helpful to the human body. Silver has a wide range of health benefits documented from even centuries ago. A few of the health benefits are listed below:

Helps with circulation

Many records show that silver jewelry can improve energy levels and balance one’s mind. In addition, it helps with balancing your internal heat and improves blood circulation and body temperature. 

Has antibiotic properties

Silver Jewelry, often worn by men and women alike, is recorded as a robust antimicrobial agent. It fights off infections, prevents cold and flu, fights viruses and bacteria, and repairs skin when damaged.


A precautionary agent

Silver has been known to react to toxic substances. Silver helps in knowing if something is toxic or not. Silver jewelry changes color when it responds to a specific toxin in your body. For example, when silver jewelry changes its color to blue, it means an increase in your body’s sodium levels. You can then avoid eating salty foods to balance your health.

An anxiety reliever

There are a few cases wherein people buy silver jewelry to prevent anxiety. Some people find calmness when wearing silver jewelry, and it helps them relax. Although there is no scientific explanation for this, people still get help by fiddling their jewelry around their fingers, such as silver rings. People with anxiety deal with social struggles, so a way to calm their minds is to focus on something other than those around them. 

Tips on Relieving Anxiety with Silver Jewelry


  1. Look for the best piece of jewelry that works for you. It can be a ring, a silver rope chain bracelet, a silver rope chain necklace, or anything that works for you the best.
  2. Hold your jewelry even before your anxiety starts. It is convenient to hold onto your jewelry earlier when your stress is starting to manifest. So that it doesn’t lead to more prolonged pressure which is bad for your body, this will also help not to worsen your anxiety more.
  3. Choose what you like. That piece of jewelry is a tool for your anxiety, giving you more sense of calm. Also, make sure that it can match anything in your outfit not to make your anxiety worse than it already is.

The Science of Silver Jewelry’s Health Benefits

Silver has a scientific basis for its health benefits. Its electrical and thermal conductivity makes it helpful to humans. The positive charge ions of silver complete a conductive field (barrier) that reflects electromagnetic radiation away from the body. This stimulates the body’s natural conductivity, improves the body’s well-being and blood circulation, and balances the body’s overall temperature. 


These positive charge ions bind with negative charge oxygen receptors of bacteria, resulting in the prevention of harmful diseases and infection. There are available studies about the health benefits of silver. Hence, if you want to know more, look for journal articles that specifically study silver and its health benefits to humans. 

While there are many benefits to wearing silver jewelry, there can also be adverse effects on others. Some people are allergic to silver, so wearing one won’t be beneficial to them health-wise. You will know if you’re allergic to silver when your skin changes color and reacts to the silver upon wearing. 

The part of the skin that has been in contact with the silver jewelry will produce flakiness or redness on the skin. So make sure to take note of those things. If you notice even the slightest discoloration of your skin that is in contact with the jewelry, remove the jewelry immediately. It may cause you to harm more than you anticipated. 

All of these health benefits recorded can be true to some extent, so it is up to you if you believe them. Health benefits aside, silver jewelry can be aesthetically pleasing because it calms your mind and improves well-being.