Resizing Rings Near Me and How to Resize Rings

Lester Fangonilo - November 22, 2021



It’s always a pleasure to receive a gold ring, especially if it marks an occasion like one’s graduation (as in a class ring), one’s engagement, or marriage. However, there are times when a ring you receive is either too big and settles too loosely on your finger or too tight that it threatens to cut off the circulation in that unfortunate digit.

In this post, we show you how to have your ring resized to make wearing it more comfortable and to make it appear more flattering to you as you wear it on your hand. This is a crucial step when you’re thinking about searching resizing rings near me on your search engine.

Help! My Ring is Too Tight! I Need To Find Resizing Rings Near Me.

Resizing a ring to make it larger is somewhat complicated. In order to make it fit properly, your jeweler or goldsmith needs to stretch the metal. However, take note that this can only be done to half a size bigger and no more.

Jewelers that do resizing rings near me as a service will cut the band, stretch it, and solder in a piece of metal to the approximate size required by the client. Either way, the resized piece such as a signet ring will be cleaned and polished before it is returned to the client.


Signet Ring in 18k Gold by Oliver Cabell


Note that this method works better with plain bands as the stretching process won't affect any embellishments added to the ring. In the case of rings with settings, your jeweler will need to rearrange the stones during the process. You need to agree with the expert as to whether you want to retain the original design or have them arranged in a completely different way.

I Have the Opposite Problem: My Ring is Far Too Large!

In case your gold ring is far too big for your finger, the jeweler doing resizing rings near me will measure the circumference of your ring finger before working. Afterward, they will snip out a reasonably sized section of the ring, form it back into a perfect circle, solder the edges together, clean it up, and give it a good polish. In the case of very good jewelers, you'll never be able to see where the ring was broken in order to resize it - it will be virtually seamless.


Twist Ring in 14k Gold


One more thing: be sure to ask your jeweler if you can have the snippet of metal they cut out of your ring. This cutout should be kept and held on to, particularly if you find yourself gaining weight over time or if a pregnancy leaves you with swollen fingers. The cut-out can be fitted back into the ring in case you need it to be larger.

Incidentally, suppose you can’t bear to have any metal snipped out of your ring. In that case, there is one particularly old-fashioned solution that you may consider: use a spacer - a small metal clip - to help the ring fit a bit more snugly onto your finger. 

Likewise, well before purchasing a piece, ask your jeweler if they make adjustable rings or if there are resizing rings near me.  Adjustable rings are those flexible enough to fit even the plumpest or skinniest fingers. It always helps to ask.

Can All Rings Be Resized?

It's easy to assume that your jeweler or goldsmith can work wonders with any piece of jewelry. But, unfortunately, some ring types may prove too challenging - or even impossible - to resize.


Gold Link Ring


Expert jewelers agree that resizable rings should be made of a metal malleable enough to be remolded or stretched. However, for this purpose, they would only work on rings made with precious metals as these are quite soft: silver, gold, and platinum, for preference.

However, even gold is a point of concern for some jewelers. White and yellow gold are hardy enough to be stretched, cut, and reformed, but rose gold - as trendy as it is at the moment - is a pain to rezie. In addition, rose gold is more fragile than other types of gold, and it cracks when subjected to additional heat or pressure.

Also, certain metals are incorporated into jewelry alloys that may make a ring indestructible and impossible to resize. Tungsten is one of them: the material is commonly added to jewelry alloys as it greatly enhances the durability of the piece. However, it's so hard that the finished piece is no longer malleable even if subjected to the extreme heat of a jeweler's tools. Titanium is another: it may be lightweight and quite comfortable to wear, but it is a difficult metal to resize; far better for it to be used in joint implants and other medical purposes.

Likewise, jewelers recommend against having eternity bands resized. The thing about these rings is that they are completely studded around the circumference with stones set into a groove. As a result, it is practically impossible to resize the ring without ruining the overall design or losing several stones in the process. You may manage to keep the cutout, but it will be difficult to put it back in should you need to make your ring a little larger in the future.

Other Instances When You Shouldn't Resize a Ring

So you’re asking yourself, where are jewelers that perform resizing rings near me? We understand the need for comfort and aesthetic value. But aside from the situations we mentioned in the previous section, there are other times when resizing will have more drawbacks than benefits for the ring owner or wearer. 


Stacker Ring in 14k Gold


These may include the following:

You're currently under a weight loss regimen or are under a strict diet. We recommend holding off resizing your ring until such time that you have hit your ideal weight target. That way, you need not go to the jeweler every time you drop a size; in this case, it is far better - and more cost-effective - to wait.

It's winter. Your ring may feel somewhat looser during the colder months, but this is because the flesh of our fingers tends to contract to conserve body heat in the winter. It isn't practical to have your ring tightened just because of the season, only to have it resized again in the summer. Think about the damage you'll cause to your jewelry in the long run!

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