How to Look for Real Gold Chains for Cheap

Lester Fangonilo - October 19, 2021


Cuban Chain Starter Set in 18k Gold by Oliver Cabell 


Gold chains have been a staple accessory to showcase one’s identity or personality. The gold often carries fancy and classy vibes with it. Gold’s association with status and elegance makes it a sought-after metal and jewelry item.

Aside from that, gold is also valuable and often sold at exorbitant prices. Its popularity considered, it’s often hard to differentiate between real or fake gold. Some people say it's the price that differentiates real and fake, but there are fake ones that are expensive and real gold for cheap. The struggle comes in finding where to buy the jewelry from and if they offer good-quality items. 

What to Look For When Buying Real Gold Chains

Purity of the Gold

When buying gold accessories, one must determine their purity. This is because there are so many purities available in the market, such as 9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K, 18K, 20K, and 24K, with 24K being the purest gold and 9K being the least percentage of gold content. Therefore, the higher the number of karats, the higher the percentage of gold there is in jewelry. 

Although it is rare to have 24K gold jewelry since gold at its purest form is soft and malleable, the jewelry is not that durable. The most common karat number purchased is 18K gold that contains 75% gold and 25% other metal alloys mixed with gold. 

The lower the karat number, the lower the percentage of gold there is in jewelry. So if you’re prone to allergies, it is better to avoid low karat gold since they contain a high amount of metal alloys that may affect your skin. 

Gold Link Chains

There are various real gold mens for cheap that you should consider:

Cuban Chain - most popular chain design and looks like a Rolo chain only this is bigger and thicker.

Franco Chain - the design is based off of an Italian curb pattern. This type of gold chain mens Two to four V-shaped links are interwoven together to form the franco link chain. 


3mm Franco chain in 18k Gold


Figaro Chain - one of the most popular link chains that are almost the same as cable and Rolo chains. However, unlike the other two, Figaro link chains don't follow a uniform pattern. It uses a pattern of 2:1 2 small circular links and 1 elongated link after. 

Rope Chain- it has strands are twisted together to achieve a rope-like design. 

Box Chain is made up of square links resembling a box, connected through the chain, and looks great with a pendant. 

Moon-cut Chain - has a diamond-cut design that focuses more on the light reflecting off of it. In addition, the hand-crafted design allows light to reflect from different angles. 

Byzantine Chain - has a very unique design inspired by ancient styles.

Herringbone Chain - its design is like a herringbone’s flesh and is made of v-shaped links interlocked with one another to achieve a flowy chain.

Rolo Chain - is a common link chain made of round or oval links connected together in an alternating pattern.

Ball Chain is a type of chain with round beads that can either be solid or hollow fixed in the chain with a tiny distance between each bead.

Cable Chain - is the most common gold link chain that exactly looks like cables for ships, except they are smaller to accommodate one’s neck. They usually consist of small round or oval-shaped links interlocked together. 

Type of Gold

Gold jewelry is often based on its color, but some refer to ‘gold’ as its material. 3 gold materials are confused as ‘gold’: solid gold, hollow gold, and plated gold.

Solid gold jewelry, like the name suggests, is made of just solid gold. Solid gold jewelry is the highest quality of gold jewelry one can have. Although the price can be intimidating, it is still a good investment since the value of gold nowadays has been increasing. Moreover, gold jewelry can be resold when you need your money back. 

Solid gold jewelry is usually hypoallergenic and environment friendly since solid gold lasts longer than other metal jewelry. 

Hollow gold jewelry has an empty space inside it. The hollow part in jewelry is made to reduce gold usage, which results in a lower price. The most common hollow jewelry is bangles. Hollow gold is the same as solid jewelry since both are made of solid gold. 

However, hollow jewelry is cheaper and weighs less than solid gold jewelry. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing gold jewelry, it is better to choose hollow gold since they’re affordable but still of high quality. 

Lastly, gold-plated jewelry is made from a different base material and is only plated with gold to achieve a golden appearance. Gold-plated jewelry is the cheapest gold jewelry you can buy. However, the gold in them is only plated very thinly and can wear off after a period of time. But if you’re on a tight budget, gold-plated jewelry is the best option. The main purpose of plating is to use gold while mass-producing jewelry without using much raw material. 

Kind of Clasp

Lobster Clasp - the most common type of clasp that looks like a lobster’s claw. Very easy to use and also secures your gold chain.

Hook Clasp - is very easy to use and doesn’t require much help. However, they are not as secure compared to other kinds of clasps.

Ring Clasp - almost identical to lobster clasp. However, it is ring-shaped and might be harder to put or remove. So, you might want to ask for help when you wear a necklace.

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