How To Pick The Best Sweatpants For Guys

Lester Fangonilo - October 5, 2021

Oliver Cabell Aspen Sweatpants in Heather Gray


Who said you couldn’t have both comfort and style at the same time? With the best sweatpants for guys, nothing is impossible! That’s why in this post, we made sure to help you pick the best sweatpants for your wardrobe. 

We’ve gathered all the tips and tricks to ensure you’re getting every worth of your bucks spent and achieve the comfort you’re looking for. So, scroll down for more information on how to pick the best sweatpants for guys. 

Sweatpants for Guys: Joggers vs. Sweatpants? 

 Before you begin shopping for your next bottom wear, let’s differentiate joggers and sweatpants. They may seem alike, but in reality, they differ from one another. 

First of all, sweatpants for guys tend to be evenly cut, have no shape, and people wear it usually during cold weather. On the other hand, Joggers are made to accommodate mobility that’s why it’s lightweight and tailored to flexibility — discover more about their differences below. 


Oliver Cabell Aspen Sweatpants in Black



For their material, thicker cotton makes up most sweatpants, while joggers have soft cottony fabric so that anyone can wear it with ease. Other than cotton, some use fabrics with synthetic materials, spandex, polyester, fleece, nylon, leather, wool, and cotton blend for these two. 


If you’re looking for a pair of bottoms to use during your workout sessions, then the joggers would be the one for you. They offer mobility and flexibility, which means they’re perfect for jogging, just as how you call them. On the flip side, you can make the most out of your sweatpants during winter or cold rainy days simply because people made them for that reason.  


Most designers make sweatpants to match their sweatshirts, while joggers have a versatile look to make them fit any other upper wear you have in your wardrobe. Both also have cuffs and seams, which rest around the ankle. 

What to Search For When Picking Sweatpants for Guys? 

Now that you already know the difference between joggers and sweatpants for guys, you can finally start shopping for your next sweats. That’s why here are the things you should consider when looking for sweatpants for your closet. 


With a bunch of sweats available in the market, the first thing you need to consider is the purpose of buying your sweatpants. 

Are you going to use it at home? Or use it to go out comfortably? If you plan to use it for the former, choose a pair of sweats that has 100% cotton. 

The soft texture will help you stay cozy at home as you enjoy your cup of hot chocolate on a cold rainy day. While heavy and thicker sweatpants perfectly match a breezy winter night, which means you can either use it as you stay at home or when you want to go out during this season. 


 Who wants to use uncomfortable and tight bottom wear? No one! That’s why the next thing to consider when choosing your sweatpants would be their fit. Make sure to check beforehand your waist and hip size to know what size to pick when shopping. There are plenty of options if you’re looking for sweatpants for short guys. You can also check out what would be the best sweatpants for tall skinny guys.

Please check out the sweats themselves before paying for them if you don’t have the time to do so. The right fit will help you stay comfortable and look way better on you, so trust us when we say fit them first. 


Yes, we made sure to remind you how vital pockets are in a pair of bottoms. Having such can help you carry all your essentials and place them directly in your pockets. So, better check if a pair has pockets on it. 


 Another thing to remember when buying your sweatpants is to check what type of fabric the manufacturer uses.  This factor is essential because it can affect the comfort and ease your sweats would bring. 

 For example, if you get some pants made from cotton, you can rest assured they will be comfortable to use. In contrast, some fabrics made with synthetic materials like polyester tend to give low ventilation and discomfort. 

Temperature Regulation

 In addition to fabric, also check if the sweatpants offer temperature regulation. Natural fibers such as cotton and wool provide ventilation and moisture-wicking technology, which lets you use them in varying environmental conditions. This fact means you can also use your sweats with comfort in both warm and cool seasons. 

Step-by-Step Guide on how to Pick the Best Sweatpants for Guys

 In this part, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to pick the best sweatpants for guys. So whether you’re a guy who plans to add some sweats in your closet or a girl who wants to buy sweatpants for guys for a loved one, then this guide is for you. 

       1.Know your size. 

     The first thing you need to do before buying a pair of sweats is to know your size. Check your measurements to know what size to get when you visit the store (or online shop). Note that some brands have different sizes than others, so it’s advisable to ask the customer representative how their sizing works before buying.

          2.Check your preference. 

     Do you prefer a looser fit or love your sweats a little tighter? What color do you want? Where are you going to use it often? And how comfortable do you wish to be when wearing those sweatpants? Well, before buying, make sure to answer these questions so that you can have an idea about what pair to get.

          3.Choose the perfect brand for you. 

     After a series of deliberations with yourself, you can now choose the perfect brand for you. When choosing a place to buy your next sweats, ensure they offer high-quality pieces that can help you have every worth of your buck. Check as well the options they provide and if their sweats match your preference. 

    Don’t Sweat It, Choose Oliver Cabell

    In the end, if you’re looking for the best sweatpants for guys, first determine what your size is, then check your preferences. Afterward, choose the perfect brand that will fit every factor you’re looking for in a pair of sweats. 

    Oliver Cabell has a robust line of sweatpants for guys of different designs and colors. Whether you want to use them to stay cozy during winter or to go out, their sweats aim to provide the comfort you’re looking for.