Off White Sneakers: The Best Ways To Pull Them Off

Tuesday Bote - February 1, 2021


Off White Sneakers from Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 Collection


White sneakers are making their mark on public consciousness in their subtle, soft-spoken way. In the past two years, we saw many bold statements of bigness in trending fashions - oversized everything, blocks of color, wild patterns on patterns. However, the detail that reined it all in was usually a subtle, unassuming, minimalist shoe.

Neutral colors such as white, offwhite, tan or nude, and black are now staples in any closet. This article will look at offwhite sneakers, how they are different from white sneakers, and how you call flawlessly pull off wearing them.

Off-white Sneakers - Classic Comfort

Sneakers, especially in white and off-white, are the epitome of classic versatility. They go with almost everything in your wardrobe, smartening up your casual wear while relaxing your more formal looking outfits. Asides from its practicality, there is something sophisticated about a low-cut off-white sneaker that you won’t get anywhere else. So even if the average sneakerhead has a closet full of loud-colored statement sneaks, they will undoubtedly have a white or off-white pair in there, as well.



Oliver Cabell Off-white sneakers: less high-maintenance than their white counterparts


White vs. Off-white?


Why the need to differentiate white from off-white? It may be a subtle difference, but it matters to the sneakerheads that prefer the subdued version to the quintessential brightness of the more famous white sneaker. Bright white sneakers make an equal amount of effort at scene-stealing as colorful statement sneakers. Off-white sneakers are the cooler, unbothered cousins who don’t need to yell to get noticed.

Oliver Cabell’s Distressed Women’s Sneakers - Shabby Chic Version of the White Sneaker


Sneakerheads also prefer off white sneakers because they consider white sneakers to be high maintenance sneakers. White is easily dirtied even at your most careful, and there is often a pressure to keep white sneakers at optimum brightness, to the point that you decide it’d be best not to wear them. You wouldn’t have the same concerns when you’re in your off-white sneakers.


The sample argument can be applied to distressed sneakers, a recent fashion trend where beautifully-made and high-functioning sneakers are intentionally made to look scuffed and worn - hence, “distressed” - but still maintaining their high quality. The point of wearing sneakers, after all, is to be able to get through your day in comfort. Worrying about dirtying your shoes with each step is not what comfort means.

His and Hers Off-white Sneakers

One of the things that emphasize the classic versatility of white and off white sneakers is how both men and women can wear them, looking fabulous on both. White and off-white sneakers are perhaps the only shoes that a man can wear to full masculine effect and look ultra-feminine on a woman. And it’s not limited to casual wear for either. White and off white leather sneakers look striking enough to wear with a suit, not for formal occasions, of course, but to loosen up your look for nights on the town. They are also known to have even been worn by a famous bride or two on their wedding day.

Low 1 White Wall variant by Oliver Cabell


We should also clarify that not all sneakers are created equal. Perhaps those brides weren’t wearing their overused ratty tennis shoes for their special day; it is most likely they got a new pair. And most likely, these sneakers were in leather, being the most esteemed among minimalist sneakers. Offwhite sneakers canvas versions aren’t too shabby, either, but they would need to be brand new if you wish to dress to impress.


Off-white Sneakers: How to Pull Them Off

We meant what we said about off-white sneakers going well with anything in your wardrobe. While this is true, some looks are better than others. Here are a few that you can easily pull off.

Classic Jeans

Off-white sneakers and denim are a classic pairing. Hems have stopped slightly above the ankle recently, so take advantage of this trend and wear them with your low silhouette off-white sneakers, preferably without socks. You get a similar sleek effect with skinny jeans, even if they fall lower and touch the tops of your sneaks. For wider pant legs, such as boyfriend jeans and bell-bottoms, pair them with high-cut off-white sneakers so as not to drown your feet.

Off-white Low 1 Vista sneakers worn with skinny jeans


Sporty Joggers

If you’re wearing joggers with off-white sneakers, it’s most likely that you had just come from or you’re on your way to the gym. Or you can look like it. Slouching the hem over the ankle is best over high cut sneakers and works with low silhouettes with foot socks. Instead of topping this pairing with a bulky sweater, wear a crisp tee under a snug, streamlined jacket to make it look like you work out on the regular, instead of having thought about it only the other day. It doesn’t matter that you’re not even going anywhere near the gym and are hitting the supermarket, instead.

Oliver Cabell GAT shoes in White


Wear With A Dress

An off-white sneakers women’s classic look is pairing them with a dress. Such a girl is chill and unbothered. Frilly sundresses that stop above the knee emphasize her effortless femininity, while long pencil-shaped body huggers that end at the ankles indicate that she is somewhat daring and rebellious. Although heels are still the best at giving the illusion of lengthy legs, a low silhouette off-white sneaker can also suggest sleekness when worn with a dress.

Effortless femininity with Oliver Cabell Low 1 Nude sneakers


Versatile with a Skirt

Unlike dresses, skirts can be more versatile with off-white sneakers since you can change your top at will. Miniskirts that hug your hips should balance out with a top with oversized sleeves or a comfy sweater that’s a size larger. The reverse is also true when you pair big, flowy skirts with tank tops and form-fitting cardigans. Beneath these skirts, your off-white sneakers will hold up this balancing act, whichever shape of skirt you choose.

Balance it out with a skirt and white sneaker combo



Look casual yet collected with shorts + off-white sneakers


For girls, wearing shorts with sneakers should work the same principles applied to skirts, but it’s a different story for men. While it’s too easy to look like a slob in shorts and off-white sneakers men can choose their ensemble carefully to turn an outfit you can’t leave your house in into a stylish, effortless look that goes perfectly with your aviator shades and iced coffee.

Formal wear

To pull off formal wear with off white sneakers, women and men should prepare their sneaks and make sure they’re clean and fresh for the big event. Leather sneakers are best for formal wear but only work under specific conditions. Even if you’re only planning to wear a tee-shirt under your blazer or suit jacket, to emphasize the casual elements of your look, the pants should be well-tailored and fit perfectly. For women, evening dresses that drape easily on your body, such as those made of silk, are better to wear with sneakers.

Leather off-white sneakers are best for formal wear


Caring For Your Off-white Sneakers

Cleaning off white sneakers is not difficult, but Oliver Cabell makes it much easier with their Premium Shoe Cleaner, a foaming solution that gently yet effectively cleans leather, suede, and canvas sneakers. The cleaner works best with their Shoe Cleaning Brush with its soft hog’s hair bristles. You can get both items packaged in the Essential Kit or the Leather Kit, including a small tub of leather conditioner. Leather conditioner is a unique Oliver Cabell product made of beeswax, olive oil, almond oil, and coconut oil that keeps your sneakers and boots soft and supple without polishing them. It also protects them from water and salt marks.


Leather sneakers inject elegance into the quiet understatement of white and off-white sneakers. Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 in white and off-white, available for both men and women, are prime examples of sophistication in a sneak. Not only do they look more luxurious from afar, what with the low cut silhouette, but they also feel luxurious on your feet. Oliver Cabell sneakers are made of Italian calfskin, which is unbelievably soft and supple. Calfskin also ages well, so you don’t have to worry about wearing out your Oliver Cabell off-white sneakers over time.

Wrapping Up - Go for Off-white Leather Sneakers

Leather sneakers are also more luxurious because they cost more than canvas sneakers. Luxury brands who make leather sneakers source top-quality leather for their sneakers, and you can understand the steep prices for a designer off-white sneaker. If you’re looking for a leather off white sneakers discount, you could look up online off white sneakers sale from resellers or even dupes of designer brands, which may match the original’s caliber but for a lower price.

Low 1 Soul Beige and Low 1 Off-white Leather Sneakers from Oliver Cabell

You should also consider purchasing online from Oliver Cabell’s website. Oliver Cabell is a direct-to-consumer brand, which means their top quality sneakers are less expensive than shoes you would buy in stores because you don’t need to pay fees that third-party retailers would put on top of the factory price. As a result, you get top-of-the-line leather off-white sneakers quality without having to pay an arm and a leg.