Top Must-Have Footwear for Women

Tuesday Bote - February 1, 2021

Oliver Cabell Women’s Flats


We've heard the old line frequently enough: fashion is fleeting, but style is forever. While most people relate those words with clothes, it also applies to shoes. Those stunning stilettos gleaming in a high street shop window may look tempting now. Still, you will eventually go back to old favorites that are comfortable, classy, and perfectly complete your signature look.


Regardless of trends and the incredibly imaginative creations of the world's most elegant ateliers (some of which are too fancy for everyday wear), several shoe styles ought to be in everyone's shoe-racks at home. 


These can be worn for numerous occasions, regardless of whether these are casual or formal; and can be matched with different clothes to create appropriate looks depending on the season.

The Casual Crowd

Lightweight, comfortable, and quickly put on, these shoes are excellent for daily wear or for lazy days when all you want to do is relax and have fun.



Flip-flops, also known as thongs, are as basic as your footwear can get. These simple rubber or plastic foam slip-ons are what you need to protect your feet from the coarse sand on the beach or the heat of the pavement on a hot summer day. 


It's interesting to note that, while many of today's high-end flip-flop brands come from South America, these were actually inspired by the traditional geta of the Far East. Flip-flops are practically de rigueur for people living in the tropics or coastal areas.



Mules are an interesting thing: not quite a full shoe, but not quite a sandal, either. With a closed front and an open back, these shoes are dressier and sturdier than flip-flops. Their unique construction makes them a great choice to wear in colder seasons.

Dream Mule (Caramel) by Oliver Cabell




Sneakers are the "little black dress" of footwear in the sense that they go well with practically any outfit. Usually made of canvas, though many high-end brands now make them in leather and other materials, sneakers are the ultimate in comfort regardless of whether these are classic lace-up types or slip-ons. 

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Nude Sneaker


White sneakers, in particular, are a true must-have for any woman's wardrobe regardless of their age thanks to their versatility and overall comfort.

Low 1 Jet Black Sneakers by Oliver Cabell


Athletic shoes


Athletic shoes depend on what sport you play, as these are usually designed based on how your feet move. Standard-issue running shoes cover all the bases for running, power-walking, and aerobics. Still, those who are into more competitive pursuits such as basketball, soccer, and even tennis should consider investing in footwear specifically designed for the rigors of their chosen sport.



Ballerina Flats look as dainty as the shoes worn by professional dancers, but these are surprisingly durable and are an excellent choice for traveling. Many shoemakers now offer foldable flats that can easily be packed into one's luggage, commonly made from materials that hold up well to long walks on both urban sidewalks and grassy paths.

Dream Flat (Rosa) by Oliver Cabell




Loafers – originally known as penny loafers – were extremely popular in the 1980s as the ultimate in preppy footwear. Today, these are a workhorse of the working woman's wardrobe as they add a casually elegant touch to a workday ensemble.

Women’s Loafers by Oliver Cabell


Fabulously Formal


"Well-heeled" isn't exactly a pun here because both heels and court shoes fall into this category: the shoes you wear to black-tie functions, milestone events like weddings, or even corporate conventions.



Heels are a must for the dressiest occasions – but with so many types to choose from, it's a bit of a challenge to determine what sort you need or what you would find comfortable for your feet. Two-inch block heels (also referred to as Cubans or tango heels) are the most practical for daily wear as these add elegance without compromising the way one walks. 


Kitten heels – usually an inch or 1 ½ inch high – are an elegant way to introduce younger people into wearing heeled shoes. Glamorous stilettos are fabulous and help make one's legs look longer, but they can be challenging to walk in if you choose those that are more than three inches tall.



Brogues have a strong masculine look that is excellent for corporate power dressing. Patent-leather brogues add an air of authority to dark pantsuits, making them a perfect choice for board meetings and similar office events.

Go Anywhere and Do Anything


These shoes are highly versatile and worn for different occasions:



Sandals are one of the best buys you can make as these are perfect for the warmer months and, unlike flip-flops, offer more support for one’s feet and can be buckled or tied on securely. If purchased in the form of gladiator sandals which have straps that circle the ankle, they can be quite glamorous and are apt for spring or summer parties.



Wedges are for those who want the height and elegance of heels but also want ample support and comfort. Available in different styles, these shoes work well as office wear and a good accent for a party outfit.

Women’s Boots


Boots come in so many different styles that you’re bound to find a pair that suits your personality and also has the advantage of keeping your feet warm and dry even in the most inclement of weather. Galoshes or rain boots are a real necessity, mainly if you live in places where it can get wet in the spring or fall. Sturdier military boots can add a hard edge to one’s look, but these can also work well for rough terrain though hiking boots are a better option if you’re the outdoors type and frequently go climbing or spelunking.

Oliver Cabell: A World of Options for Today’s Stylish Woman


From comfortable mules to sporty-looking sneakers that you can wear anywhere to ballerina flats and loafers that add an elegant touch to everyday living, Oliver Cabell offers numerous stylish options for today’s strong woman.

Powered by European shoe making methods, you can wear any Oliver Cabell shoe just about anywhere from stylish high streets and well-appointed offices to cobblestone paths and grassy meadows. The company's use of sustainably-sourced Italian leathers not only speaks of its commitment to delivering products of the best possible quality but also of its concern for the environment.