What are the Best Men’s Sweatshirts in 2021?

Lester Fangonilo - October 5, 2021


There’s been a noticeable nip in the air these days. Therefore, we’ll look at the criteria that set the best men’s sweatshirt for your wardrobe from all the rest.

Thanks to the pandemic, many of us had to work from home for more than a year now. As a result, the humble sweatshirt has become an absolute staple in practically everyone’s wardrobes. In fact, with increased demand, some fashion brands are taking these workout-ready and somewhat outdoorsy tops into a more sophisticated direction. 

The result is a sweatshirt dressy enough to wear for a Zoom meeting or a video call while retaining its comfortable nature.

But we have to ask: how does one choose a good sweatshirt for cold-weather outfits as we segue into the fall and winter of 2021? Today’s feature has that covered and then some.

Just pull this Oliver Cabell crewneck sweater in black over a white button-down Oxford and dark-hued jeans and you’re all set for a casually elegant evening out


Consider the Versatility

In the past, most guys would usually have one or two sweatshirts in their closets and that’s a pity because this item of clothing can actually be quite versatile, particularly in the spring and fall.

But now, men ought to consider having a good selection of these tops for various occasions. The following tips may give you some ideas on how, when, and where to wear the best men’s sweatshirt:

For Work

A solid-colored sweat in good neutrals like black or dark grey or sober colors like navy blue and chocolate brown are excellent for pulling over a crisp-white shirt. Worn with good slacks in a matching color, these help the wearer exude a hint of academic chic and easy elegance. Plus, it’s the kind of look that can quickly go from boardroom to bar at the end of the day.

For the Great Outdoors

Especially if you’re heading up to the mountains, the best men’s sweatshirt ought to be part of your road-warrior weekend ensemble. A hoodie, in particular, would be a great addition to your outfit.  Many of these hooded sweatshirts are made with waterproof materials. Some even have the advantage of being able to wick away sweat, making you feel more comfortable both inside and out. Likewise, the best men’s sweatshirt hoods offer additional protection against the elements.

Oliver Cabell’s Best Men’s Hooded Sweatshirt - Core Hoodie in Grey Heather


For the Weekend

The best men’s sweatshirts with a more relaxed fit or are slightly bigger than your actual size are just the thing to wear with jeans and sneakers. You can wear them, if you’re heading out of the house on a Saturday morning or if you’re planning to just lounge around at home. 

Heading out on an overcast day or an afternoon with a steady drizzle falling? Oliver Cabell’s OC Core Hoodie in Colorblock 1 will help keep you warm and dry.

Materials Matter

Ironically, materials are rarely mentioned whenever anyone talks about the best men’s sweatshirts.  The type of material your clothes are made of actually determines how comfortable and durable they’re going to be.

For the most part, the best sweatshirts are made with either pure cotton or with French terrycloth. The type of cotton or terrycloth used to make your sweatshirt could also make a difference in terms of your overall look.

Oliver Cabell’s Core Hoodie in Colorblock 1

 Organic cotton, for example, is the choice of the best men’s sweatshirt brands that choose to source their materials ethically. These brands usually offer sweatshirts and other types of men’s clothing with a rather rugged look with a homespun-meets-a-master tailor feel. 

Supima cotton (the name is actually a portmanteau/contraction of “superior pima”), on the other hand, is an extra-long staple (ELS) cotton with longer, stronger, and finer fibers that weave into a luxurious-feeling cloth with an excellent luster. This makes it perfect for sweatshirts that one can confidently wear to the office or for casual gatherings. 

Sweatshirts made with French terrycloth are just the thing to wear in cooler – but not necessarily cold – times. Think mid-to-late spring and the first month of fall. 

Similar in weave to jersey, French terrycloth has the advantage of being lightweight so as not to feel cumbersome if the day gets warmer but keeps the wearer cozy and toasty warm. 

If you wear your sweatshirts to, well, sweat, then you need to consider tops made with breathable, moisture-wicking synthetic fabrics. You can also go for a mix of cotton and synthetic to wear while you work out.

It’s All About the Fit

In general, the best men’s sweatshirt fit depends on the specific look and style you’re gunning for.

Rule of thumb: if you’re planning to layer the sweatshirt over a second top like a button-down, T-shirt, or collared polo shirt, get a slightly larger sweat. For example, choose a half-size or one size higher than your usual to ensure that you can stay comfortable. 

Likewise, if you’re wearing a sweatshirt to work out, it would also depend on the sort of workout you’re planning to do. Indoor workouts, particularly weight work, are best done wearing a sweatshirt that’s cut a little closer to your body. On the other hand, baggy sweats are just fine if you’re planning to do some running in the great outdoors.

That said, oversized sweatshirts are best kept for lounging in when you’re at home.

Cool and casual, the Oliver Cabell Crewneck Sweatshirt in black is just the thing if you’re off for a row on a lake or attending a regatta – it has a lot of je ne sais quoi


What About the Style?

 For the most part, good sweaters are available in crewneck, V-neck, and hooded styles. 

 The best men’s sweatshirts in crewnecks are the ultimate in preppy style. These are excellent for layering with button-downs for work or wearing on their own as part of a casual outfit with jeans and good sneakers. (Plus points if those sneaks are Oliver Cabell Low 1s or an excellent example from the Distressed line.) 

V-necks give off a similar vibe and may be worn on their own for ample sex appeal or layered with a shirt.

The best men’s hooded sweatshirts or hoodies are the epitome of urban casual and are an excellent choice in all seasons except for high summer. Plus, when it rains, it’s easier to cover your head than to go hunting for an umbrella.

If you’re looking for a more elegant alternative to classic crewnecks and V-necks, the streamlined look of a sweatshirt with a ¼ zip may be for you. While not exactly traditional, the unique design of the ¼ zip makes it excellent to wear on its own and layered beneath a well-tailored blazer for the ultimate in casual cool-weather elegance.


How Not to Wear a Sweatshirt

No matter how ubiquitous the best men’s sweatshirt may be in a man’s wardrobe, there’s one rule that you should never break: don’t wear it like a bum.

Seriously: the days of ratty sweatshirts with the sleeves torn off (or the lower hems ripped off crop-top style) have gone the way of the dinosaur: ancient, outdated, and definitely extinct.

Likewise, oversized hoodies in eye-popping shades like fluorescent orange and green or vivid reds are no longer desirable. Likewise, those worn with baggy jeans and equally oversized high-top sneakers have no place in the world of elegant modern men’s fashion – not even if you’re heavy into the rap scene. Believe us when we say that even hip-hop stars like Jay-Z or Kanye West prefer the more streamlined and nuanced look of a classic crewneck in solid neutrals.

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