What Sets Golden Goose Designs Apart From Most Brands?

Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


Sneakers are always in fashion, but they managed to hit an unprecedented peak in 2019, and brands - both your favorite sneaker brand and luxury designer brands - had decided to up their game in the competition to be noticed. The year 2019 revived the statement sneaker trend led by the Golden Goose brand, keeping it relevant to public consciousness even a year later, and will most likely sustain its popularity by 2021. Especially today, when identity is obscured by face masks, asserting one's personality relies heavily on what you’re wearing. So what sets this brand apart from the rest?

Statement Sneakers Making Waves


Statement sneakers are loud, bold, attention-grabbing. You wear them with outfits that are equally whimsical and experimental, as if the sky's the limit in the assertion of contemporary fashion. People pair them with outfits that are subdued and monochromatic, making the sneakers stand out all the more. Being so versatile, it's no wonder how the statement sneaker rose to stratospheric popularity. 


Golden Goose Deluxe Brand women's shoes helped this trend by constantly producing some of the most eye-catching designs - constantly because they only make a limited number of pairs for each design. The brand affirms that their sneaker designs are inspired by the people who wear them, which is sweet, considering that Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, the brains behind Golden Goose, are sneakerheads, as well. 


They believe that "your story is our story," and draw ideas from experiences, interests, and emotions. Devotees of Golden Goose sneakers tend to be fashion-conscious but don't necessarily follow the trends. They set their own trends and wear what they want. 

Golden Goose Sneakers: What Sets Them Apart?

They’re Extra Loud

As Golden Goose has consistently pioneered experimental sneaker designs, and as the brand is steadily moving into mainstream consciousness, many sneakerheads can already correctly guess if a wildly-designed sneaker is a Golden Goose sneaker. One of the things that set Golden Goose women's sneakers apart from other brands is the statements are louder than ever. 



Splashes of color, multicolor glitter, metallic accents, neon animal prints, bold handwritten messages, sequins, gold and silver lamination, pony hair, shearling, even feathers, in odd combinations and perhaps even all together - these designs make for exciting shoes. What began as accents on neutral-toned silhouettes became more and more daring with all these elements mixed together.


A bold mix-up of Golden Goose design is from the Super-Star line. It caught our eye as a patchwork of camouflage and leopard print, with a bright, white star gleaming from the pattern confusion. 



Iconic and hard-to-miss


Sneakers from the Golden Goose Yeah, May, Francy, and Mid Star lines are also wild and powerful. It's not unusual to see these sneakers fully covered by multicolored glitter, pulled together by animal print shoelaces, then branded with the iconic Golden Goose star in a loud-colored animal print.  


You can’t miss the striking GGDB star on the sides of the shoe, especially if they pop out with a bright color in contrast to the sneaker’s overall tone. The star’s visibility has helped Golden Goose sneakers get recognized more frequently. This element makes it stand out.  However, some designs intentionally hide the star, like when it's a black star on black sneakers, or when the star is only a perforated outline. 


The star is slightly nearer the heel on the clunky Golden Goose Slide sneakers but still prominently there. Of course, conservative sneakerheads prefer the Golden Goose sneakers white and black designs, with only minimal accents here and there, like a metallic heel tab here and a solid-colored star there. 



Another sign that they're Golden Goose women's sneakers is they look dirty, scuffed, worn in. Rather than assume their wearer is too busy or lazy to clean their shoes, despite looking like the total fashionista, consider that the sneaker’s distressed look is part of the fashion, and therefore, part of its charm. 

The controversial distressed “ugly sneaker” 


Golden Goose sneakers are intentionally distressed and look properly broken-in as soon as you buy them. This characteristic defines the Golden Goose brand. They instigated the "ugly sneaker" trend when they were launched in 2007. The makers immediately sparked controversial debates as to whether it is right for luxury brands to sell distressed shoes at such a high price. However, the distressing of the shoe is one of the reasons why they're so popular and why many consumers pay top dollar to buy a pair or three. 



Scuffed and unique


Notably, the quality of the shoes is not compromised by the distressing. "Broken in" does not equate to "broken." Also, the scuffs are seen as part of the design. As Golden Goose sneakers are handmade, the marks and scuffs are unique to each shoe - the scuffing will rarely come out exactly the same among different pairs.


Retro vibe


The silhouettes and soles of Golden Goose women's Superstar sneakers are designed to give off a vintage vibe, since classic sneakers inspired them. The scuffing adds to this vibe, as if you've had this pair of shoes since forever, and you love them so much that you can't bear to let them go. 



Many also justify the distressed look by attesting that they feel more comfortable wearing the sneakers in their scuffed state than worrying about getting their new shoes dirty on their first day out. 

High-quality and luxurious


Golden Goose sneakers are also sold at a high price because they're very well-made. Most shoes are handcrafted with premium Italian leather and use direct injection technology for the soles to provide full comfort for the feet. High-quality Golden Goose alternatives like the ones made by Oliver Cabell follow this standard.



Handcrafted means they're made by hand by shoemakers, not mass-produced. This includes all the rhinestones and crystals that are attached to each shoe and the scuffing that each pair of shoes is treated to afterward. 


Golden Goose is a luxury brand, even if they’re selling sneakers. But part of the reason why Golden Goose Super-stars is so coveted is that they’re expensive. 

Elegant and fun


Golden Goose women's low top sneakers from the Super-star line are the most popular of Golden Goose's now extensive model lines. The sleek silhouette is a classic, and even the loudest designs look elegant and graceful.


The other models stray from the concept of elegance and plan to have a lot of fun in the process. Golden Goose women's Hi Star sneakers sound like the high cut version of the Super-star but are actually "high" because of the raised sole, giving you a sleek silhouette on a platform. 


That said, the high top sneaker models are the Golden Goose Francy, Mid Star, and Slide sneakers. Golden Goose women's Slide sneakers are inspired by grunge and skater culture, deliberately clunky, and all about making a statement. 

Is there a Golden Goose sale for women's sneakers?


Suppose you're now craving a pair of Golden Goose women's Superstar glitter sneakers, but you're unwilling to pay around $500 for a pair. In that case, you could look up a Golden Goose women's sale and consider less pricey but high-quality dupes. 


Golden Goose-inspired alternatives are just as whimsical, made in suede leather, feathers, glitters, and so on. Oliver Cabell’s Golden Goose women’s sneakers look-alikes draw from the same rebellious and distressed chic, but at fair prices.

Elegant and whimsical Oliver Cabells - Low 1 Belmont Sneakers


Oliver Cabell’s take on Golden Goose women’s sneakers provide the same vintage-y experience of color, whimsy, and comfort at a more affordable price. Compared to Golden Goose's staggeringly high price tags, these alternatives are definitely worth a try. 

How Do You Clean Golden Goose Sneakers? 


Golden Goose sneakers are intentionally dirty-looking, but not actually dirty on their own. You'll be able to distinguish the deliberate scuffs and distressing on a Golden Goose sneaker from actual dirt that gets on your shoe, and you can easily clean your sneakers without getting rid of the original scuffs. Unless you fiercely scrub them out, that is. 


But let's not do that, shall we?


Since most Golden Goose sneakers are made of Italian leather, you shouldn't toss them into the washing machine for a few spins. You should use special sneaker cleaning solutions produced by leather sneaker specialists to clean your Golden Goose sneakers. 


Oliver Cabell’s basic cleaning kit includes the cleaning solution and a soft sneaker brush to remove dirt and keep the sneakers smelling fresh gently. There are also leather conditioners that you can use to maintain the softness and flexibility of your sneakers. 


Some Golden Goose women's sneakers designs feature other materials besides leather, such as tartan, suede, and canvas. These materials should be treated with the correct cleaning agents to protect the quality of your distressed sneakers.