5 Style Tips to Steal from US Celeb Scott Disick

Tuesday Bote - February 1, 2021


Scott Disick’s love life may be changing, but one thing has always been constant - his fashionable looks and brilliant style sense. There have been some rumors at the latter part of 2020 that the iconic couple, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick might be coming back together -- only to be confirmed with a big no by the current Scott Disick girlfriend - Amelia Hamlin. Before the 19-year old Hamlin, however, there was also a spotlight on the previous 22-year old Sofia Richie and 37-year old Scott Disick age gap relationship.


Apart from a colorful romantic life and “Keeping Up With the Kardashians fame,” Scott Disick is a guy known for rocking streetwear and athleisure menswear effortlessly while looking very dapper. 

With premium-quality textile, tailored cuts, subtle luxury items, and some basic pieces like leather sneakers - his style is modern yet timeless. It’s definitely one for the books, and the best part is that an average Joe can pull it off too!

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Nude Leather Sneakers


In this quick guide, we’ll cover some simple tricks to help you steal and recreate Scott’s favorite looks. 

1. Classic and Chill with Boots and Loafers


Relaxed and comfortable seem to be the mantra of Disick when it comes to his personal style. He often pairs white or washed-out tees or long sleeves with slim jeans and classic Chelsea boots or some black suede loafers complete with the tassel. Disick loves boots and loafers in different materials. This is evident in the many styles Disick has been sporting through the years.

These Chelsea or ankle-length boots are a must-have for anyone, as they are not just very stylish but are incredibly comfortable and durable too. These are very flexible pairs and can be worn almost every day - whether you are out for a casual day of errands, spending time with friends, out with a romantic date you want to impress, typical days in the office, or even on some formal events. 

A comfortable pair of Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boots in Cappuccino


One of our favorite go-to boots is the Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot in Cappuccino. With Upper soft split suede from Venice, Italy; a custom Italian crepe sole Outsole; Vegetable-tanned leather footbed with removable molded-in sole; and Italian-vegetable tanned leather lining; meticulously put together, hand-stitched, and lasted in Albacete, Spain. 


A combination of the best materials from Spain and Italy, this pair is a steal at the price of less than $250. 

Oliver Cabell’s Chelsea Boots


2. Stylish and Subtle with Muted Colors 


Real men wear pink, and through the years, it was never a secret how Disick has always enjoyed adding a touch of pink to his style. Along with shades of pink, light layers and faded hues are also a staple in Disick’s style, perfectly matching LA’s warm colors. 


With an almost monochromatic palette, including the timeless white leather sneakers, we can only imagine how quick and easy it is for Disick to mix and match items in his wardrobe. He is also known for bringing together basic quality pieces with luxury items and accessories. 

Disick is also often seen wearing casual shorts that match the warm days of LA. These are often color-coordinated with his breezy tops, while on some days, he pairs classic black or navy shorts with a white button-down or long-sleeved shirt.


Pocket squares are also a popular choice in his rotation, going together with unbuttoned blazers and ripped jeans for a more relaxed yet edgy vibe. When you’re pressed for time but still aiming for that casual dapper look, throw in a shawl cardigan over a lighter-colored shirt and some classic white leather sneakers.

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3. Level Up with Cozy Hoodies, Plaids, and Leather Sneakers


Another fashion staple in Disick’s wardrobe is the hoodie, often in minimalist colors of blue and grey and fitted styles, making it look more sophisticated and sleek. The hoodies are often paired with slim-fit or ripped jeans and branded trainers or sneakers.


If he’s not wearing hoodies, Disick is also often photographed sporting long-sleeve plaid shirts or a light bomber jacket over basic white tees, a pair of ripped jeans, and low top leather sneakers. This look is one of the most popular combinations for stylish men and can easily be recreated with pieces that are probably already in your closet.

In the photo above, Disick brings together a black and grey bomber jacket, plaid buttoned shirt, stylish jeans, and a black leather sneaker. Grab a similar pair for yourself with the Oliver Cabell Jet Black Low 1 Italian Leather Sneakers!

Low 1 Jet Black Leather Sneakers by Oliver Cabell


Whether you are a fan of the black on black style or prefer the lighter colors of white or off-white, or even beige or ash, these sneakers are all available in the Low 1 style. There are other shades for those who prefer different colors, such as navy, green, or charcoal. 


A crowd favorite, the Low 1 Leather sneakers are 100% made in Italy, using full-grain calf-skin leather and Margom outsoles, known worldwide for their top quality. Check out the quick list below for a rundown of the Low 1’s anatomy. 


  • Construction | Stitched and lasted in Marche, Italy 
  • Upper | 3oz full grain calf-skin leather from Marche, Italy 
  • Outsole | Margom Italian outsoles — renowned for their durable, lightweight rubber 
  • Footbed | Italian calf-skin over removable molded insole 
  • Lining | Italian calf-skin leather 
  • Counters | 3oz full grain calf-skin leather from Marche, Italy 
  • Laces | Italian cotton


Caring for these leather pairs is relatively easy too! When taken care of properly, it’s a breeze to retain their original look, as this pair is sure to last for years. Invest in premium shoe care kits complete with a soft bristle brush, leather conditioner, and leather polish. To ensure the shoes keep their shape, it is best to invest in shoe trees that help absorb moisture and eliminate odor.


Whether you’re sporting a style like Disick these days or will have a change of heart in the future, these leather sneakers are an excellent investment and will surely be worth space or two in your wardrobe. 

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4. Suit Up 


One might think Disick is all comfy and cozy, but he effortlessly switches to a confident, elegant gentleman with tailored suits when the situation calls for it. An actor, model, reality TV celeb, and a man of many business ventures, Scott Disick’s net worth is estimated to be around $25 million in 2019. 


For his suit-up attire, Disick often goes for single-breasted suits, usually in grey, sometimes with silk ties, while at times opting out of it. He then stylishly dons a scarf to match his suit, for an added bit of flair. 


5. Accessorize 


Along with outfit choices that just seamlessly go together, Disick is also known for his accessories, often ranging from watches to hats and sunglasses. These are usually luxury items that add that hint to glam to his basic modern laidback get up. Some of the pieces in his accessory lists that you can grab for yourself are the following


  • Rayban Round Frame Sunglasses: for that hip laid back vibe
  • Signature Baseball Hat: usually plain and monochromatic
  • Rolex Watch: of course, for that hint of luxury
  • Minimalist Bracelet: like this Gordon Leather Bracelet to bring accessorizing to the next level

Oliver Cabell Gordon Leather Bracelet


Wrapping up


If we are to basically sum up Disick’s overall fashion sense that many have loved through the years -- it’s simple and stylish, and urban cool meets chill and cozy. You also don’t need to break the bank in recreating these impeccable pieces, as a lot of these items are available in various affordable brands such as Oliver Cabell