Buying Italian Leather Sneakers - What's the Big Deal?

Tuesday Bote - February 4, 2021


Oliver Cabell Low 1 White Italian leather sneakers

All over the world and through the years, one constant in fashion is the timeless elegance and unparalleled quality of Italian craftsmanship. 

From food to wine, arts, and design, each of these pieces is crafted with passion and skills passed on from generation to generation, rooted in the Italian spirit of "La Bella figura," translating to "beautiful figure or impression." 

Whether it's a luxury bag, a fine wine, premium cheese, or Italian leather white sneakers - right away, this speaks of an excellent investment. Each piece is sourced and crafted with the most delicate details, put together with skills honed for decades, designed to withstand the test of time and fleeting fads - this is the deal with genuine Italian craftsmanship. And why each piece, no matter what it is, makes it indeed a work of art. 

Italian leather white sneakers marry together this artisanal work, the finest materials, and modern yet timeless designs. As a result, they are not just nice to have. They are now a must-have in anyone's wardrobe.

Oliver Cabell’s line of sleek Italian leather sneakers


Here are the best reasons why Italian leather white sneakers are worth space in your collection.

The deal with Italian Leather Sneakers

1. Quality, quality, quality


Have we already talked about Italian leather white sneakers’ quality - and just overall, everything Italian? Italians are very proud of their work and with each piece made by their hands - from tanning to cutting, gluing, stitching, and even to putting it all together, generations of craftsmanship go with it too. 


Italian craftsmanship is unparalleled to this day. As a result, in most products worldwide, Italian quality remains the top standard. And in 2009, the Italian government passed a law prohibiting any product from being labeled Made in Italy, unless the actual piece was created in Italy, from start to finish.

Low-key chic Oliver Cabell Italian leather Low 1 sneakers in off-white

2. Durable and Sustainable 

Investing in Italian leather shoes means not having to buy a new pair every six months. Sure, it might be a little more expensive than the usual go-to canvas sneakers, but as mentioned above, these are not your cookie-cutter, quantity over quality pair. 


No two Italian leather shoes are the same, ever. And each of these pieces is designed with quality and durability in mind, making them the perfect sustainable and flexible pieces for your wardrobe. Perfect fit for any venue or occasion, these Italian leather white sneakers will last for a long time.


However, much like anything, taking good care of your low top black leather sneakers will also further extend their time and let you keep them in their pristine quality over the years. We'll discuss more shoe care for Italian leather sneakers further below.


3. Ethical Leather


Leather is the core material for most products, including Italian leather white sneakers. Both for manufacturers and consumers, it is crucial to be curious, conscious, and aware of where and how the raw materials are being sourced and how it affects the local communities. At Oliver Cabell, we have researched over 70 tanneries before deciding on the perfect partner.


This tannery only produces full-grain leather (the best kind) and has won international awards of quality, ethical, and environmental practice. It works closely with small family farms in the region, bringing quality Italian leather to the consumers while supporting the local farmers and artisans.

Low 1 Lion Italian leather sneakers by Oliver Cabell

4. Margom Soles


Usual sneakers come with regular rubber soles - but when it comes to Italian leather white sneakers, no one skimps any part of the shoe, especially not the soles. At this point, luxury outsoles manufacturer, Margom almost doesn't need an introduction; it's enough to say that they are the best in the world, both for maximum comfort and longevity.

5. History


Since Italian craftsmanship has been around for generations, each pair is truly a masterpiece and comes with the stories and passion of the men and women working behind the scenes. Crafting these Italian leather white sneakers are not just making shoes; it is by itself an expression of art.

Timeless classics - Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 White and Low 1 Black Italian leather sneakers

How to choose the best Italian leather sneakers? 


Indeed, Italian leather sneakers are surely worth the investment, and they are in for a long time. The next step would be choosing the perfect low top black leather sneakers pair. Here are some tips!

1. Design


One of the great things about sneakers is that they are very versatile, and they can go from really casual to smart casual and even formal. There are now several sleek designs to choose from, bringing together that minimalist feel with timeless elegance in these men's leather sneakers white shoes. 


With premium full-grain Italian leather sneakers, it's easy to switch it up sometimes. You can choose your black on black leather sneakers instead of your regular dress shoes, and you’ll still look magnificent. 

2. Color


Depending on your preference, Italian leather shoes are primarily available in different shades and colors. Brown leather shoes are perfect for casual to formal occasions. Italian leather white sneakers add a rustic yet modern feel, and low top black leather sneakers will always be a classic choice. Other possible colors can be different shades of brown, tan, or black sneaker leather, nude or beige leather, green leather sneakers, off white or plain white leather sneakers, navy leather sneakers, or this ultra-sleek pair of charcoal sneakers below.

Elegant and on-point with black Low 1 Jet Black by Oliver Cabell



3. Comfort


The most important thing to consider when buying a men’s leather sneakers white pair - comfort. The materials can be top quality and perfectly made, but the most important part is meeting the comfort requirement. From the padding to the sole to the’ fit, all of these elements must work together to create the perfect everyday wearable. These sneakers come with Italian calf-skin over removable molded in-soles and Italian calf-skin leather lining for the best comfy pairs. 

Popular Low 1 While leather sneakers by Oliver Cabell


One of our favorite men's leather sneakers white pair is the Low 1 sneakers, crafted with:

  • Construction: Stitched and lasted in Marche, Italy
  • Upper: 3oz full-grain calf-skin leather from Marche, Italy 
  • Outsole: Margom Italian outsoles — renowned for their durable, lightweight rubber 
  • Footbed: Italian calf-skin over the removable molded insole 
  • Lining: Italian calf-skin leather 
  • Counters: 3oz full-grain calf-skin leather from Marche, Italy 
  • Laces: Italian cotton

How to care for your Italian leather sneakers? 


When using your premium leather sneakers for the first time, they look and feel immaculate. Knowing how to care for your Italian leather white sneakers or black on black leather sneakers will make all the difference to retain this over the years. Below are some tips worth noting. 

Oliver Cabell’s Ultimate Cleaning Kit


  • Always clean before polishing using a soft-bristled brush. Doing so removes the dust or dirt. 
  • Use a soft cloth to wipe quality leather cleaner to the leather parts of the show. 
  • Using the same brush, gently remove the remaining marks or dirt. 
  • Let the shoes dry for at least 20-30 minutes. 
  • Once dry, use a premium leather conditioner. Apply to the leather in circular motions using a clean cloth.
  • Top it off with leather polish. For pairs like the low top black leather sneakers, the polish must be safe for different leather colors.
  • Using a new cloth, wipe off excess polish and gently scrub with a soft brush for a shine. 
  • After 20-30 minutes, spray or wipe waterproofing repellant.

How to store Italian leather sneakers?


Just like cleaning and polishing, storing leather shoes is an essential part of shoe care. Few things to remember:


  • Keep shoes away from direct sunlight in temperature-controlled space. 
  • Wrap in acid-free paper.
  • Use Cedar shoe trees to retain their shape and keep away odor and moisture.
  • Keep light-colored leather away from dark or black on black leather sneakers.

The Promise of Italian Leather Sneakers

With all of these promises, one might feel that Italian leather white sneakers might be a little over their budget -- and that is quite true, especially for overpriced brands, some running on 8-10 x markup from the original production costs. Oliver Cabell has pioneered transparent pricing for each of its shoes, making luxury and comfort more fairly-priced and accessible for all. Read more about it here


There are several designs, styles, and colors available in different collections, all crafted as individual masterpieces. Check out these sneakers for men and women. 


And who wouldn't love owning and wearing a pair of timeless art and history that's also passionately crafted to be extremely comfortable and durable?