A Comprehensive Style Guide to Wearing Gold Chains for Men

Lester Fangonilo - October 5, 2021

Oliver Cabell’s Rope Chain Set in 18K Gold

Gold chains have become a trendy accessory these days. The truth is, for a long time, these accessories were confined to a particular niche. They are usually associated with hip-hop culture, from rappers to A-list celebrities. However, they have quickly made their way into the mainstream.  

Today, hip hop and gold chains are no longer mutually exclusive. Instead, gold chains can be worn by everyone, men or women alike, whether chunky or slim. 

Adding gold chains to your ensemble can really boost your aesthetic. But the question is, how do you make gold chains stylish? 

Well, this article will guide you in simplifying the complexities of styling gold chains with tips and tricks that are easy to do and remember.

Different Gold Chains For Men

Before styling gold chains, you must know every type that is currently trendy nowadays. Below is a list of gold chains that men can use.

  1. Herringbone Chain

This chain is called herringbone due to its similarities with the bone structure of the herringbone fish. A herringbone chain is distinct for its thin, flexible, and flat metal portions that are bent in the middle, resembling the herringbone. When worn, this chain lies flat on one’s skin and is very comfy to wear.

  1. Cuban Link Chain

A Cuban link chain refers to a type of jewelry whose design features interlocking oval or round gold rings, creating a uniform pattern. They are a highly sought-after piece of jewelry that can fetch prices up to tens of thousands of dollars. When worn, these interlocking rings lie flat on one’s chest.  

Cuban Chain Set in 18k Gold


  1. Figaro Gold Chain

 Called such due to its Italian origins, this type of chain borrows its name from the opera ‘The Marriage of Figaro.’ Design-wise, the Figaro chain is a flat link chain with a pattern comprising two to three circular interlocking links followed by one elongated regular link.

Oliver Cabell - Figaro gold chain


  1. Two-Tone Figaro Beaded Chain

A type of Figaro chain comprised of two different metal types and colors. Usually, this type of chain is composed of white and yellow gold - the most prevalent blend.

  1. Rope Chain

The rope chain is one of the most popular and beautiful types of chains. It is made up of several gold segments rightly connected in twos or threes and twisted in a pattern resembling a rope. Its eye-catching design has made it a favorite among its wearers. It’s lavish and within the Rapper fashion movement, popularized by the late Run DMC.


Styling your Gold Chain

With the different types of gold chains available in every market, you have to consider a few things first before adding gold chains to your aesthetic.

#1 Choosing a gold chain that suits you the best

There are different types of gold chains, as discussed above. However, you might want to think things over before choosing a suitable chain for yourself. 

For example, if you want to look fantastic with swag, you can select the ones with thicker chains like Cuban link chains or Figaro chains that you can pair with a printed oversized shirt as well as black jackets and caps. 

On the other hand, if your style leans more on the minimalist aesthetic, you can use slim and subtle gold chains like rope chains. 

#2 Consider your wardrobe style

Gold chains can be used any way you want as long as you have the creativity and confidence to back it up. However, it is also essential to consider the styles available in your wardrobe before styling yourself with gold chains. 

Moreover, considering the available pieces in your wardrobe can make your style more put together and stop you from looking messy and unbalanced. For example, if you’re feeling turtlenecks today, you should not wear chokers as they make you look stifling. Be sure to also consider the current trends in matching gold chains and your clothes because you do not want to look like a fashion terrorist.

#3 Determine your face shape

Face shapes are also crucial in choosing gold chains to wear. For example, if you have a round face, it is better to avoid bold and short gold chains, making your face rounder. Instead, use slim gold chains to make your face thinner. On the other hand, if you have a slim face, you should wear bold and short gold chains. 

However, others can pull off any style regardless of their face shape. So if you style it right, you can still look good even if it doesn’t match your face shape. 

#4 Measure your neck size

Before purchasing a new gold chain, you must determine the size of your neck first. Measure your neck first to avoid having too small or too big gold chains that might be unfit for your style. You can measure it using a measuring tape by placing it around your neck and calculating the right size. 

Pro-tip: Make sure not to put it too tight. We  recommend adding about 2-5 inches to make it more comfortable because you do not want your gold chains choking you! This is a basic tip but is also important so remember it always.

#5 Length and Width of the Gold Chains

Before anything else, learn the different gold necklace lengths for men and women. Although men commonly use chains between 20 to 24 inches that are typically added with pendants and charms as a statement piece.

For a choker length, use gold chains for men between 14 to 18 inches. Others choose those that are 25 to 30 inches long that will make your whole aesthetic better. Also, the thickness of the gold chains is essential. Wearing slim gold chains with 1mm to 6mm thickness will make you look dainty and subtle and usually preferred by women.

While wearing bold and chunky gold chains with widths between 6mm to 10mm will make you look cooler. On the other hand, rappers prefer wearing gold chains with 12mm thickness.

Styling Gold Chains

There are so many ways that you can style your gold chains according to your style. You can even style any way you want as long as it doesn’t look messy and unbalanced. Also, with creativity and confidence, you can wear it however you like. But if you haven’t decided how to style it or maybe indecisive on what to match it with, you can look at the common ways to style it below.

Tip 1: Wear it alone.

As they say, ‘less is more. One gold chain can still look stylish with off-shoulder outfits for women that can show off their collarbones. Both men and women can wear either chunky or slim gold chains paired with white T-shirts or black turtlenecks. 

This look is very minimalist. So if you opt for this type of aesthetic, you can try styling your chain this way.

Tip 2: Layer your gold chains.

Many people try layering gold chains of various sizes to look cool and swag. Some like simplicity with wearing one gold chain, others like it bold. For example, pairing small and dainty ones with chunky and bold gold chains that reach your collarbone can look fun and relaxed. You can also pair them with black or white round-neck T-shirts or any outfits that look well with them.

Tip 3: Layer it with other necklaces

Another styling you may consider is layering gold chains with pendants on them like dog tags, military tags, cross, or any charm. This one is a timeless look that would suit any generation and still look sleek.

Tip 4: Add pendants to your gold chains

Your outfit reflects your personality so if you want to express yourself and show off, try adding a big or small pendant with your gold chains. You can add your initials or any words that are meaningful to you or that represent yourself. This will surely add spice to your outfit more.

Where to Buy Gold Chains?

With the ongoing pandemic, it is better to shop and purchase your items online. Just make sure that the seller is trustworthy and will help you with problems with your order. Also, look for a shop that offers cheaper but durable gold chains to save up money. 

However, if you’re still unsure where to find the best chains that suit you the best, you can check Oliver Cabell. We offer various kinds of gold chains at a reasonable price. There’s no better way to buy those gold chains than through Oliver Cabell.