What Makes Cuban Chains Popular?

Lester Fangonilo - October 5, 2021

Oliver Cabell’s 2mm Cuban gold chain

Ever wondered what those large interlocking chains worn by famous hip-hop artists? It is impossible to miss those elegant, cool, and attractive blings around their necks. 

Well, those are Cuban Link Chains and they are extremely popular today. 

There are a few reasons to explain its popularity, which this article will bring to light. Also, we’ll walk you through the extent of its influence in the mainstream fashion industry. That’s how big it is as a statement piece of jewelry.

If you’re still hesitating about buying one, maybe we can help you decide. 

What is a Cuban Link Chain?

For starters, Cuban Link Chain refers to a fashion signature that uses interlocking patterns that appear thick and attractive. These chains are commonly worn as a necklace or bracelet. 

These chains utilize the famed diamond-cut pattern and are linked by an oval or circular-shaped gold piece to give a firm locking mechanism. 

It gives Cuban chains durability and robustness which is popular for people who are looking for accessories that will last more than a lifetime. 

Cuban links have also evolved to great sophistication. They have varied in sizes but retained their popularity, especially on men. You know what they say: the larger the chains the more masculine you look.  

Well, that’s not the end of it. To truly understand how Cuban chains became so popular, let’s have a look at how they came to be.

History of Cuban Chains

There are several discussions as to where did the Cuban Chains truly originate from. 

Here’s an ancient luxury factoid for you:  most of the sources date back tens of thousands of years ago when the Egyptian cities popularized this fashion trend.

It was not until the late 1970’s to early 1980’s where the Cuban link chain regained its momentum, alluring the world of its swag image. Over time, hip hop legends started to bring these chains on the stage, bringing them symbolic status as a must-have for people with influence and affluence.


From Slick Rick and Daddy Kane to the renowned artist of the 21st Century like Drake, Dj Khaled, and Jay Z, the Cuban Chain as a signature fashion was handed down like a crown.

Famous celebrities, rock icons, and star athletes have also noticed this and have adapted the styles. No wonder, the fans have done the same, spreading further the influence of these chains.

What Makes It Popular?

There are lots of reasons why people continue to flaunt their Cuban diamond chains or Cuban gold chains wherever they go. 

The growing industry of jewelry manufacture has also continued to exhaust their creativity and bring out distinct designs to suit their customers’ preferences. 

The following are the reasons why Cuban Chain links remain popular.

1. It goes well with pendants.

The first reason is actually simple: it’s a great look on men. One fact about Cuban chains is that they could be worn with a pendant. 

Of course, it’s also perfect if worn alone, but what makes it more appealing to people is the option to tag gold or silver pendants.

It coincides with a gold or silver cross for religious people who happened to be hip-hop fanatics. You’ll surely like to give that crucifix some major oomph with some Cuban chain. 


2. It is a versatile accessory.

Yes, we’ve heard a lot about Cuban chain necklaces, but some people are actually using these in making rings, Cuban chain bracelets, anklets, and even watches. 

So if you’re tired of plain old jewelry, give your look some life and luxury with some Cuban chains.


3. It looks expensive.

Let’s face it. Cuban chains are a symbol of wealth and luxury. 

So if you want jaw-dropping attire that will make you look classy, you should definitely buy Cuban chain links.

Miami Cuban link chains are becoming a sign of wealth for many people. Famous hip-hop personalities and rappers have been using the custom-made gold Cuban chains. Those are extremely expensive.

Some are also using heavier ones to up their look.  For instance, the famous Daddy Yankee is said to have a 10 kilo Cuban Chain, and Jay Z has a 5 Kilo chain. 

As we all know, the heavier the chain, the more expensive it gets. 

No doubt that Cuban chain links are associated with people who can afford this line of fashion. 

4. It gives you durability and comfortability.

Original Cuban chain links are fantastic not only because of their quality but also because crafting the chain means undergoing meticulous craftsmanship processes. It is now considered among the most secure and sleekest chains in the modern jewelry industry. 

Making it has also evolved to serve its customers best. The interlocking patterns are made to lay flat in a person’s body to provide maximum comfort and mobility. 

So among the chains today, of course, you would pick the one that is sure to last long and wouldn't feel awkward when worn.

This is one of the reasons why Cuban chains are highly preferred nowadays.

5. Color is optional.

Who wouldn’t want to pick their color to match their style?

The good thing is, Cuban chain links are made to cater to the customer’s preferred color.

In the market, yellow gold tends to be the most picked color, but there is also a growing trend of white gold chains as it makes the wearer look more sophisticated. 

But there are lots of varieties out there, from tri-color to a more progressive rainbow pattern. You just have to explore your options. 

Done and Dusted!

Well, that’s a wrap!

Now, you have an idea of what makes Cuban chains in such high demand. If you’re convinced to join the trend, here are three tips for you.

First,  always keep it simple but stylish. If you’re wearing a Cuban chain bracelet, make sure that it matches your attire. A suit and tie look fashionable with chain necklaces. If you’re wearing urban attire, make sure you don’t wear excessive chains.

An excessive accessory wouldn't look good on you, believe me!

The second is to be mindful of colors. Gold tones come with browns, greens, and deep blues. Some colors are unusual for your skin tone, and some bring out the best look in you. So, pick one that fits you best.

And lastly, mix and match. You may wear one chain at a time, but there’s an option for you to wear as many as you want. The key is to match it well. 

Looking forward to how you customize the Cuban chain and make the trend all about you. 

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