A Man’s Guide to Wearing a Bracelet

Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


Humans are creatures of attention. We are always on the lookout for that next trend that will spice up our outfits. From fashionable shoes to anything that shines from head to toe, people have their own preferences on how to accessorize. Here's our men's guide to wearing a bracelet.

Why Wear Bracelets?

Before we get rolling on the bracelet code's dos and don'ts, it’s best to ask - why do men wear a bracelet? Also, why should they? A bracelet is an accessory similar to necklaces and earrings, but what makes it different?


First, a bracelet represents a specific identity. When worn the right way, bracelets give a unique blend on your wrist that can emphasize a look or stature. Think about it. If you've been traveling overseas, you would see corporate heavyweights in the Mediterranean and Oriental wearing bracelets to signify class and capability. 

For them, it's not just adding shiny things to your body. It's about who you are and what you can give as a man. Though more blings doesn't necessarily mean more money, you can wear them without worrying about anything because you are loaded and covered. That speaks volumes.

Not just that. Bracelets give off a certain vibe of uniqueness and personality. People who wear them give off an aura of artistic yet refined civility, and an authentic whiff of poise. So overall, if you plan to look great and be different without losing class and substance, wearing a bracelet is a definite must.

Golden Rule of Men's Jewelry: Less is More

There are many types of bracelets that you can wear, depending on your outfit. But no matter what concept you're trying to show off, the first thing you should know about is always sticking to the golden rule of less is more. That statement encompasses everything you should know about men's bracelet length guide.


Stacking jewelry in the wrist is overselling masculinity. Instead of looking like a hunk, you might look like someone going for a cultural trek on short notice while wearing jeans. You are free to do that, but if you're opting to look fresh and clean, then always wear less.

Also, wearing less jewelry doesn't always mean you'll look feminine. If you choose the correct accessory to match your outfit and then blend it right, you will achieve the look of respectability.  Imagine wearing neutral-colored tops and straight jeans matched with leather shoes. The look is simple, nothing extravagant, but clean and slick. 

Therefore, moderation is the key. Have one of each type of accessory in your body part, one watch on the left wrist, one cable bracelet on the other, and you're good to go. Just remember, more is less!

Make Sure It Fits Just Right

You don’t need to search up some men's bracelet size guide to know that a loose accessory is not aesthetically pleasing when it comes to jewelry. Much like when you need your clothes and shoes to be the right size, the same rule applies to bracelets. They should not be too tight to make you uncomfortable but also not too loose that it will make your arm and wrist look smaller.



There are adjustable cord bracelets that you can manually calibrate to match your size. If you opt for something flexible, there are also neat leather bracelets that can match it. Just make sure that the bracelet does not hang from the base of your hand to the lower part of your palm when you put it on. It should snuggle right in the middle of the wrist and your protruding bone.  

Just like the golden rule of less is more, bigger doesn't always mean better.

A Complement - Not a Centerpiece

Accessories should complement your overall look, especially bracelets. When that ice on your wrist shines too much that it steals away all of the attention, then your accessory is the star of the show, not you. 

Bracelets should never be the centerpiece of your attire. It should complement whatever you are wearing. Remember, the focus should be on you from the get-go. The bracelet just adds flavor. That is your men's bracelet style guide.


If you’re wearing something casual on your leather shoes, match it with the same colored leather bracelet. When you like to style your white shoes and layered top with something vibrant, add colorful cord bracelets

If you're going with something formal and more definitive, pair it with silver or gold cuffs. Choose the accessory after you choose your attire. It should not be the other way around.

To check whether you're doing it right or wrong, ask someone to take a look at you after fitting up. If that person instantly notices your bracelet standing out, then you need to try again.

If You Like It, Wear It

To wrap it all up, the most important factor when wearing a bracelet is whether you like it or not. It doesn't mean that you should always wear one on every occasion. If you feel like wearing it, then go for it. When you feel like something is missing in your overall look, a bracelet might be the answer. Follow the principles in this men’s bracelet guide - and you’re good to go!


The choices you make in adding something to your look affects your overall confidence. If your guts tell you to wear it, you will walk with authority. Belief is your best attire. Whatever that you add to it is mere enhancement. 

That's it for our men's bracelet guide. Don't forget to check out Oliver Cabell’s men's bracelets online for better choices.