Are Mules Still In Style?

 Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


Mules have been making a comeback in the last few years, and people have been wondering, are mules back in style? Well, the mules are back, and it’s here to stay.


What are mules, anyway?

Mules go back as far as Ancient Rome - talk about a classic! These shoes are often made with soft materials, and therefore no back-side or constraint at the heel. Mules can either be flat or heeled and the materials it is made of vary so much as well.

Popular Mules Materials

Suede Mules

A classic fit for another classic - Suede and mules go together perfectly. Wear your mules together with ankle-length suit pants, a pencil-cut skirt, or your favorite office dress for a corporate look. Going for a look fit for the red carpet? Match your suede mules with a mini dress for an elegant look. 

Leather Mules

Another classic favorite, leather mules are extra flexible. Depending on the added material and embellishments (or the lack of it), leather mules can be corporate, glam, rock, formal, or even a statement piece of its own like the look below.

Fabric Printed or Embroidered Mules

Make your mules statement pieces on their own with fabric-printed or embroidered mules. There is no limit on how detailed mules can be, and they come in all sorts of colors too! There is surely a pair or two, that is an excellent match with your favorite wardrobe pieces.

Sparkly Mules

Similar to embellished mules style, sparkly mules are great when you are feeling a little extra for the day or simply want to add a bit of glam to your look. You can never go wrong with gold and silver when it comes to that added spark!

What are the Different Styles of Mules


Mules are comfortable and functional. It can be minimal or as stylish as you want it to be. Mules can have that classic vibe or an ultra-modern feel -- all depending on what you are feeling for the day. It can be casual or glam, edgy or corporate. Mules are still definitely in style, and it’s so easy how you can quickly wear them.


Don’t believe us? Here are just some of the recent mules shoes trends to choose from.

Flat Mules

A pair of shoes that are equally stylish and comfortable? Something you can easily move around in, without having to worry about blisters or falling over, but still look stunning? Flat mules are your best friend! With so many designs and materials to choose from, flat mules are a women’s favorite whether it’s a regular day at work, an event, a romantic date or out with their friends, or even strolling the mall or museums overseas.

Thick-Heeled Mules

For extra comfort and added height, thick-heeled mules are the way to go. They give you that extra stability while also taking your outfit to the next level of fab.

Stiletto Mules

Some occasions call for nothing less than a pair of stiletto mules. Combine the already classic style of mules with a pair of stiletto heels to complete an outfit that is sure to leave everyone in awe.

Your mules shoes, how to style


Dressing up with mules style shoes is pretty fun and easy too! Not to mention exciting, as these lovelies can surely make any outfit standout. Here are some ways you can try on how to style mules shoes

Muted Colors

Style mule shoes with clothes in muted colors such as white, beige, or brown, together with flat suede mules for a minimalistic, clean yet modern look. This look is not just easy on the eyes but is comfortable too!

Bold Colors with Statement Pieces


Mules are so flexible when it comes to fashion; they smoothly go together even with unique pieces. This two-piece casual suit in popping red and the statement round bag complement the mesh material of these mules. From the colors to the shapes and the intricate details of the look, it all blends perfectly.

Overcoat and Studded Mules


A timeless look that is one of the obsessions of the fashion world: the meeting of the overcoat and the mules. The overcoat adds dimension to a chic, feminine outfit while the mules give it a relaxed yet still classy vibe. In the look below, the woman’s earrings match the pearl of her mules, giving it an added boost of elegance. To go all the way, pair your favorite chic outfit with an overcoat and stiletto mules. 

Go Creative

Express your creativity and uniqueness with your footwear. You can embellish your pair of mules with your favorite stones or jewels (great for flat mules), directly paint on it, or ask a professional specializing in custom painted shoes to do it for you. This look is great for mules street style or unique ensembles with a pop of color. Your entire outfit is a reflection of you; go all out with your creativity.

Classic Tassels

Another popular style with mules is tassels. These are common both in flats and heeled mules, adding an excellent feminine detail on these classic pairs. The tassels often match the material and colors of the shoes or sometimes, are made of the same material as well.

Handcrafted, Ethically-sourced leather


For women looking for mules in style with more sustainable choices, look no further. These Oliver Cabell mules are made with high-quality materials, including ethically-sourced leather and Margom outsoles (one of the best in the world). Each piece is handcrafted by artisans in Italy and is designed with comfort, style, and durability in mind. 


Mules shoes for men


There are also men’s mules shoes available, often in leather and accentuated with metallic pieces or logo designs in the center. To date, mules for men are mainly available as formal and luxury footwear, with most mules shoes men’s collection designed for smart-casual to formal occasions.

How to care for your mules


Enjoy your favorite pair of mules for a long time by properly caring for them and using the appropriate cleaning products. An important factor to consider is the material of your mules. Leather, suede, and fabric have different cleaning methods that work best for them.


The good news is that there are cleaning products as well designed to work on different shoe materials, such as this ultimate cleaning kit. It works great on cleaning your mules, boots, or even sneakers.


 What’s in the kit?


  • Premium Shoe Cleaner: a gentle foaming solution to remove dirt and stains. It is free from harsh chemicals and biodegradable. This premium cleaner is safe on all colors and can be used on suede, leather, cotton, and canvas.


  • Shoe Cleaning Brush: made with soft hog bristles, this brush effectively removes dirt without damaging your shoes.


  • Leather Conditioner: to keep your leather shoes in top condition, don’t forget to treat it with a leather conditioner after cleaning.


  Keep your shoes in shape.

  Prevent creases from developing.

  Keep it moisture and odor-free with these wooden shoe trees made from premium Cedar.


Wrapping Up


Will mules go out of style? It hasn’t for a while and probably not anytime soon. Add a timeless piece to your wardrobe with a pair of mules. These shoes are stylish, comfortable, and highly versatile. Grab one from our mules shoes women’s collection today!