How to Style Your Classic Women’s Loafers

Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


Since its inception in the 1900s, the loafers have always been about function and style. Loafers were initially designed for men's wear, but later on, found its way to ladies' hearts too. 

The loafers' roots go as far as Norway, with the shoes inspired by the traditional moccasins. These are exported to the rest of Europe and since then have been picked by Americans. Esquire magazine's feature brought these Nordic pairs' popularity into skyrocketing popularity, permanently cementing it as a timeless shoe style. 


Styling Classic Women's Loafers 

The loafers are the dream shoes for ladies who are all about comfort, style, and convenience. Nothing lets you look as chic as a loafer, but at the same time allows you to manage that busy city life without hurting your feet. 

Gone are the days that loafers remind one of prep school days. These days, it's all about looking fab while hustling in style. Just check out Oliver Cabell’s fabulous line of women’s loafers. 

Women's loafers are now available in different colors and materials, including classic leather, patent leather, vegan-leather, and suede. The styles also range from the traditional simple loafers to studded, metallic, heeled, hybrid back-less, and pointed-toe.

Some of the most common women's loafers shoes are:

Classic Women's Loafers

Usually, in flats, the classic women's loafers range from the straightforward driving moccasins style to pairs decorated with metal pieces, tassels, or buckles. Modern loafers are also now available in different patterns, including animal-print and snakeskin and fabric prints such as floral, polka-dotted, and more.


Hybrid Softback Loafers

A cross between loafers and the mules, these hybrid loafers have a softback that easily folds into a women’s loafer’s mules. This adds an extra level of convenience, instantly turning an already comfortable loafer into a mule that you can easily slip on and off. 

Heeled Women's Loafers

There is always something for everyone, and for those who enjoy wearing heels, there are heeled loafers too. The women’s loafers with heels are usually between an inch to four inches, while there are also select pieces that come with platform heels.

Pointed-toe Loafers

There are also pointed-toe loafers that give an outfit a classy, feminine vibe without sacrificing the loafers' coziness. While these are especially great for casual meetings or a regular day at work, they are perfect for some formal events.

How to Style your Loafers

Loafers are so versatile; you can wear them in the classroom to the office, the park or the mall, and even during overseas trips. They are also extra comfortable; they are the go-to for driving shoes for some ladies. And did we mention these women’s loafers trends look great with any outfit? Whether it's pants, skirts, shorts, or dresses, and it's great for all seasons too!

Keep it Chic and Simple 

Style your classic loafers with fitted ankle pants, with or without cuffs. Black, khaki, or even white pants will work too. For skirts and dresses, pair your loafers with a classic pencil skirt or a belted knee-length dress. This is a staple office look and can be mixed with your favorite top and go-to office bag.

Take it to the next level with these Oliver Cabell loafers for that effortless style all year round. Handcrafted in Italy using ethically-sourced leather and Margom outsoles like this Oliver Cabell Monti, this is a well-deserved treat to your wardrobe that will definitely last for a long time. Just the perfect timeless pair!


Casual and Out

Go for a casual day look with jeans and loafers, paired with a comfy t-shirt or a sweater. You can even add an oversized cardigan for that added cozy feel. Boyfriend jeans, distressed jeans, or even denim overalls look great with women’s casual loafers too.

For a more relaxed, out of the office feel, shorts and loafers are a great match as well. Dresses can be more tricky with loafers, but as long as it's something you are comfortable in, go for it! Most recommend avoiding maxi dresses with loafers, but we've seen ladies pull off the look successfully too! 

The important thing is to keep your loafers' color in subtle or muted colors or keep it bare to accentuate your leg line. When wearing pants, you can match your pants' color with the loafers to give it a more seamless look.

Go Classy and Sophisticated

Loafers are a classic piece, and with these timeless pairs, it is easy to dress up an outfit. Choose women’s loafers in neutral shades or in black, with a metallic detail or leather finish and some sophisticated embellishments for an overall chic vibe. Match this with an all-black ensemble with accent colors for that modern classic feel. For the material, women’s loafers suede or leather are recommended.

Or head to the opposite way and wear an all-white loafer and match it with a striped top and black pants for a chic-nautical theme. 

Loafers in nude colors like these Oliver Cabell shoes are trendy these days as well, as these are pretty flexible pieces depending on your mood. These loafers can go from the office to after-work drinks, from restaurants and the park, any time of the day! They go well with pretty much any outfit too.

Loud and Bold with Colors

The best thing about fashion can be as creative as you want to be. Loafers are no exception! Pair your loafers with bright or even neon colors for a pop of vibrance. Think colorful clothes in neon green, yellows, or bright blue, matched with vintage classic loafers. Or go monochrome or toned down on the outfit and then bring out those chunky platform loafers with multi-colored tassels. Accessorizing with colorful pieces is a great way to give a laidback look a modern touch. 

Styling your Loafers Depending on the Season

During winter, layer up with a sweater, a scarf, and wooly tights together with your loafers for a cozy yet stylish look while keeping warm. 

In summer, spend time outdoors with your comfy loafers matched with your favorite pair of shorts or a summer dress, complete with a sunhat.

Spring and autumn can get a bit chilly but also warm, so don't be afraid to head out in your usual shirt, jeans, and loafers ensemble; bring along a leather jacket, a cardigan, or a spring/autumn coat in case you feel like covering up a bit!


How to Care for your Loafers

Whether you stick to a fashion style through the years or your preferences change every few months, loafers remain a flexible, versatile piece in your wardrobe. To help them last longer, keep them in the best condition through proper shoe care. 

Tips below:

  • Know your shoes' materials and use the appropriate cleaning processes, such as leather and suede, must never be washed in the washer. Handwashing is recommended. 

  • Use shoe cleaning products that are safe for the materials and colors of your loafers. This ultimate cleaning kit is a good investment, too, as it is safe to use on most shoe types, colors, and materials.

  • Retain the shape of your loafers and avoid creases with shoe trees. This particular one made of Cedar naturally helps keep it odor and moisture-free too!

Penny Loafers

Lastly, loafers were previously known as 'Penny Loafers.' Do you know why? 

An interesting bit of the loafers' history is its association with pennies. Back in the day, the loafer's design was updated from its traditional moccasin look, and a strip of leather on top was added. This leather strip comes with a split in the middle that can perfectly fit a penny.

During this time, an emergency call in a phone booth costs two pennies, making the loafers the perfect place to store one's emergency pennies. Over time, phone calls became more expensive, and we eventually got smartphones for emergency calls. The penny loafers remain, however, and it stays to this day. 

If you don’t have this staple pair yet, you can choose from these women’s loafers comfortable collection. These Oliver Cabell women’s shoes include classic pieces that will go well with any outfit, any season.

What are your favorite ways of styling your loafers? Let us know below!