Best Card Holder for Men

 Tuesday Bote - Dec 23, 2020


Why carry around a bulky wallet when you can carry a much lighter option?


Going minimalist: it isn’t just a lifestyle thing anymore, but it’s a trend that has spilled over into the fashion scene. Especially in these times when people are paring down their possessions to the barest necessities, they're also toning down their style into looks that are simple yet strikingly so.


Interestingly for men, this includes the classic wallet. As online retailers start to offer more secure ways to pay digitally and banks offer debit cards, which enable depositors to draw directly from their accounts to pay for purchases, the incredibly thick billfold is rapidly going out of style. This streamlining process has given way to the more au courant card holder. 


Not to be confused with a card case for carrying one's business cards (another item that is giving way to QR codes and digital vCards sent from one mobile phone to another), a card holder is a streamlined variation of the traditional wallet. But, unlike a billfold or checkbook-style wallet, it is incredibly compact. It has several slots front and back for one's credit and debit cards, as well as any identification documents such as company IDs or one's driver's license.


Why do you need a card case?

Most men who own conventional wallets don't just use them for money and credit cards. 


A guy's wallet can contain personal and family photos, accumulated receipts, and an assortment of junk such as ticket stubs from one's commute, traffic tickets, and goodness knows what else. It often gets to a point where, according to orthopedic specialists, too thick wallets can cause lower back pain for those who own them!


With the rise of the digital economy, most people would rather not carry cash or, for that matter, be paid in cash. In particular, Gen Z opts for online payment platforms such as PayPal and Venmo, citing how the paperless nature of these transactions is a more sustainable and practical option. Also, carrying a set of cards around is – literally – lighter on one's pocket, and it doesn't ruin one's silhouette with extra bulk protruding from a back pocket.


As a result, purveyors of leather goods and accessories offer more sartorially acceptable card holders: minimalist, elegant, easily paired with any outfit, and – most importantly for today’s more socially aware people – made with a mix of exceptional craftsmanship and sustainably sourced materials. This is where Oliver Cabell shines.

Presenting: the Oliver Cabell Card Holder

The OC Card Holder in Burgundy is an excellent accessory for rough and rugged types who can easily segue from urban warrior to outdoorsman in seconds flat.

Oliver Cabell is best known for its casually elegant and exceptionally comfortable Low 1 line of leather sneakers, as well as its beautiful yet practical line of women’s flats. But the company isn’t just another cobbler that makes great shoes to suit people from all walks of life. It also makes masterfully crafted accessories that add a subtly stylish accent to any outfit.


Men's cardholders are among the latest additions to its still-growing line of casual accessories and jewelry. As with the brand's shoes, expert leatherworkers meticulously craft each card to be both fashionable, practical, and durable – making each card holder an item that will be elegant and relevant for a long time.

What makes an Oliver Cabell card holder?

Each Oliver Cabell card holder is stamped with gold foil – a mark of taste and elegance.

So what sets an Oliver Cabell card holder above the competition? Let’s figuratively take one apart and consider the individual elements that go into its creation.

  • 100% leather – with a conscience. As with most of Oliver Cabell’s bestselling shoes, each OC card holder begins with sheets of high-quality leather. Big deal, you might say. Other companies make card holders from leather, too. True, but what makes this leather different is the way it was sourced and processed. 

Oliver Cabell makes sure that all of its leather is ethically and responsibly sourced; likewise, the leather is processed using organic tannins taken from natural plant extracts. It's the way the Italians have been tanning leather for centuries, and the fine-grained material it produces makes for equally impressive products.

  • Small but mighty. Exactly how big is each Oliver Cabell card holder? A mere 3.75” x 3” – just a little bigger than the cards slotted into it. This makes it small enough – and light enough – to slip into pants pockets or shirt pockets without adding any unsightly bulk on one’s backside or anywhere else.
  • Surprisingly spacious. Despite its minuscule size, one can easily slot in a surprising number of cards into the OC card holder. Each holder has four slots – two on each side – and an interior pouch in the center. That may not sound like much, but when you realize that each slot handily holds three to four standard-sized cards and the pouch within can hold a couple of folded bills and a few coins for small change, it changes the game and could be the reason why you’ll swear off a standard-issue wallet.
  • A prime example of Italian craftsmanship. Beautifully hand-stitched and not just glued or bonded together, each card holder passes through the masterful hands of some of Italy’s finest leatherworkers. Following methods passed down through the centuries, they ensure that every Oliver Cabell product passes the strictest standards for quality, style, and durability. 

A card holder for any look and any occasion

It may be in black, but an Oliver Cabell card holder is anything but conventional or conservative.


Oliver Cabell card holders currently come in three colors, each of which can suit the distinctive styles and personalities of gentlemen of great taste and distinction.

  • Black: Going beyond basic. The classic color choice is anything but basic if it comes from Oliver Cabell. It's a card holder that adds an elegant, even continental, nuance to business suits in dark neutrals or formal tuxedos at the dressiest events. Consider adding this to an outfit for a power meeting along with a pair of black Oliver Cabell SB1 or Chelsea boots.
  • Navy: Eclectic and modern. Dark blue is another classic color for menswear, but having a card holder in this shade adds a certain modern urbanity to the bearer. It's an excellent choice for those who believe in big-city living and dress with effortless flair and élan. This accessory would look great with jeans, a plain T-shirt, and a tailored blazer, as well as a pair of Oliver Cabell driving shoes in either slate or navy.
  • Burgundy: A ruggedly elegant choice. The rich maroon color of the burgundy card holder reflects the personalities of men who live for the lure of the great outdoors yet still exude a strong sense of personal style and elegance. Perfect for denim and leather outfits, and would go well with Oliver Cabell Wilson boots in French Mustard or SB2 Prairie Roughout boots.

Going Beyond Footwear

Cameron cord bracelets add a touch of nautical flair to even the most landlocked-looking outfits, playing up a sense of fun and adventure


At Oliver Cabell, we take pride in crafting footwear of exceptional quality and comfort. Each pair of sneakers, driving shoes and boots is made with sustainably-sourced Italian leather and undergoes rigorous quality control. Not only that, whatever your style, there’s bound to be a pair of Oliver Cabells that’s perfect for you.


But as we said earlier, we aren’t just into making great shoes. We're also in the business of making good-looking accessories that add a sense of fun and adventure to even the staidest and sensible-looking outfits in your wardrobe. 


We also offer a growing selection of unisex jewelry and accents made with precious metals, gorgeous fabrics, and high-quality leather, along with our finely crafted card holders. Whether it’s a formal event or a more casual occasion, there are bracelets to add the right tone to your outfit.

Oliver Cabell: Shoemaking with a difference

Footwear is our brand’s primary stock in trade, and we make it a point to deliver on our promise of producing shoes and boots of exceptional quality. We take pride in saying that every pair you buy from us will excel in three different aspects: stylishness, durability, and sustainability.

We believe in treating our people fairly and holding their time-honed skills in the art of shoemaking in high regard. In doing so, we can encourage our craftsmen to create and produce exceptional products cherished by our customers anywhere in the world. Likewise, we have great respect for the environment by using sustainably- and ethically-sourced leather and other integral components for our shoes and other products.


The end result: Oliver Cabell continues to offer footwear and accessories of exceptional quality that are fairly priced to bring a sense of timeless and practical luxury to those of great taste and discernment.