The Perfect Gift: Golden Goose Alternatives

 Tuesday Bote - Dec 23, 2020

Distressed doesn't always mean your kicks should look shabby – they can sparkle!

Less than two weeks before the Holidays and you’re still wondering what to give your nearest and dearest? Believe it or not, shoessneakers, most especially – always have a place under the tree and make an excellent stocking-stuffer for fashion-forward friends or relatives.

As opposed to being a one-off gift, sneakers will see years of use as recipients can wear them practically everywhere these days from office work to nights out with friends, and even trips out of town. They go with every outfit and, almost certainly, never go out of style.

In particular, distressed sneakers are among the most in-demand items for many stylish people, particularly those who are into streetwear and urban chic. Many fashion critics have raised their eyebrows over them over the past decade, but these edgy-looking kicks remain incredibly popular. So what exactly is the appeal?

Why are distressed sneakers so popular?

Comfy on one’s feet and ready to hit the street

Sneakers are considered the most democratic of shoes: everyone wants or needs them, and everyone wears them. But not all sneakers are, ironically, made equal: some are considered hipper and more comfortable than others.

Comfort is the essential appeal of distressed sneakers. Breaking in a new pair of shoes (sneakers or otherwise) for a comfortable fit on your feet usually takes weeks or even months. This breaking-in period is unnecessary where distressed sneakers are concerned: manufacturers usually pre-weather the leather and other components for maximum comfort, ensuring that one can wear them directly out of the store or upon opening the box they came in.

Even with distressed sneakers, not all brands are created equal – especially where good taste, price, and durability are concerned. Your kicks should look distressed and worn-in, but not to the extent that they’re a trip or fall away from ripping apart. Likewise, more people appreciate brands that take pride in craftsmanship and the use of sustainable materials. For that, Oliver Cabell's latest line of sneakers may be what you're looking for.

Introducing the new Distressed Collection by Oliver Cabell

With its whimsical look and unusual design, the Distressed Low 1 White Feather is a playful addition to a girl's wardrobe

Oliver Cabell is best known for its casually elegant and exceptionally comfortable Low 1 line of leather sneakers, comfortable and durable driving shoes, hard-wearing boots, as well as its beautiful yet practical line of women’s flats

But the company isn’t resting its laurels on what it currently has, which is why it’s always innovating and finding ways to create sneakers that aren’t just stylish but are also ethically made, road-worthy, and durable. This is what led to the creation of its newest line of kicks: Distressed by Oliver Cabell.

Riding on the crest of the street-smart urban fashion trend, Distressed is a welcome spin on the brand’s popular Low 1 line of sneakers. This time, however, the Low 1s are specially designed for comfort: softer, well-weathered leather for a good fit even without breaking in, artfully scuffed in places for a weather-beaten yet tasteful look, with soles that are sturdy enough for walking anywhere from the concrete jungle to far-flung forest paths.

Each pair in the Distressed collection shows the expert craftsmanship of Italian cobblers who have honed their abilities through years of experience backed by a creative heritage that goes back centuries. Every shoe displays an impeccably modern aesthetic, yet the quality of the materials and artistry that have gone into it makes them both classic and timeless.


A sneaker style for every girl

Uptown or downtown, the Distressed Low 1 Daybreak has an edgy urban aura to it – perfect for city girls

While sneakers are said to be the most democratic footwear, that doesn’t mean that we all need to wear the same style. On the contrary, Oliver Cabell’s Distressed line offers numerous options that are every bit as unique as the women who wear them.  There is a pair that suits every distinct personality.

  • For the Friend Who’s Always Down to Party - Do you have a friend or a sister whose phone keeps ringing or dinging with invitations to one event or another? Does she have a playful sense of fun and is always ready to dance the night away? Consider giving her a pair of blinged-out Distressed Low 1 YOLOs. Shimmering with glitter, these party-ready kicks are just the thing to add sparkle to even the most casual outfits of a girl who’s the life of the party.


  • For Creatives and Free Spirits - Know someone who loves poetry readings and music festivals? Are any of your friends artists, authors, or musicians? Then the ethereal-looking Distressed Low 1 White Feather sneaks ought to be on their feet. These winged wonders may not be the most conventional in terms of looks, but the level of comfort is impeccable and captures the wearer’s free spirit and penchant for the unusual. The right inspiration may give their creative ideas wings, but the White Feather’s ultra-extra appearance will certainly make them look light on their feet.


  • For the Sporty Gal - While Oliver Cabells are not strictly athletic shoes, putting on a pair will make a girl stand out on the playing field. With a look reminiscent of old-school gym shoes or retro trainers, the Distressed Low 1 Malibu and Distressed Low 1 Belmont are just the things for the woman who works hard and plays harder. They're an excellent option for casual games of tennis or badminton, a power walk, or a brisk morning jog.

Low 1 Malibu by Oliver Cabell

  • For the Miss Who Wants to Keep It Classy and Classic - White sneaks are as classic as they get and the women who wear them exude timeless and effortless elegance no matter how weathered their kicks may look. In which case, considering giving Distressed Low 1 Vista kicks for a friend or loved one who dresses with a timeless sense of style or tastefully dresses for comfort.


  • For the Woman who is Anything but Basic - We all have that friend whose head is screwed on straight, doesn’t take nonsense from anybody, and is at the top of her game in everything that she does. Black is the best color for these women powering their way to achieving their goals, and that calls for statement kicks like the Distressed Low 1 Daybreak. It has a gritty, no-nonsense look that oozes urban sensibilities that are perfect for a woman on the go.


  • For the Outdoorsy Girl - Not all women love the great outdoors, but for those who enjoy camping, hiking, and trekking through the forests, the Distressed Low 1 Wheat is the perfect shoe for traversing the open road and field. Featuring a textured calfskin upper, it exudes a rugged charm that will suit a gal who is up for an adventure.

Low 1 Cowboy by Oliver Cabell

  • For the All-American Girl - With a design that is reminiscent of a baseball – the bold chain of stitches at the heel – and the subtle allusion to the red, white, and blue, the Distressed Low 1 Cowboy puts a playful modern spin on classic Americana. Pair it with flirty gingham dresses in blue or red, or with comfortable jeans and a plain T-shirt.

Got the kicks? Get the kit!

Owning great kicks calls for great care, so consider a shoe care kit a necessary investment

When you give out a pair of sneakers, you should also think of how the recipient will be caring for them. Proper shoe care spells the difference between having kicks that only last you months with those that you can wear for years to come. In which case, pair a gift of Distressed sneakers with great maintenance solutions from our extensive collection of shoe care options. 

We offer shoe care kits that range from basic cleaning with a standard cleanser and brush to complete care solutions that include three pairs of shoe trees to help you keep your kicks fresh and a jar of leather conditioner.

For those on the go, you might consider sending a pack of shoe wipes to help them keep their shoes clean wherever they are, as well as our bestselling refresh kit which features a shoe whitener (great for white or off-white kicks) and spare laces.

Oliver Cabell: Shoemaking with a difference

Stringent quality control in all aspects of shoemaking is a hallmark of our brand

We are making a difference when it comes to modern shoemaking. Our enterprise pairs together sustainable sourcing and manufacturing practices with our dedication to producing high-quality footwear – a combination that continually delivers on the promise of comfort and elegance.

Crafted using traditional European shoemaking methods, each Oliver Cabell shoe is made to the highest quality and environmental compliance standards, making it an excellent choice for those going in for mindful modern living.

The company's use of sustainably-sourced Italian leathers, as well as its emphasis on treating its people as stakeholders in its continued success, speaks well of its commitment to both exceptional and responsible manufacturing. 

Tasteful, stylish, and ethical, every pair of Oliver Cabells embodies casual elegance and comfort that you can happily wear anywhere.