Best Work From Home Outfit Ideas

 Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


Many are still working remotely from their homes, and one of the things it has changed is what people wear when they "go" to work. Everyone has their own work from home style, or perhaps we should say, a lack thereof. 



Those who strictly do paperwork and only have to communicate with their colleagues through email need not even dress up at all. Meanwhile, those who do online video meetings have, at least once, attended the meeting fully dressed from the waist upwards, and underdressed from the waist downwards, making it one of the most overused jokes of the year.

Why Dressing Up Works Even in the New Normal

As working from home has become part of the new normal, it is essential to maintain your sense of style, even if nobody's looking. Studies have shown that dressing up in the morning is an efficient motivation for work and has a positive effect on productivity. The remote working situation was not an easy transition initially, but those who work from home in style find it easier to get through the day.


Without the urgency to impress the bosses and potential clients, dressing up may seem unnecessary. However, it would help if you strived to look presentable at all times. It is also a good idea to be all dressed up for emergency meetings and errands.


What is your work from home style? Or do you log onto your virtual meeting wearing whatever it is that you had on when you rolled out of bed? Do yourself and your co-workers a favor by checking out these essential work from home style ideas.

Work From Home Style Ideas

The key is comfort


The best thing about remote working is your co-workers don't expect you to wear full-on business suits for meetings. Take advantage of this to cultivate your work from home fashion style. While you want to look smart and properly put-together at your home office, you also want to feel comfortable - you are at home, after all.

Oversized tops + Leggings

While you should set aside your t-shirts for actual home activities, it wouldn't be too casual to wear an oversized sweater over a pair of leggings. The juxtaposition of loose over tight strikes a balance that isn't too careless and impolite. 

Oversized tops and button-down shirts are quite comfortable to work in, although it is rather tempting to crawl back into bed with a fluffy sweater on. Leggings are also much comfier than jeans, and 90% of the time, they can't see your legs anyway. Of course, the reverse is true, and you can wear a fitting top over a pair of equally-comfortable wide-legged linen pants or jogger pants.


Silk Pajama Ensemble

A work from home outfit that has gained some popularity over the past months is the silk pajama ensemble. The necklines of silk pajamas have spiffy collars, making it look like a typical dress shirt, and the texture of the silk makes you look quite expensive.


Casual, flowy dresses

Casual dresses are ideal for remote working. Free-flowing dresses of various sizes are more comfortable and, at the same time, dressier than a sweatsuit or a t-shirt and jeans. Whether it's a frilly floral number or a wide t-shirt dress, they're easy to move around your house in and would beat business-y pencil skirts any day.


Shoes to complete the work from home style

Why wear shoes if nobody will see your feet? It would seem strange even to consider adding shoes to a work from home style guide, but shoes are essential to completing an outfit. Mainly if the point of dressing up to work from home is to pick up your spirits and help motivate you through looking sharp, then you cannot just wear a glam outfit over your flip flops.

As with clothes, opt for comfortable shoes in a work from home environment; there is no need for high heels while working from home. Sneakers are a winner for leisure and lounging, and also for working from home. The white sneaker is always a classic and goes well with just about any outfit, but black, nude and neutral shades also look quite chic with the outfits mentioned above.


If you're considering more formal footwear, mules shoes are top of mind in the comfort department. These shoes easily slip on your feet, yet contribute much to your work from home smart style. Oliver Cabell's mules feature an elasticized vamp, which provides your feet with enough give, yet securing them on your feet, making them less likely to slip off. They come in dignified black, and pretty colors such as caramel and truffle.

Oliver Cabell specializes in comfortable shoes, as their shoes are called dream flats and dream mules, named so because, as many will attest, wearing them "feels like a dream."



Speaking of completing an outfit, we must bring out our accessories. Instead of piling them on, the work from home style that we've outlined so far requires minimalism. 

Either you wear small pieces of jewelry - single pearls or diamond studs for your ears and a thin gold chain around your neck - or just one large statement piece - a ring with an enormous rock stone or a bangle. Having several to choose from means you get to plan which accessories go with upcoming outfits and gives you one more thing to look forward to.


It should go without saying, but doing up your hair and slapping on a little lipstick or balm will significantly improve your work from home style. No need to do full brows, a smokey eye or contour, unless of course you feel like putting in the extra work and your next video call could benefit from higher cheekbones.

Some people find putting on makeup relaxes and de-stresses them, while others feel that putting on makeup is too much of a bother. Just make sure to wash your face when you end your day and continuously moisturize.

Personalize Your Work From Home Outfit


Of course, in the end, the best work from home style is your own. These work from home style tips are only recommendations for choosing the right outfit that perks you up for work while staying comfortable at the same time. You get to dictate what that outfit will look like, so long as it can allow you to enjoy and not just get through your workday. Have fun!