Why Do White Shoes Continue to be Popular? 

Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


White shoes are bright, neat-looking, and a real standout in a world where black or brown shoes are seen as the more sensible – but not very exciting – choice of the majority. They continue to be one of the most interesting (and surprisingly versatile) additions to anyone’s wardrobe.

It’s easy to think that pristine-hued footwear only belongs on the feet of nursing staff, doctors, or brides. But, really: anyone can rock a good pair of Oliver Cabell white shoes, whether you’re the belle of the ball or ballin’ with friends on a lazy afternoon.

Oliver Cabell recognizes that while styles have changed throughout the years, a pair of white shoes always adds a certain flair to practically any outfit, which is most likely why these continue to be a fashion staple for both men and women. They may take a bit more care to keep clean and in order than shoes in other colors, but they are items that one can wear at any time of year and they practically suit any occasion.

Here are several points that show us why white shoes are still so popular in the 21st Century.

Reasons Why White Shoes Are Still Popular

Totally Timeless: White Shoes Have a Classic Look

There is just something so romantic and classic about white shoes – and we aren’t just talking about satin pumps or strappy stilettos that brides walk down the aisle in. If you look very closely at period films or shows, white shoes are timeless and lend themselves wonderfully to both formal and informal occasions.

While most people tend to worry that white shoes can easily get dirty, proper laundering (in the case of canvas sneakers) and cleaning (for most types of shoes) can help one’s footwear look as good as new in practically no time at all. Plus, with proper care, white shoes can last a long time.



Always In Season – Regardless of the Seasons

That rule about not wearing white after Labor Day? Ignore it.

Think about it: while white shoes for spring are such a cliché, you can’t really go wrong with whites at any time of year:

  • Spring formals may call for closed-toe shoes and sensible pumps, but a nice morning jog in the fresh air calls for no-nonsense white runners or walking shoes;
  • Summers are made for showing off tanned legs with strappy white sandals and heading down to the beach in sturdy white dock shoes with nautical details like rope-ties and heavy stitching;
  • White sneakers in the fall are a classic look – and one that’s perfect for heading back to school; and
  • Winter might be the most aesthetically appropriate time to wear white: girls can take a cue from a classic fairy tale and rock faux-fur-trimmed white boots as they channel their inner Snow-maiden, while guys can get princely with white formal shoes or Chelsea boots for the New Year.


Go Anywhere in Your Whites

Did you know that white shoes are actually a great choice for traveling? If you’re opting for sneakers, sandals, and espadrilles, these are lightweight and can easily fit in your luggage. 

Likewise, wearing white shoes on the go adds a brightness to whatever you’re wearing on vacation. They add an unexpected touch of chic even to the most sensible-looking travel ensembles.

But as stylish as you may look, be sure to consider your comfort when choosing white shoes for travel. If you’re flying cross-country or to a foreign destination, select shoes that are comfortable enough to wear throughout the flight (something to think about if you’re doing a long-haul flight) and for walking in as you tour your chosen destination.

White Shoes Go with Anything!

White shoes, particularly sneakers and tennis shoes, are just the thing you want to pair you’re your casual outfits. Wear your Oliver Cabell white sneakers with shorts or jeans, skirts or slacks: practically the only thing limiting you is your own imagination.

Also, white has long been a great choice for formal outfits – military white duck suits and white tuxedos bear witness to this.

Want to add a stark contrast to a dark outfit? Pair it with white shoes to add some oomph – it’s a bold touch that helps you get noticed.

Also, wearing white sneakers with ultra-feminine dresses is currently on-trend, steering fashion a long way from the pencil-skirt/sneakers combo worn by female yuppies throughout much of the ‘80s. Instead, today’s girls pair fun, colorful dresses with their clean white sneaks to add a sporty, ready-for-anything vibe to even the most Instagram-ready OOTDs. White sneakers also work well with skirts of any length from flowing maxis to flirty minis.


Consider It a Blank Canvas

There is a reason why white shoes are a perennial favorite among visual artists, graphic designers, and fashion designers: they serve as the perfect background for wearable works of art. From bold splashes of color against the pristine canvas (both literally and figuratively) to geometric patterns, white shoes lend themselves well to creative embellishment.

The Classic White Sneaker: Reimagined by Oliver Cabell

Thanks to pop culture, white sneakers have always been seen as an American classic along the same lines as fireworks on the Fourth of July or Mom’s freshly-baked apple pie. Yet, even the classic white sneaker can be improved through the use of elegant yet hard-wearing materials and masterful Italian craftsmanship.

That’s where Oliver Cabell comes in. Using traditional European shoe making methods and sustainably-sourced Italian leathers, the company has recreated this schoolyard and half-court classic into a shoe that can proudly walk down fashionable streets or march into high-powered boardrooms, yet still be sturdy enough to trek back roads and forest paths.



Case in point: the Low 1 sneaker for men and women. Elegantly simple (and deceptively so) in its aesthetic, each pair of Low 1s is stitched and lasted in Marche, Italy. Expertly tanned and locally-sourced leather goes into the making of each shoe and the insides are lined with plush calfskin for luxurious comfort; the laces are also made with Italian cotton and sturdy rubber outsoles complete their construction.

With its combination of elegance, comfort, and craftsmanship, the Low 1 by Oliver Cabell is a visible testament to the lasting appeal of white shoes and their versatility in the modern wardrobe.