Bracelet Size Chart

Lester Fangonilo - November 22, 2021

Jewelry is essential to women’s lives. Every piece accentuates a woman’s body and aesthetic - hence its popularity.

With every piece created comes a woman’s sparkling eyes, wanting to own it. Among these must-have jewelry pieces are bracelets. Bracelets are a very ‘it’ item among women. Bracelets add femininity and enhance anyone’s style. 

Since women’s bracelets are personal, they should be a perfect fit. This article presents reasons why women love bracelets and include a bracelet size chart to guide you.

Reasons Why Bracelets Are Popular Among Women

Herringbone bracelet in 18k gold by Oliver Cabell

Before we go into the bracelet size chart, let’s find out why bracelets are a hit among women.

Bracelets and bangles have been a staple fashion item for everyone, especially the ladies. It is an essential accessory to every woman as it completes their everyday outfits. Not only that, but jewelry also enhances a woman’s beauty, granted that the said accessory matches well with the look a person you’re aiming to achieve.

For example, when one wants a classic look for a formal event, they choose pearls or diamonds to add elegance to the outfit. However, different bracelets create different looks. That’s why it is important to look for compatibility when matching bracelets to your clothes. And as time passes by, the significance of bracelets in a woman’s life steadily increases. But, how so? 

Here is a list of the reasons why bracelets are popular among women:

Sentimental value

Bracelets, like other jewelry, have been around for ages. So it won’t be surprising if a bracelet has a history behind it. Generations of women could have handed it down. Or you could buy your own bracelet, and you hand it down to the future generations of your family. That history and sentimental value make bracelets a popular choice among women.

Link bracelet in gold

A good investment

You don’t buy silver or gold women’s bracelets just for aesthetics; they can also be a good source of funds when needed. Expensive jewelry, in general, is very valuable in terms of money. And owning a valuable piece will help you when you need cash. 

Of course, the most valuable jewelry are those with diamonds. For centuries, diamonds have always been a high-demand item, and the equivalent value will surely significantly add to your coffers. 

Another example of a valuable item is gold jewelry. Gold jewelry, especially high-quality ones, is very valuable because it can provide you with enough money to spend on necessities. And since these pieces’ market value is constantly rising, the demand to own them has also increased. 

Expensive and valuable gift

Everyone appreciates jewelry as a gift, of course. Women treasure every piece of jewelry that their loved ones give them, especially if they know that it's more on the expensive side. Most women dream of owning expensive jewelry, so sending them as a gift will be highly appreciated. 


Link + Herringbone Bracelet Set

Self-confidence boost

Bracelets can help with a woman’s style, for sure, but they also help them gain confidence in themselves. Not everyone is born with thick skin. Sometimes, other women need encouragement and assurance to walk through life proudly. That’s what jewelry does. 

Women feel good about themselves and perceive themselves as fashionable, confident, and special when wearing bracelets. That’s a primary motivation why bracelets are popular with women. All the more reason to wear one that’s the right size - so make sure to consult a bracelet size chart.

A fit for different occasions

Generally, jewelry can fit into your ensemble for a lot of events. However, it is important to know how to match your jewelry to an occasion you are going to. Every woman must have a piece with them when attending these occasions because it feels dull or underdressed without jewelry. 

Different occasions need different bracelets and bangles, so demand for them increases over time. This is true, especially with new and stylish designs coming to the market.

Bracelet Size Chart: Find Your Size


Bracelets come in different styles and sizes. So it is better to determine your size first so that the bracelet matches your wrist well. Identifying the bracelet size that fits you perfectly will ensure that you won’t waste money on an item you can’t wear. 

This applies especially when you buy your bracelets online. When purchasing online, you cannot be sure about sizes, so better make measurements beforehand to avoid future mishaps. 

Below are instructions to determine the bracelet size for yourself and bracelet size charts included for the various sizes.

How to Find the Right Bracelet Size

Step 1. 

Measure your wrist using a measuring tape. You can also use paper strips, ribbon, string if you don’t have a flexible measuring tape. Start measuring by circling the measuring tape around your wrist. Mark the number at which the end of the measuring tape pointed. This will be your wrist size NOT your bracelet size. 

Step 2. 

When you get your size, compare it to the size chart below to find your bracelet size. Find your size using the bracelet size chart below.

Wrist Size

Bracelet Size

4 ⅝ - 5 in

Extra Small

5 ⅛ - 5 ½ in


5 ⅝ - 6 in


6 ⅛ - 6 ½ in


6 ⅝ - 7 in


7 ⅛ - 7 ½ in


7 ⅝ - 8 in



The measurements on the left column represent the circumference of your wrist, while the measurements on the right column are the corresponding bracelet sizes. Therefore, if your wrist size measurement is between sizes, it is advisable to choose the larger size. 

How to Find the Right Bangle Size

Step 1. 

Measure the width of your knuckle. Stick your fingers together with your thumb and pinky finger touching each other. Using a measuring tape, measure the width of the broadest part of your knuckles. 

Step 2. 

Compare the resulting measurement with the chart below.

Width of knuckle

Bangle size

2 ¼ in


2 ½ in


2 ⅝ in



The measurements on the left column are the widths of your knuckles, while the measurements on the right column are the bangle size. Another way to know the right bangle size for you is by measuring the bangles you own. If you don't have any, measure your knuckles first because it is not advisable to purchase a bangle without measuring your size first. 

Final Thoughts

When buying women’s bracelets or bangles, don’t get buyer’s remorse. Always make sure you know your size before you buy your bracelets online. Because you don’t want to be disappointed when they arrived not fitting your wrist or they were too large for you. 

Make sure to refer to bracelet size charts and bangle size charts to compare the measurements you obtained.