Women’s Jewelry Gold Pieces: Gift Ideas

Lester Fangonilo - November 22, 2021

Stacker Set Rings in Gold

Marilyn Monroe famously declared that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but you cannot deny that women’s jewelry gold silver or pearl, is always a great gift to give to any woman. However, the challenge, in this case, lies in what exactly to give. 

Likewise, there are also a number of factors to consider:

  • For example, what is the recipient’s personal style or aesthetic?
  • How old is the person you’re buying the gift for?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Are you planning to buy multiple pieces or a single statement piece?

This guide will walk you through some of the more popular choices when it comes to buying jewelry as gifts for women, along with some practical pointers before you settle on a purchase.

Women’s Jewelry Gold Pieces: Gift Ideas

Pendant Necklaces are Always Appreciated

There is nothing hokey about buying a pendant necklace as a gift for women and girls. In fact, in many families of Asian, French, and Italian descent, a slender gold chain featuring a pendant in the shape of a religious icon such as a cross or a medallion embossed with a symbol of one’s faith is a common gift at the birth of a daughter or a significant occasion like a confirmation or a Catholic girl’s first communion. 


Cross Pendant Necklace in 18k Gold by Oliver Cabell

Likewise, women’s jewelry gold pendant necklaces are also a charming way of showing your partner your affection, particularly if the ornament hanging from the chain is a locket featuring miniatures of treasured photographs or similar small keepsakes.

You might also consider more eclectic items like mother’s necklaces for ladies who have just given birth or who have adopted a child into the family. These are necklaces featuring several pendants - depending on the number of children one has - depicting each child.

Rings Can Be So Romantic…

What woman has not squealed in delight or wept with joy at receiving a ring? If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, getting your partner a women’s jewelry gold ring as a gift may mean that you’re ready to take the next step into the relationship and are seeking to make things permanent. 


 Gold - white, yellow, or rose - is the metal of choice for most engagement rings, though platinum (as in the case of Princess Diana’s famed sapphire-mounted ring) is also an excellent choice. We suggest that you keep things simple with a single stone mounted in a good setting on the band, or a tasteful configuration of a large stone surrounded by tinier gems or flanked by a cluster or two thereof. 

However, big chunky pieces are a little too outre for daily wear and may not be in the best of taste.

...But They Can Be Bold Statement Pieces, Too

Statement rings, however, can be appropriate for women with the personality and position to get away with bigger, bolder pieces. Even then, taste continues to be a key consideration and anything too chunky may be too much.


Signet ring in gold

One particular way to compromise is through the gift of a signet ring. These are especially valued by women who have reached the higher echelons of the corporate ladder. For women in countries like Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, signets can serve as their “chop,” or stamp for signing documents with their initials or ideograms. 

As such, they are the perfect accessory for women who have made it well in life.

There’s a Pearl for Every Girl

Pearl jewelry is something that ought to be part of any woman’s accessories selection. 

For starters, a simple string of pearls worn as a necklace is the perfect accessory for one’s little black dress - a brilliant contrast of white against a staid black background. Pearl brooches have the same effect and you can adjust their position on the dress for maximum effect.

On the other hand, multiple strings of pearls are a playful addition that breaks the monotony of an all-black outfit, putting in a bit of effortless chic and whimsy to one’s appearance.

Simple pearl studs are also an excellent gift and have the additional virtue of adding a dressy touch to everyday outfits. Baroque (large asymmetrically formed) pearl earrings, on the other hand, are a magnificent - if a trifle heavy - addition to formal wear, particularly on ball gowns worn to gala events. 



Bracelet or Bangle?

Women’s gold bracelets have long been a good choice for picking women’s jewelry gold items out as a gift. Tennis bracelets, in particular, have always been popular as these are easy to put on, don’t get snagged off easily, and add an easy elegance to even the most casual of outfits.

On the other hand, Keepsake bracelets have enjoyed a vogue over the past decade, with brands like Pandora offering plain bands or bangles that can be embellished with mini-pendants that are sold separately or as a themed set. This, in and of itself, is a somewhat commemorative gift to give: the recipient may choose to add pendants whenever she experiences a milestone in life.

Meanwhile, bangles are an excellent gift for women whose style leans more towards the Bohemian side. Consider a stack of thin Indian silver bangles worn on one arm or a matching pair of stunning cuff-style bracelets to clap onto the wrists, giving the wearer a strong, goddess-like nuance. Girl power, indeed.


Toggle Chain, Link Chain Pendant Necklace, and Herringbone Gold Chain

What’s the Time?

While some people consider wearable timepieces a category all their own, they are traditionally considered jewelry - and the gift of a good watch is one that is always appreciated.

While we live in an age when digital wearables have grown in popularity and have become a common sight among the hip, trendy, and health-conscious, the gift of a proper wristwatch is one that can symbolize a significant time in the recipient’s life. Indeed, some women receive their finest watches as a present for their graduation from high school or college, a token for their first job, or one for promotion.

In which case, those planning to give a watch as a present should steer clear of plastic models - no matter how sophisticated the tech - and consider something more classic with either a leather strap or metal bracelet. While Swiss wristwatches are the gold standard, there are a number of American brands that also offer exceptional products.

Your lady may also consider a pocket watch crafted in gold or silver, possibly with enamel detailing to add a hint of old-school sophistication to her outfit.

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