The Finest Men’s Brown Sneakers That Make You A Smooth Operator

Tuesday Bote - Aug 24, 2020

Imagine this: you, walking into a room, and everyone’s eyes drink you in like a tall glass of water. And you’re not even wearing your most expensive dress shoes. That’s how effortlessly cool the best men’s brown sneakers can make you look, if you know how to do them right. If you want to stand out in a sea of white leather sneakers and shiny black oxfords, classy casual brown shoes for men are always a worthy alternative.

Why Brown Is All That Jazz

Rich, dark chocolate is never mousy. A deep velvety brown boot is anything but mousy. Brown shoes can actually open up a world of styling possibilities for you. Unlike black and white which are spread thin over every other shoe, you can wear brown sneakers to play up not just autumn looks, but many colors that work well in any other season. Light browns look good with pastels and denim for summer and spring, while rich, dark brown hues keep you stylishly warm in fall and winter. We hate to say it, but maybe, brown can be the new black – if you ever want to take a break from the heaviest of colors.

Narrowing Down Your Brown Sneaker Choices

A classic brown casual shoe evokes a smooth whodunit hero like Sherlock Holmes or Benoit Blanc. It isn’t the kind of coolness that knocks you out at first glance, but the best brown dress sneaker grows on you. It all depends on how you wield this magical color, of course. We’ve narrowed down the best brown sneaker types to help you get into that Sherlock Holmes mood fast: 

1. The Minimalist Sneaker

Brown tennis style shoes
and brown dress sneakers are often found in this category. They offer a slim silhouette with minimal details. Tennis-style shoes are flat and made to be sturdy with a formidable sole, while dressy brown sneakers mimic the look of oxfords or brogues. These dress sneakers usually done in a matt finish, and made with a more casual wear material, making them less formal, than their shiny patent leather counterparts.

2. Retro Sneaker

If you like athleisure and go for a more streetwear vibe, a retro sneaker can be your best best. It can be a modern twist of an old sneaker design, or a re-release of it. A common example is the german army trainer, which was popular in the 80s, which was updated for a more contemporary appeal.  A re-release on the other hand, is the same original design that’s brought back after its initial launch.

3. Hybrid Casual Dress Shoe

Some brown sneakers try to mix a dress shoe design with a more comfortable sole, which does not always work out in the wardrobe department. They have a minimalist upper with an athletic-looking sole that can be tricky to style with an outfit.

4.Statement Brown Kicks

Here we have fashion-forward designs that usually have a chunky silhouette. Think athletic shoes designed as “art” pieces – a lot of detailing, striking colorways and a mostly thick, wavy inspired sole.


Choosing The Best Among The Rest

Depending on your personal style - if you’re a streetwear person or one who’s more inclined with a  suave smart casual aesthetic, its hard to decide which is the best of both worlds. But if you really must choose one, a refined dapper look can carry you over beyond your 40s and beyond. Now that’s a lot of range, not to mention savings! You’ll be impeccably dressed for any occasion in a matter of minutes, if all your wardrobe staples are timeless.

We cannot stress enough that investing in higher end brown casual sneakers will serve you for the long term. It beats buying a cheaper pair every few months. One good pair of high quality classic casual shoes that look like they could pass for dress shoes, can be equal to at least 3 of the same style that’s of poor quality. Yikes.

If you can’t afford higher-end brown casual sneakers yet, it would be wise to get to know the best sneaker materials and the most value you can get at every price point.


Smoother Looks With Classy Brown Sneakers

How to dress up the best casual brown shoes calls for a little more creativity that you may not be used to, but it’s okay. We’re here to help!

Unlike black, brown sneakers offers a variety of hues, so that it can go well with almost everything in your closet. It can be jeans, corduroy, flannel or tweed; no other universal color can go with your jackets, and belts like brown shoes. It even matches with your trench coats and suits!

We recommend minimalist brown sneakers to make things easier. Brown leather sneakers or suede brown sneakers can be a viable fashion choice for decades. Leather sneakers are perfect for unstructured suits and layers. suede sneakers are more laid back, and can be paired with more casual outfits like pullovers.

Color choices for brown shoes include:

Light brown sneakers – use white, light blue and beige

Dark brown sneakers – use black, white, green and navy

You might think that wearing a black element in your outfit can be tacky with brown sneakers but this depends on what shade of brown, and what kind of brown shoes you will wear:

Smart Casual Looks with Chinos and Trousers

If you want to wear black, in a more dressed up casual look, you can get away with anything. In fact, brown leather sneakers it all in nicely – we suggest using a light blue button up shirt, black chinos and brown sneakers, with a dark gray, tailored blazer. If you’re feeling a little more dapper, why not add a stylish brown belt in the same shade as your shoes!


Everyday Streetwear

If we’re talking black jeans, the only option are brown boots or hybrid high top sneaker-boots. You can have a choice of tan or a pumpkin colored colored shoes, to exude a low key rock god appeal.


Who knew that brown casual shoes offered endless styling possibilities?

Why not indulge yourself with the best men’s brown sneakers to bring out the smooth operator in you.