Gold Necklaces for Women and Necklines That Suit Them

Lester Fangonilo - December 25, 2021


A necklace is always a great choice if you want something to add a bit of pizzazz to even the most ordinary everyday outfits. It is the type of accessory that adds a welcome hint of sophistication even to a plain white T-shirt and a faded pair of denim and really amps up the elegance of a little black dress and heels for an evening out.

But let's be honest here: while necklaces are an easy enough accessory to put on, you need to think about what sort of neckline your dress or blouse has to show the piece off to maximum effect and to ensure that the overall effect on your appearance flatters rather than detracts.

In this article, we talk about which gold necklaces work best on which specific necklines and whether there are ways to up the ante in terms of personalizing your look.

Gold Necklaces for Women and Necklines That Suit Them

Angles for Attention: Pendant Necklaces + Halter Necks

There is just something so sexy about a halter-necked top: especially if your arms and shoulders are beautifully toned (plus points if you're also magnificently tanned). It is a great way to show off some skin in a very elegant manner, no matter how casual the occasion. 

Cross pendant gold necklace by Oliver Cabell

For example, a chain necklace featuring a pendant with its apex pointing downward is an excellent counterpoint to the elegant lines of your halter neck. The halter's sides tend to point upward, so an inverted triangle pendant on a gold chain would add balance to the geometry of the look. In which case, go for a pendant with an understated chain such as a thin rope-type or a standard cable.

Rock Those Curves: Bib or Collar Necklaces + Crew Necks / Round Necks

The thing about wearing a necklace with a T-shirt is that we tend to see a lot of women hiding them under the shirt as opposed to using it as a way to enhance the overall look and attitude exuded by their outfit. In which case, something that encircles one's neck could be given a little oomph with a bib or collar necklace. 

Now, we all know that most bib necklaces tend to be more than a little outre in their appearance, looking more appropriate for the MET Gala rather than something you would wear to work. But the trick is actually a matter of taste: be sure to veer away from incredibly flashy pieces studded with enormous stones - paste or the real thing, big gems are tacky - and go for something more subtle: a moderate-sized gold bib that sits comfortably just under your collarbones with a geometric or nature-centric design will do the trick. 

For more formal events where a round-necked LBD or gown is mandatory, feel free to get avant-garde with bolder statement pieces, like a hammered gold collar that will beautifully show off the curves of your neck and face.

The Art of Minimalism: Choker + Tube Top

If you go by the girls in music videos, it's okay to rock layered chains with a tube top. However, we feel that this tends to detract from the graceful - even seductive - simplicity of this strapless top, and the same could be said for strapless necklines in general. In which case, the straight, somewhat severe, cleavage-covering cut of a tube top would be more beautifully shown off with a classic choker. 

Chain Choker in 18k Gold by Oliver Cabell


If you're going the casual route, a simple ribbon choker with a small to medium-sized gold pendant would look stunning; it also has the additional advantage of making your neck look slimmer and longer. 

For a more formal occasion, more elaborate pendant designs - Celtic knots, baroque pearl settings in gold filigree, even pieces with multiple stones or fully encircling the neck - are bound to grab people's attention while making you look quite soignee and well-put-together.

Strong Statements: Statement Necklaces + Button-down Collars

Ever since Diane Keaton made menswear as womenswear timelessly chic in Annie Hall, women across the globe have adapted the classic button-down shirt as weekend wear or, in a more starched and tailored form, the perfect top for the corporate power dresser. 

It's also easy enough to accessorize, and these usually work with simple mid-width chains that rest comfortably just under your collarbones and have a subtly sexy peekaboo effect from under your collar. 

But we have a stunning alternative to this classic look: pairing your button-down with an avant-garde statement necklace either in pure gold or accented with gemstones or hand-painted enamel accents. It is a rather worldly look that makes people sit up and take notice as it helps the wearer stand out as a woman who is confident with the way she looks and is not afraid to pair the basic with the bold.

Long and Lean: Long Chain + Turtleneck

For many women, the obvious choice to wear with a turtleneck shirt or sweater - especially now that we are segueing into the colder months - is a beadwork bib necklace with massive wood or glass beads. 

Gold Link Chain and Gold Compass Pendant Necklace by Oliver Cabell


This looks nice, yes, but we suggest something that will result in a longer and leaner silhouette for the wearer: longer gold chains, preferably the medium-width sort with the center resting just below the bustline. It makes for a simple yet elegant alternative that also looks clean and polished. 

Another alternative would be to wear a chunky gold pendant on a leather or fabric cord around one's neck, with the pendant's lowest point resting either between one's breasts or on the bustline: both quirky and dynamic to look at.

It's All in the Jaw: Angular Necklace + Square Neckline

Square necklines are nice, but they can be challenging to pair with necklaces as you have a job and a half of softening all those angles. In which case, pair a square-necked blouse with a superb angular necklace. This will have the dual effect of showing off the elaborate design of your jewelry while enhancing the curve of your jawline.

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