Gold Chain Necklaces for Women: Celebrity Styles

Lester Fangonilo - December 25, 2021


Presenting our roundup of what today’s celebs are wearing: from inspiring pieces that are red-carpet ready to bling that takes the wearer to the cutting-edge of style in terms of chic and self-expression

When it comes to jewelry, we tend to look at what our favorite actresses and singers are blinged out in during truly grand events like the Academy Awards, the Grammies, film premieres, global film festivals like those in Cannes and Venice, and even high-impact publicity calls promoting films, concerts, or albums.

In this feature, we give you the rundown on the gold chain necklaces women’s that celebrities are wearing around their necks: stylish bling that runs the gamut from the soignee and simple to the truly outre and avant-garde. From award-winning actresses to today’s generation of iconic pop stars, they are all linked together in a golden chain of diverse and appealing styles.

Billie Eilish: Lovin’ Her Some Big, Bold Links

The oval loops of a classic Cuban link chain necklace are one of the most iconic images when it comes to modern jewelry.

Cuban chain in gold

It would be easy to think that these big links would be over the top on someone as petite-looking as Billie, but the way they accent the earth tones in her outfit actually brings a touch of elegance to an ensemble that could easily veer into overly casual. The fact that she paired her necklace with a pair of gold rings from the same jeweler (and collection, if we may add) is a great way to pull the overall look together.

Gigi Hadid: Massive Modern Masterpiece

As with men, being able to wear enormous pieces of jewelry demands either a massive build (which is why massive pieces are integral to the classic Glamazon look) or a great deal of charisma on the part of the woman. In Gigi Hadid’s case, the supermodel and influencer rocks a look featuring a somewhat rough-hewn looking gold chain necklaces women’s with immense circular links from which an equally large heart-shaped pendant mounted with a ruby charm. 

While Hadid rocks this look with a pair of gigantic daisy-flower earrings, the necklace would actually benefit from a less whimsical set of accessories that would be more in keeping with its somewhat rustic charm.

Likewise, this is definitely not a look for every day. (Yes, even if you find a lighter-weighing knockoff, it is a bit too striking for your daily commute to work.) Also, if you’re on the petite side, this can be a difficult look to rock as the sheer size of such a piece would make you fade into the background - chutzpah or no chutzpah. 

However, more curvaceously built women, statuesque ladies whose height is well over five-foot-eight, and lasses with a sturdier bone structure can get away with such large statement pieces.

Cardi B: A Tighter Chain for Subtle Sophistication

Cardi B’s lyrics may be on the raunchy and unbridled side, but you have to admit that the woman knows how to look her best for the red carpet.

Here, the pop star accessorizes a tailored blue leather outfit with a close-fitting gold chain necklace women’s that has the appearance of a massive spring-like coil looped around the base of her neck. The overall effect is one of simple, almost effortless sophistication - and she doesn’t go overboard with the look by keeping her makeup fresh and quite simple.

Chain choker in 18k gold

Likewise, the complementary accessory she chose to pair with her large gold chain necklace womens further enhances her outfit: simple gold hoops - neither too large nor too small - that frame her face well, enabling her to project the aura of an elegant contemporary woman who’s all business.

Dua Lipa: Delicate Simplicity

Keeping things simple is a principle we would all do well to follow, and - surprisingly - it has its place in the world of fashion regardless of all the bigger, bolder, and more outrageous trends rocking the runways.

Consider this a prime example: Dua Lipa in a classic black satin dress with a delicate toggle-style gold chain women's necklace. While her other accessories look very playful and may seem a rather odd pairing with the more delicate necklace, it’s actually an accessory combo that works, with the different elements - colorful earrings in one lobe, a gold safety pin in the other - actually playing well with each other.

Dua’s necklace is also something that doesn’t quite stay true to form when it comes to toggle necklaces. Most toggles tend to be on the chunky side, but hers is surprisingly delicate and refined. While this was worn as part of a red carpet look, it would actually work very well as a piece of daily wear jewelry. This would be perfectly worn with a basic white button-down shirt with the collar left open to show off the dainty look of the necklace.


Reese Witherspoon: Long and Lean Boho Chic

Long chains are usually layered to create a sumptuous, opulent effect, but Legally Blonde’s Reese Witherspoon carries a license to wear them one or two at a time - and the effect is fresh and breezy when paired with one’s favorite casual look.

Here, wearing two chains - a plain one in gold, a second gold chain with what appear to be coral embellishments - adds a chic sense of fun to this particular ensemble. Along with the sunglasses and bracelet, the chains work beautifully with the white lace peasant blouse and denim, keeping them from getting too casual.

Gold link chain set by Oliver Cabell

Long chains, particularly ones similar to those shown above that fall to one’s bustline also work well with turtleneck shirts or sweaters during the fall and winter months, essentially softening the ruggedness of the winter wear with jeans and boots look.

Wearing one or more long chains is also a great way to spruce up a daily work outfit as it adds an easy sense of sophistication.

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