How to Wear Men's Bracelets Like a Style God

Tuesday Bote - Nov 24, 2020


If you have a daily uniform but don't want to look basic, adding accessories is a stylish way to add your own pizzaz to an otherwise ordinary OOTD. Watches and ring bands might have been the only way to accessorize in the past, but donning man jewelry is now perfectly acceptable, coveted even. The most logical thing to start with: men's bracelets, since they can sit comfortably well with your favorite watch.                                                                                       

Here's the lowdown on how to wear men's bracelets to help you look like you were dressed by a personal stylist, even if you just "#wokeuplikethis".


Different Men's Bracelets Designs and When to Wear Them

"Different strokes for different folks" doesn’t necessarily apply to wearing men's jewelry or men's accessories. You'll have to consider the occasion, what's the right vibe to aim for, and whether you're wearing a bracelet that's age-appropriate. 

Here are common men's bracelets styles and what they go well with:

1. the men’s leather bracelet

Often associated with rockstars and bikers, this bracelet style offers a rugged sexy appeal - when done right. Unless you actually play an instrument or own a badass bike, this men's accessory requires a certain kind of swagger. If you like being edgy without looking like a poser, stick with minimalist designs first before going off on full pirate mode with thicker bands.

These kinds of bracelets for men can be for young and old, but works better with rebel outfits that warrant boots.

2. the men's cuff bracelet

One of the more versatile men's jewelry pieces are men's cuff bracelets. Like white sneakers, which go well with everything, cuffs can look good on you whether you're dressed down or want to show off in a suit. Cuff bracelets for men come in gold or silver tones in thin, understated  designs.

You can field these babies with a classy watch on the other wrist (or on the same wrist with the watch) in smart-casual looks. They show the sophisticated man who's ready to move past the college kid phase of dressing.

3. the beaded men's bracelet

The rather, fun and wild brother of the first two types of men's bracelets - beaded bracelets are like the Crocs of men's accessories. You can sometimes see them stacked on wrists. If you want a bohemian aesthetic, stacked multicolored beads belong on the beach or on a hike.  

Teens and those in their mid-twenties can get away with this look - but if you want to wear beads past a certain age there's a different style rule. A grown man can opt for dark, muted tones in more sophisticated finishes to pull off the beaded bracelet in a classy business casual or date situation.

Which Men's Accessory Materials Are Worth It?

When you're still young and experimenting with your personal style, you can just pick up anything cheap on the fly without worrying about anything clashing. Nothing wrong with trying out everything to see what you like, but it can save you more time and money if you get more versatile men's jewelry pieces in classic designs and quality finishes.   

Think of it like selecting a future heirloom, if you will. Choose bracelets for men that look better with time. A good rule of thumb is you can still wear it when you're older, without looking like a fashion faux pax, you've got a keeper. 

Men's leather bracelets
as well as men's cuff styles are a good way to begin a collection. Leather and metal cuffs develop a distinct patina over the years, which makes them vintage collectibles that you can pass on to the next generation. 

Getting classy mid-range value men's jewelry pieces is a good investment for any kind of wardrobe. With a little maintenance, you can wear your bracelet and continue getting compliments even when you turn into a silver fox.

How to Care for Men’s Bracelets

Just like with shoes, you can have an everyday piece and one that you just air out for special occasions which depends on its bling value. Both kinds of accessories will need spot cleaning and a once in a while deep clean. 

Tips for Cleaning Men’s Leather Bracelets
Always handle your jewelry with the gentlest cleaning tools and products. Here’s how: 

- Leather bracelets for men should never be soaked in soapy water for starters. 

- Beaded bracelets that come in more elaborate finishes should also not suffer the same fate, if you don’t the beads to lose their shine. 

- Always use a gentle cleaning agent and carefully brush it all over your bracelet with a soft brush, then wipe off afterwards with a damp microfiber towel. 

- Leather needs subtle conditioning every now and then, so make sure you also stock up on premium leather conditioners to keep that leather accessory as supple as the day you bought it.

- Remember to immediately spot clean stains with a soft cloth dipped in a gentle cleaning solution. This will prevent stains from soaking into the leather. 

Cuff Bracelet Care
Men’s cuff bracelets in silver or gold that have plating are vulnerable to scuffs and tarnishing. Here are some Dos and Don’ts for cleaning cuff bracelets: 

- DO put on your cuff correctly to avoid stretching out the metal. Put the top of the cuff on the narrowest part of your wrist, then roll your wrist inside. Next, gently squeeze the ends of the cuff together to secure the bracelet. 

- DON'T store your all your bracelets together, so that they don’t scratch other accessories. Plastic bags are also a no-no because they invite moisture and heat that can breed mildew and molds. 

- DO take them off before applying any lotion or sunscreen. That can mess up any bracelet’s original finish. 

- DON'T forget to keep your cuff bracelet dry at all times.

Styling Men’s Bracelets 101

Just as women would use jewelry to play up their best features, a guy can feel more attractive wearing the right kind of wrist candy, if he knows how to use them to his advantage.

- If you have small wrists, minimalist men’s bracelet bands work best. A men’s cuff bracelet with a thin band lends a touch of class without overpowering the wrist.

- On the flip side, thick bands look good on people with wider wrists. You can play around with huge bands, but stick to neutrals so that stacked bracelets don’t distract anyone from your awesomeness. 

- Keep in mind that bigger bands give the illusion of thinner wrists.

- Silver tones go well with neutrals like blue, black or gray while gold men’s bracelets are better with warm colors.

- The trick to stacking bracelets is to get them in similar hues, and make them all go well with your outfit’s overall color.

- Leave your bracelets at home if you want to wear cuff links.

- Wear your bracelets with the right length. It should comfortably sit on your wrist without being too tight or sliding down too much. A ¼ inch extension should do the trick. 
Investing in cuff bracelets for men, leather bracelets or any other men’s jewelry can be the final piece of the puzzle to completing any baller outfit. We won’t even mention the bigger bonus - it offers tremendous sentimental value that you can pass on. Who knew that looking good is like a gift that keeps on giving?