Length of Necklaces for Women: Which Works?

Lester Fangonilo - November 22, 2021


Are you thinking of buying a necklace? Don’t rush into it. Make sure you know the right length of necklaces for women, so you won’t have to spend extra resizing them later on. Here’s a proper guide.

I remember when I bought my first necklace - it was a rush. As with any women’s jewelry, buying a new necklace is always thrilling. However, I’ve also learned the hard way that to really get value for your money, your necklace has to help you reach the desired effect. I immediately looked at the pendant and how pretty it was and made an impulse buy. That was a mistake. You need to know that chain length suits your personal aesthetic best. 

To make sure you don’t make the same mistake, here’s a helpful guide on choosing the right lengths of necklaces that will fit your body size and face and enhance the best features you have.

Choosing Lengths of Necklaces

Lengths of necklaces or chains are based on industry standards. There are five different lengths of necklaces for women, while there are four lengths for men. Below, you will find different length charts applicable to women’s and men’s necklaces.

But first, what are the things that should figure in when choosing the right necklace length?

First, you need to determine up to which part of your body you want the necklace to fall on when deciding on the length of necklaces. Below, you’ll find a chart to guide you on where each necklace lengths falls on the body of an average woman.

Pro-tip: standard size necklace lengths for women are in even numbers: 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, and 22”.

Necklace Lengths for Her


Where it Falls on the Body


Wraps around the neck closely, as in a choker


Falls around the collar part of one’s neck, at the base. This length will fall within the collarbone for petite women, hanging loosely around her neck. This length will wrap around the neck like a choker for plus-size women. 


A popular choice among women, hitting elegantly on the collarbone.


Below one’s collarbone. 


At or above the top of one’s bust.

Necklace Lengths for Him

What if you want to gift your significant other with a necklace? You can consult the guide below to have an idea about chain lengths and which to choose - 18”, 20”, 22”, and 24.”


Where It Falls on the Body


If he has a smaller neck, it will fall at the base of the neck. 


Collarbone - this is the most preferred length for men


Just a few inches below your collarbone.


Above the sternum.


How To Choose The Right Lengths of Necklace for Women

Choosing the right necklace can get you the glow-up you’ve always wanted. It can add luster to a dull outfit and accentuate a woman’s best features. However, not all necklaces can do the trick. The right lengths of necklaces can make or break your look. Therefore, it’s essential to factor in your neck size, body type, height, and face shape when choosing the best chain length.

Neck Size

The most important body feature to consider when choosing the right chain length is the size of your neck. For example, say you want to buy a choker for an important date. 

Oliver Cabell’s Herringbone Choker Necklace, 18k Gold, Adjustable 14 to 16 inches in length

Measure your neck first. Wrap a soft measuring tape closely around your neck, then add two inches. And there you have it, the ideal necklace length for a choker. Typically, chokers are 14 to 16 inches long for the average-sized female neck. 

Take that measurement, then add four inches, and you have your ideal length for a pendant necklace! Pendant necklaces work best when attached to a gold or silver chain 18 inches long. 

If you were wondering, not all chokers can be flattering. These usually look best for those with long necks. However, it’s best to avoid it when you have a rather short neck.


You’d want your gold or silver necklace to accentuate your best feature. The next factor to consider is your height.

Here’s a nifty rule of thumb: if you’re 5’4” and below, choose 16 to 20-inch lengths of necklaces. You wouldn’t want a really long necklace to drown your small frame.  However, if you’re 5’4” to 5’7” in height, you’re free to choose any chain length. Taller women can benefit from longer chain lengths since they enhance their frame.

Body Type

We’ve talked about the verticals, now let’s talk about body type. Bear in mind that people will gaze up to the point where your necklace falls. If you are full-figured, don’t opt for a short necklace that will fall below the breast line because it will not hang well. Choose an 18 to 22-inch necklace chain instead. 

Cuban Chain in 18k gold, 15 inches long

Long, thin chains will work perfectly if you have a smaller bust. Or - you can choose to layer your necklaces for better effect. 

Face Shape

Another important factor to consider when choosing necklace chain length is the shape of your face. Like your body type, a necklace can alter how your face appears to others by enhancing its strongest features.

For women with round faces, chokers and short necklaces are a no-no. It will only add to your face’s roundness.

Do you have an oval-shaped face? You’re free to choose any length, type, or shape of the necklace.

If your face tends towards the long-shaped type, you’d want to soften how others perceive your shape. A short necklace, such as a choker or a princess necklace with a 16 to 18-inch length, would work best.

Chokers and short necklaces will also work for heart-shaped faces.

Final Thoughts

Don’t buy a necklace you’ll regret. Instead, be wise about choosing the right length of necklaces so that you can take advantage of their aesthetic and value for money. Go for something that flatters but does not overwhelm, and as always, highlight your most appealing features.

Oliver Cabell has an impressive range of necklace types and chain lengths that could work in your favor. But, more importantly, it is more inexpensive than other brands because it sources its materials directly from suppliers. So you’re not only buying an accessory, you’re also buying an ethical product and contributing to a more sustainable supply chain.