Minimalism and Sophistication in Footwear: Featuring Golden Goose Starter Sneakers

 Tuesday Bote - Dec 23, 2020




Two-toned and ready to trot, the strikingly androgynous appearance of the Uncrate x Oliver Cabell collaboration sneak was originally created for men, but easily strikes a chord among fashion-forward women


Most of the time, whenever we talk about footwear, fashion tends to go overboard. 

Haute couture maisons tend to go for overkill: buckled boots that go way up to the thighs; gladiator sandals embellished with glitter and bows, or – for more street-savvy style – sneakers that are either over-embellished with splashes of color, neon laces, badges, and chunky soles.

Sure they look good, but there is such a thing as style fatigue and over-embellished items – whether these are shoes or clothes – can be tasteless eyesores over time.

In which case, many bespoke and high-end shoemakers are bucking the trend and keeping things beautifully simple. Monochromatic and streamlined sneakers, in particular, are among the first to be snapped off store shelves. Not only do these exude sophisticated simplicity, but they are also incredibly comfortable.

Why the minimalist trend in footwear?

Clean, uncluttered, and timeless – these are words that many fashion critics, stylists, and influencers use to describe minimalist footwear.  Some have gone so far as to say that minimalist sneakers can be happily worn by anyone who’s segueing into their late 30s and early 40s without feeling any shame or self-consciousness.

But regardless of one’s age, the simple and streamlined look of minimalist sneakers easily transcends mere trendiness and turns these basic kicks into staples in anyone’s wardrobe. There’s another element that bolsters their appeal. Because they usually come in a single color or in either black or white, these simple-looking shoes can easily be paired with any outfit. As a result, they can be worn everywhere – and anywhere – save for the most formal occasions.

At the same time, unlike many of their more elaborately designed competitors, minimalist sneakers are built to be as comfortable as possible. In particular, Upmarket brands offer soft leather uppers matched with plush interiors and sturdy, hard-wearing soles that make walking even on the most uneven pavements an enjoyable, painless experience.

That said, two brands are setting the pace when it comes to sneakers that offer a well-tuned mix of comfort and style: Golden Goose and Oliver Cabell.

Minimalist Trendsetters



There’s bound to be an Oliver Cabell sneak to suit your style and personality

Over the past two decades, sneakers have become the footwear of choice for many people regardless of age, gender, and even social standing. Wearing sneakers to work, save for power meetings or formal functions, is more than acceptable, and shoemakers have been addressing this trend by crafting leather sneakers – as opposed to dingy canvas or overly puffed synthetic fabrics that would look more appropriate on the basketball court or on the backstreets – that exude good taste and sophistication on the part of the wearer.

Golden Goose: A Haute Couture Spin on Casual Wear

Golden Goose, in particular, continues to ride high on the crest of the sneaker wave. For the past twenty years, this Italian brand from Venice has held fashion influencers and celebrities spellbound with its signature line of pre-distressed leather sneakers.

Created by founder Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo, Golden Goose was their way of thumbing their noses at the overly stylized and inaccessible aura of haute couture shoemaking. Today, the brand is best known for an emphasis on quality, comfort, and impeccable craftsmanship characteristic of its storied Italian heritage.



Low 1 Vista Oliver Cabell Golden Goose Alternative Women’s Sneakers

Even the Golden Goose Starter sneakers exudes a sense of sophistication well in keeping with the reputation of the maison. Plain to look at save for a colored tab stamped with the brand’s signature incomplete star logo, at the top of the heel, these are a great introduction to the maison’s stock in trade and would go well with simple outfits. 

If there was a design flaw to the Starter line, though, it would have to be the sole’s thickness. Golden Goose Starter sneakers have a reputation for adding an inch to one’s height through the addition of an elevated wedge in the heel. While this works for the regular distressed lines under the label, it doesn’t work with the Starter. Rather than a sleek, sophisticated silhouette, the Starter in profile looks a little too clunky, even unwieldy.

However, what turns many stylish people of modest means from these shoes is the exorbitant price for such a basic pair: easily $500 – which, given the pandemic economy, is too much. Also, Golden Goose has a habit of courting controversy through shock tactics. Examples are its allegedly skater culture-inspired and duct-taped sneaks and its “sorry-not-sorry” attitude at being criticized for both cultural appropriation and social insensitivity. As a result, people would rather look elsewhere for sneaks of exceptional quality that won’t break the bank. This is where a brand like Oliver Cabell comes in.

Oliver Cabell: A Reputation Built on Fine Craftsmanship

Over the years, Oliver Cabell has made a name for itself as a company that upholds the highest possible modern shoemaking standards. Through its growing line of sneakers, boots, driving shoes for men, and flats for women, the brand has cultivated a following among stylish people. Its market base include those who want not only want to look good, but also want to get their money’s worth and need to be sure that the company behind the product is doing things ethically, sustainably, and responsibly.

That said, the company’s Low 1 line of sneakers is getting a lot of positive press from fashion insiders, style bloggers, and mass media. And why not? With its streamlined appearance and refined lines, the sneaker’s relative simplicity is a joy to look at and it makes it an easy enough shoe to pair with any outfit. 

A Sneaker to Suit Every Style



To steal a line from a Disney tune, the Low 1 YOLO is shining, shimmering, and splendid – minimalist, but definitely not basic

As with Oliver Cabell’s other shoe lines, even the minimalist Low 1 has variants to suit today’s breed of empowered women’s diverse personalities and styles. Thanks to impeccable styling, the masterful work of some of Italy’s finest cobblers, and tasteful palettes to choose from, women can easily pick and mix these anything-but-basic kicks with everything in their wardrobes.



Refined and austere in its appearance, the Low 1 White is a grown-up spin on the classic white sneaker

  • White: The Ultimate Wardrobe Staple

White sneakers are considered the “little black dress” (pun intended) of footwear: every woman needs a pair and it’s a shoe that can easily be matched with everything from sporty outfits to ultra-feminine dresses. You can wear Low 1 Whites to work or to a sailing excursion; to a springtime lawn party or a summer feast on the beach – they’re that versatile.

  • YOLO: Anything But Basic

Putting the Low 1 YOLO on a list of minimalist sneakers may seem inappropriate given the blinged-out appearance of these shimmering kicks, but hear us out. The shoe’s overall silhouette is beautifully streamlined, and the glitter covering its surface is actually subdued in a softer light. That said, the YOLO makes a gorgeous date shoe: the type you would wear for a romantic stroll in the park, a casual supper before (or after) a movie, or even a fun evening of drinks and dancing. It’s perfect for a confident woman who isn’t afraid to shine.



Pink and pretty and perfect, the Low 1 Nude is just the thing for springtime walks or serious alone time

  • Nude: Feminine Without Being Too Frilly

Pink shoes may seem like the province of little girls or giddy teens, but they actually add a sense of fun and – if you’re wearing a pair of Oliver Cabell Low 1s in Nude – a subtle elegance. These kicks are playful and would go beautifully with casual outfits for a fun girls’ night out or a weekend walk.

  • Jet Black: All Business, All the Time

It’s a sneaker that easily transitions from boardroom to boardwalk. One usually thinks of black leather shoes as staid and overly conservative, but the Low 1 Jet Black has a sultry sophistication that reflects its wearer’s sense of strength and empowerment. A great choice for pairing with pantsuits or officewear – or anywhere you need to show people who’s boss.

Oliver Cabell: An Emphasis on Style and Sustainability.



In its Jet Black incarnation, the Low 1 exudes an air of power and authority to make it an excellent choice for corporate mavens rising to the top of their game

Quality has long been a hallmark of the Oliver Cabell brand. The company’s team of expert cobblers is backed by the great traditions of Italian shoemaking methods, enabling them to create shoes that can promenade through the high streets, march confidently into the corporate world, and party hard at the end of a long day. 

Using sustainably sourced leathers, each pair is carefully crafted in Marche, Italy: made comfortable with calfskin lining elegant with hand-stitched leather uppers, and finished with fine cotton laces and sturdy rubber soles.

Simple and sophisticated, each pair of Oliver Cabell Low 1s is more than just another pair of sneakers: they are an experience to live for.