Office Approved: Oliver Cabell Men's and Women's Sneakers for Work

Tuesday Bote - January 28, 2021

Dressy enough for work, but hip enough for a fun night out, the Oliver Cabell Low 1 Jet Black exudes power and control in the boardroom and casual elegance at the club

Of all the visual icons of the ‘80s urban culture, the one that sticks out the most is the sporty-looking sneakers. Young, upwardly-mobile professionals [yuppies] pounded the pavement in footwear that was a surprising contrast to their snappy, beautifully tailored business suits. At the time, sneakers were a whimsical yet striking symbol of rebellion against the “success machine,” - the seemingly never-ending grind that was corporate life during that era.


Today, however, a different story plays out at many workplaces.  Offices needed to rethink their corporate and institutional cultures thanks to the rise of shared workspaces, more flexible hours, and more casual environments. Office wardrobe rules are more relaxed, so you see many office workers heading to work – and actually working – in their kicks. 


But before you jog out the door wearing luridly colored high-tops that wouldn’t be out of place in a hip-hop video, Oliver Cabell offers a few practical tips for wearing sneakers to work.


Some Practical Tips for Wearing Sneakers to the Office

What types of sneakers for work do you choose? 

It’s a sartorial choice that’s both stylish and practical. You should get to walk (or run if you’re in a hurry) without wincing because your footwear pinches your heels or toes. Also, depending on what sort of sneaks you’ve worn to the office – you also need to look chic. Sneakers are also a very democratic item of clothing: anyone can wear them – men and women, bosses and staff, anything goes.

Its appearance is a harmonious mix of eastern and western aesthetics, and that’s one reason why Oliver Cabell Gat Whites are an excellent choice for those doing creative work


1. Materials Matter

Most popular footwear brands tend to use synthetic materials for their kicks, particularly those being touted as apt for a particular sport like basketball or soccer. However, for work, leather sneakers are a more appropriate choice: durable, comfortable, and dressy enough for all but the most formal events at the office.

Strong, Sturdy, and Sustainable Low 1 White Sneakers by Oliver Cabell


2.There’s Casual, and Then There’s Too Casual

Creatives tend to be the biggest violators of this rule as many artists and writers tend to zip to work wearing distressed footwear. While these may be cutting edge chic according to whichever fashion influencer is holding court at the moment, work shoes need to look presentable – especially if you’re suddenly called upon to deliver a client presentation. You represent your company in events like those, and some representative you’ll be if you show up in ratty sneakers that are just one rip away from the dumpster.

3. Simple is Best

Instead of pushing the envelope by wearing elaborate-looking kicks,  keep your work kicks plain to keep them from clashing with your office outfits. Do away with all sorts of laces, drawstrings, glitter, and any kind of accessory to keep HR from calling you out for wearing something too outré for work.

Plain Yet Chic Low 1 White by Oliver Cabell


4. Keep it in Neutral

Yes, color does matter but wearing neutral shades for work adds a certain gravitas to your office wear: all business but with just enough fun mixed in to keep it from getting boring. Fortunately, Oliver Cabell offers a wide selection of black, white, gray, and khaki styles for everyday wear to, from, and during work.

5. Consider Your Work Kicks an Investment

Real talk: you pay for quality. Leather sneakers, in particular, are anything but cheap. But that’s because of the craftsmanship and the excellence of the materials that go into creating each pair. Likewise, think about your shoes for the long term: better quality means durability.  You can wear from your first day at work and well into your climb to the top of the corporate ladder. In which case, you would do well to add a pair of Oliver Cabells to your working wardrobe.

Oliver Cabell Recommends…

Go for the strong and feminine look for everyday workwear with Oliver Cabell Low 1 Off-whites


Oliver Cabell offers an extensive range of sneakers styles for both men and women. Each pair is crafted according to Italian shoemaking’s finest traditions, yet the looks are elegant and contemporary. We give you a rundown of some excellent choices that you can wear at work and after hours.

All Business in the Boardroom

  • Oliver Cabell Low 1 Jet Black - Available for both men and women, the Low 1 Jet Black is a solid choice for the corporate world’s denizens. The shoe’s simple and elegant lines make it an excellent choice for nicely tailored suits, striking but straightforward skirt and blazer (or skirt and cardigan) combinations, pantsuits, or even a tailored blazer worn over slim-cut jeans and a T-shirt in a solid color.
  • Oliver Cabell Merton Black - Don’t let the white sole put you off. The Oliver Cabell Merton is all about European sophistication and can easily be considered the midpoint between a classic loafer and a more casual sneaker. It’s an excellent choice as part of a presentation outfit. The Merton is only available in the men’s collection but is a fine choice to take you from boardroom to ballroom.

Oliver Cabell Merton in Black


Adding a Feminine Touch to Workwear

  • Oliver Cabell Low 1 Off-white - White sneakers worn with ultra-feminine dresses have become a uniform of sorts of women who work in creative fields like advertising, printing, and even curating at art galleries. But this doesn’t mean that you can wear any old sneak or – gods forbid – high-top to the office. Consider these pristine Italian leather whites to add a hint of continental chic to your wardrobe along with a welcome touch of whimsy.
  • Oliver Cabell Low 1 Nude - Casual Friday coming up? No problem: that’s what Low 1 Nudes were made for. Pink and pretty without looking too overly girly, Low 1 Nudes add a welcome hint of playfulness that carries well from a day’s work to a night full of fun with the girls.


Low 1 Nude Women’s Sneakers by Oliver Cabell


For Those Who Work Hard and Play Harder

  • Oliver Cabell GAT Jet Black or Navy - The Oliver Cabell Gat has the sort of retro look that will remind you how the 1980s designed big-brand athletic shoes. However, their streamlined look makes them fantastic footwear for the 21st Century. Elegant and sturdy, these are the sneaks for men who work hard for the money and are happy to hit the hardcourt to blow off some steam.
  • Oliver Cabell GAT White - Its darker siblings are great for hard-nosed corporate types with an eye permanently sighted on the prize. But the Oliver Cabell Gat White is the shoe of choice for creative guys who are continually trotting to find inspiration and great ideas for their next big promotional campaign. However, don’t let its pristine appearance fool you: anyone wearing these Gats will give it all they’ve got in a race or a heart-pounding match on the green.

From Office to Field

  • Oliver Cabell Low 1 Wheat - Need to do a site inspection? Make sure your shoes can walk the talk from office to a job site like these sturdily-built Low 1 Wheats. These exude a rugged elegance in the field with their rustic appearance – a great accent to help you show that you’re in charge.

Low 1 Wheat sneakers by Oliver Cabell

  • Oliver Cabell Low 1 Laguna - Its rugged construction speaks volumes about its durability. Still, the soft and beautifully textured calfskin uppers make the Low 1 Lagunas the shoe of choice for women working in unconventional fields and raising the bar in different industries.

Whether for Work or Play, Make it Oliver Cabell

Oliver Cabell adheres to the most stringent standards for product quality and craftsmanship from sneakers to ladies’ flats, driving shoes, and boots. In doing so, it ensures that each pair is built for style, comfort, and durability


Whether you choose to get yourself a couple of Low 1s, Gats, Mertons, or our new 3D-printed Phoenixes, you can be sure that you are getting shoes that are of exceptional quality – without the hair-raising price markups.

As an independent shoe brand, we at Oliver Cabell are more than just another group of 21st Century cobblers. We believe in creating each pair of shoes by hand, adhering to time-honored techniques passed down by generations of Italian master artisans. We uphold high standards of discipline regarding design, craft, and value – all of which are appreciated by our customers across the globe.

Likewise, we are a brand that cares about the environment and the people who are part of our creative and production processes. We make it a point to use sustainably- and ethically-sourced materials in all our products from shoes to accessories, and treat our team members fairly and compassionately.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about quality – not just of the product, but of the legacy we leave for the future.