Top Shoe Hacks Every Girl Should Know

Tuesday Bote - January 28, 2021


Not every girl is a shoe expert, and to become one, it seems that it would take a thousand pairs of shoes and lots of trial and error and blistered heels. Although it looks like girls would naturally know about fashion and clothes, shoes are not like appliances that come with an instruction manual! 

Oliver Cabell Monti Caramel

Many girls have ruined their first pair of suede flats by trying to clean them with water. Learning how to care for clothes and shoes is a lifelong process, but good shoe hacks are always welcome.

Here is an essential list of shoe tips and hacks that will help make your shoes last longer, save your feet from pain and torment, and remind you why shoes and style are some of the reasons life is worth living.

Top Shoe Hacks You Should Know

1. Shop for shoes late in the afternoon or at night.

Shoes that fit perfectly in the morning will most likely pinch in the afternoon. Our feet swell over the day, which is quite normal, especially if we've been walking a lot. Shopping for shoes in the late afternoon or the evening will give you a more comfortable fit.

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2. When buying shoes online, check the store's return and exchange policy.


The scary thing about buying shoes online is that, when the product arrives at your house, you find out that you got the wrong size and you can't return them for the right ones. Oliver Cabell shoes only sell through their online shop and so offer free shipping, even internationally. 


Besides having an efficient policy that lets you return and exchange shoes within thirty days, they also have a Try for Free program, where they only process your credit card if you decide to keep your purchase.

3. Buy mules that have an elastic vamp to keep them from slipping off.

Mules are shoes that don't cover your heel, and you step into them. This means that they also easily slip off. Oliver Cabell flats incorporated an elastic vamp into their mules, making them more secure.

Oliver Cabell Women’s Flats


4. Break in your heels or flats with a pair of socks.

Break in your new shoes the night before you use them by walking around your house in them but wearing a thick pair of socks, or perhaps two. The socks act like an additional layer and stretch the shoes out only a little bit so that you won't loosen them too much. And since you're in socks, breaking in won't hurt your feet.

This type of break-in only works over time, which means you won't experience immediate results. Some girl shoe hacks lists recommend running a hairdryer over your shoes as you break them in, but we'd recommend them only for emergencies, like if you're attending a fancy event or a wedding and only got your shoes at the last minute.

5. Blister-proof your feet with deodorant or lip balm.

You can use clear deodorant for your armpits for your feet - not to make them smell better (though it can help) but to smoothen your skin and prevent friction inside your new shoes. Smooth a bit over your toes and heels, and parts that blister easily. Lip balm works the same way, and it's a quick fix for when your feet chafe while you're out during the day.

6. Rain-proof your shoes with candle wax.

If it looks like it's going to rain and you're all set to wear your canvas shoes because they go well with your outfit, run a candle over the exterior of the shoes, quickly aerate them with a blow dryer. The wax that sticks to the shoes acts as a protective waterproof shield.


7. Dry out your shoes with crumpled, old newspaper.

This is one of the great shoe hacks that has been used for decades. If you do get your shoes wet, help draw water out of them by stuffing them with crumpled, old newspapers. Remove the newspapers after an hour and stuff the shoes again with a fresh, dry set. Repeat with another new set after three or four more hours, and then leave them for nine to twelve hours.


8. Get scuffs off your shiny heels with petroleum jelly.

Those scuffs are irritating because they don't come off no matter what kind of cleaning agent you use, which may further damage the patent leather. But smear a little petroleum jelly on them and softly wipe it off and the scuffs are gone.

9. Leather conditioner is a thing!

Oliver Cabell Women's shoe care line has a cleaning kit specific to leather. It includes a brush, a premium shoe cleaner that handles the material gently compared to other harsher cleaning solutions, and a leather conditioner, which should be used once or twice a month. Leather conditioners restore the natural oils of the leather and keep your leather shoes shiny and like new. 

Oliver Cabell Leather Cleaning Kit 


10. Don't wash your suede shoes.

Suede shouldn't get wet, and cleaning suede shoes often involves using a dry brush or an eraser - some suede cleaning kits include both. For deep-seated dirt, you can use a nail file to scrape the mud off, then brush it all in one direction to get a polished look. You can remove some stains with white vinegar.

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11. Do brush your suede shoes.

Brushing is the best way to maintain your suede shoes, but you should choose a brush with softer bristles to protect the material. Oliver Cabell's cleaning brush has soft hog bristles and is suitable for all other styles of shoes, too.

 Oliver Cabell Shoe Brush

12. Deodorize your shoes with tea bags, or baking powder, baking soda and cornstarch.

Stuff dry tea bags in your shoes to draw the stink out while in storage. An alternative to this is a mixture of 1 part of baking powder, 1 part baking soda and two parts cornstarch. You know how there's a refrigerator hack where leaving an open pack of baking soda can remove any foul odors? The principle works with shoes, too. Take a pinch of this powder and sprinkle evenly on the insides of your shoes.

There you have it - a dozen shoe hacks to help you out. So how many of these awesome hacks do you do already and already swear by?