Sleek Golden Goose Dupes Prove That
Distressed High Fashion Is Here to Stay

Tuesday Bote - Sept 11, 2020


Oliver Cabell Distressed Shoe

Cult status is something every high fashion brand dreams about and sets out to do, but that mainly has to do with people coming out of the woodwork acting like they’re out for a gold rush. Or in this case, something similar to Golden Goose footwear. If you’re reading this, you are probably curious about what makes the ugly shoe trend any different, and if it’s worth buying into.



When Golden Goose Made Shabby Chic Sneakers A Thing


Golden Goose (also called GG or GGDB) first introduced the distressed shoe trend in the early 2000s, and are also commonly mistaken for another cult shoe brand, because of the familiar ubiquitous star logo – which is pretty ironic, now that Golden Goose dupes are going mainstream. 
GG makes dress shoe quality sneakers with luxurious Italian leather but put their own unique stamp by making designer sneakers with a pre-lived in aesthetic. Yep, you get to purchase brand new, intentionally beaten up shoes! It seems like its practically out of fictitious and fickle fashion mogul Mugatu’s Derelicte line. Distressed fashion followed suit a few years later and now people are beginning to see that high fashion can relax, and can be laid back like the rest of us.

Is Golden Goose Worth the Money?


You may ask. As of this writing, GGDB sneakers can be seen on the likes of A-list celebrities, and even former first Lady Michelle Obama, proving that there is more to the distressed sneaker trend that meets the eye. If you want to shell out serious money for that aesthetic, nothing can convince you otherwise. 
As one popular influencer and shoe reviewer put it, you are buying original golden goose trainers not for how unpretty you think they are (maybe that is a valid reason) - but like most people, you are after the cult brand name. Considering the premium construction, the price for distressed high fashion is still as steep as they come. 


GG Shoe Reviews That Tell It Like It Is


The same shoe reviewer mentioned above found the following things to be true for the original GGs:
 - they come in trendy, casual streetwear designs
 - they may need a painful break-in period as the size runs large, the opening is wide and the chances of your foot sliding all over the place are pretty high
 - the upper is top-notch Italian leather
 - scuff marks, creasing and smudges look like 6-month-old worn and unwashed high range Stan Smiths (the classic GG sneakers also have dotted perforations)
 - even the laces are made to look old
 - padding at the heel is great which adds to a comfortable feel

The Case for Golden Goose Dupes That Offer More Than The Original


In the world of high fashion where fakes are shunned or scoffed at, we should remember that while an idea can be copyrighted, it can still be improved upon; the same creativity that started it all can be the same energy that innovates it. Even GG borrowed that star design somewhere to come off as a cool skater shoe, right?
The best golden goose dupes are, in their own right, giving us all a chance to experience that unique, distressed high fashion moment. You might find that you not only get the same aesthetic, but you also get a more comfortable wear than the original. 
You can find dupes for Golden Goose in a few dirt cheap Amazon shoes, but really, that would be too much. Shabby construction and shabby chic do not mix well to give you the best Golden Goose options.
If you are going for GG alternativesat least find the best Golden Goose dupes with the same premium materials that have an easier break-in. You’re getting the best of both worlds without paying double the price of mid-range shoes! Win-win.

Essential Tips for Finding Great GG Dupes

The great thing about the "distressed" look is that you can do it yourself and wear out your own pair of mid-range shoes, and it will look more natural, actually. If you can’t wait that long, you can shop for the best GG options that have the following features:
1. Has a Similar Design or at Least Mimic Standard Golden Goose Details with a Twist
The sad thing about some GGDB alternatives is that they copy everything down to the last detail without innovating anything. This may come off like they’re actual fakes. The key is to find an option that gives off a similar vibe but has its own original twist.

2. Great Italian Leather Upper Materials

One thing that you can’t do without, if you are going to get new, but worn out looking kicks is – superb leather. You still want the same durability out of any good shoe; that is, that they should last. Italian leather is one of the best in luxury sneaker materials, so paying for this at least, makes any sneaker a good investment. (Well, at least, one you can afford.)

3. Good Construction and Finish

That being said, construction is as much a grail as premium shoe materials. You’d want to have a comfortable inner lining and heel padding, together with a thoroughly stitched sole. The paid-for unattractiveness should not apply in any way to the quality of the shoe, because paying for high fashion should also mean getting a well-made product.

4. Appealing Distressed Shoe Design That Doesn’t Overdo It

Another good thing about Golden Goose dupes is that they will tone down the scruffy look a bit and turn cute instead. Why not choose a GG alternative that looks a tad cleaner than the original, at least design-wise. The upside of this is, you can get away with wearing your mildly distressed shoes with more flexibility, even for business casual days at work. That can definitely extend its value.

We love the idea behind Golden Goose because they said they wanted to let people experience an “adventure” with each pair of their shoes; that everyone can live life creatively.

It is up to you to follow that concept, but just maybe, without the high price tag. (…just save your money for real adventures)