Sneaker Color Guide

Tuesday Bote - April 7, 2021

Cool-hued and sporty, the Oliver Cabell GAT in Navy puts a serene spin on the classic German army training shoe, making it an excellent choice for long walks in the countryside  

The colors you wear say a lot about your personality: what makes you tick, what makes you smile, and pretty much how you deal with what the world throws at you. Likewise, wearing specific colors determines the image you want to project to others, like how assertive (or aggressive) you are, how serious, how merry, and even how calm and chill you can be.

Sneakers are considered everyday items of clothing as well as shoes you wear for fun events. Therefore, the colors you choose serve as a reflection of your personality as well as your individual style.

In which case, Oliver Cabell offers several stylish options that will help you show off who you are to the world: amazing, masterfully designed kicks that are perfect for just about any occasion and location.

What does your sneaker color say about you?

It doesn’t get any more classic than this. The Oliver Cabell Low 1 White presents a streamlined silhouette partnered with a pristine look that allows the wearer to go places in style

White: Plain Without Being Basic

Plain white shoes have long been the subject of certain stereotypes: doctors and medical professionals rock white sneakers as they rush from one point to another in the race to save lives. Modern-day brides are known to wear them to unconventional ceremonies, and white tennies (tennis shoes or athletic trainers) have long been a school-time wardrobe staple for middle-schoolers and teens in high school.

Seriously, though, anyone can wear white sneakers because they represent a relaxed, anything goes approach to living. White also represents clarity in one’s way of thinking, and an openness that – like the plain white kicks on their feet – represents a blank canvas that is ready for just about anything.

What White Kicks Say About You: I am open for anything, I welcome everyone.

Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 Jet Black Leather Sneakers


Black: Austere and Sophisticated

Black sneakers – especially those made from very good leather – bridge the gap between casual kicks and more formal footwear. They may give off a “business in front, party in the back” sort of vibe at first sight, but they are definitely not the mullet of the footwear scene.

Black kicks are worn by those who are focused and determined: the people who work hard and who party harder. In which case, their sneakers can easily cross the border from boardroom to club at the end of the day.

What Black Kicks Say About You: I am in it to win it; I can work hard for my goals and party harder when I achieve them.

Pink sneakers like the limited edition Oliver Cabell Rennes in nude call to mind a childlike playfulness and a whimsical sense of fun that makes the wearer more attractive to people

Pink: Pretty and Playful

Fun and absolutely feminine, pink sneakers (referred to as nude in the Oliver Cabell catalog) make the wearer seem friendly, playful, and energetic. 

If you want to keep your look subtle, go for kicks in soft pastels and blush shades. However, subtlety goes out the window for those with a more outgoing personality, and you can easily grab sneaks in bolder, louder hues like fuchsia and magenta. 

What Do Pink Kicks Say About You: I’m a fun person to be with, and we can head out for a great time.

Incredibly striking to look at, the Court Remy Carriat x OC features a vivid electric blue that tells anyone around you to sit up and pay attention 

Blue Leather Sneakers: Cool and Confident

Depending on what particular shade of blue you’re wearing, you can come off as either a cool customer who’s absolutely chill with things or a live wire who’s always ready and raring to go.

Darker, more somber shades of blue such as midnight and navy work well with more introspective people: people who look before they leap and are willing to lend a hand to anyone who needs help.

More vibrant shades like cerulean and electric blue proudly announce that the wearer is an Action Jackson: ready to hop into motion soon as you tell them, prepared to laugh, and certainly ready to help.

What Blue Kicks Say About You: I am ready to help, and you can depend on me.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Lion Sneakers

Brown: Earthy and Natural

Reminiscent of classic oxfords and loafers, a brown leather sneaker says that its wearer is a person of incredible drive and determination: a hard worker who keeps their eyes on the prize and is a valued asset in the workplace.

Brown shoes are also perfect for those who love the great outdoors, as their color makes them a perfect accent for a traveler’s outfit for a hike, a country ramble, or an extended road trip.

What Do Brown Kicks Say About You: I know my place at work and I do my best; at the end of the day, though, I’d like to reconnect with nature and simply rest while taking in her beauty.

Bright and vivid, red sneakers – whether pure red ones or those with white accents like the Low 1 Crimson loudly proclaim that their wearer is someone who can’t be pushed into a corner: their personalities are too bold and vivacious not to make them the center of attention


Red: Only for the Brave and the Bold

It takes a great deal of confidence to pull off wearing red sneakers. It’s a color that quickly grabs everyone’s attention no matter how quietly you enter a room. They boldly proclaim that the wearer is someone to be reckoned with: one who can speak and move with authority.

Red sneakers make otherwise all-black outfits more striking and white outfits more memorable: they add a degree of danger and seductiveness to clothing that may otherwise come off as too gloomy or too plain. Just don’t wear them as part of an all-red ensemble: there’s a lot of red and then there’s striving to look like a tomato.

What Red Kicks Say About You: I am bold, brash, and not afraid to make a loud and powerful statement.

The Low 1 Pigment exudes an energy that is both elegant and active all at once

Grey: More Versatile Than You Think

Within the palette of neutrals, grey is a color that many people find staid, even sad, to look at because it calls to mind somber days when the skies are grey and storm clouds are looming overhead.

Yet, when done correctly, grey adds a quiet, commanding presence to those who wear it. The silvery color has its own subtle dynamism, which makes it perfect for power dressing. Grey sneakers are actually easier to pair with clothing than either black or white ones, enabling those who wear it to become style chameleons who project stylishness and serious intent at the same time.

What Grey Kicks Say About You: I keep things simple and subtle, making it easy for me to transition between my working day, my play hours, and fun time.

Whichever colorways you prefer, Oliver Cabell is bound to have kicks for you

However you may wear them, Oliver Cabell’s premium leather sneakers are bound to suit your style and personality

Offering a distinctive selection of leather sneakers in a variety of colors and styles to suit your personality and lifestyle, Oliver Cabell enables you to find a pair of kicks that suit your sense of style.

Crafted by master cobblers using time-honored techniques and sustainably-sourced materials, each pair of Oliver Cabell sneaks is a living, wearable masterpiece that speaks well of the person wearing them.