Style Guide: Crew Neck Or V-Neck T-shirts?

Lester Fangonilo - October 5, 2021


So, how do you like your T-shirts - in a V-neck or crewneck? 

We’re asking because every person on this planet is unique. Just as every person has a personal color preference, the same applies to fashion. Since every person is different with different body proportions and different individual styles, they will likely prefer one thing over another. 

Asking which style is better between crewneck or V-neck will spark all kinds of debate. Everybody has their own preferences. That’s why it’s practically impossible to answer what style is better. 

However, let’s review how fashion experts weigh in, shall we? In this article, we discuss the difference between v-neck and crewnecks and when you should wear them.

Pros and Cons of V-neck vs. Crewneck

We like T-shirts because they’re effortless to wear. It also has a light and breathable fabric that prevents too much sweating. As a fashion piece, they are also used in layering other clothes. But, what type of neck shape should you go for? 

Which between two kinds of styles: V-necks or Crewnecks is better? Let’s discuss the difference between the two.

V-neck tees

V-necks are often worn to look put-together and classy, but still casual. V-necks have a V-shaped neckline that is perfect when layered underneath your shirt. For example, if you wear a shirt and unbutton the first button, you can’t see the V-neck T-shirt. 

This type will showcase your neck and will make it look longer or leaner. When your neck looks elongated, your face looks slimmer as a side effect. 

After all, V-necks frame your face better when layered with other tops like cardigans and jackets. You can even wear a v-neck with a v-neck jumper! Just always make sure that the people’s focus is your face and not your shirt. The V-neck helps in emphasizing your look with the right proportioning. 

Another benefit of wearing V-necks is that it shows off a little of your chest area. So if you’re someone who frequently goes to the gym and would want your hard work to pay off, then try V-necks. 

A V-neck shirt is an excellent way to highlight the fit of your body without exerting too much effort. But make sure that the V-cut in the neckline is not very deep, just enough to show male cleavage. 

For men with chest hairs, there is no problem with wearing V-necks as long as you keep the hair trimmed and maintained. But if you’re still unsure, try wearing V-necks with cuts that are not too deep. If you want to know more about styling V-necks, you can refer to pictures of celebrities that look appealing since they have stylists that are professionals in styling better than anyone.


Crewnecks, also called round necks, can be layered with crewneck tops like cardigans, jackets, and even jumpers. However, shirts are off-limits in layering because it doesn’t look good when both crew neck shirts are layered. In addition, round necks tend to show when you unbutton the first button of your shirt. 

Crew necks are often worn when going out on the weekend or going to a pub. Just layer it with a bomber jacket or blazer. Crew necks are very advantageous to people with sloping shoulders. It makes people focus more on your body top and makes your shoulder squarer. 

Additionally, the round neckline balances the proportion of people with longer necks and narrow, slim faces. 

Although V-necks are trendy nowadays, some people may be more comfortable with wearing roundnecks. Also, people who like round necks aren’t just men. There’s a wide demographic that prefers round-necks better. 

Another thing to consider about crewnecks is that you have to determine when to wear crewnecks. It can be used like a casual street style or semi-formal depending on the other clothing you’d wear. 

Also, make sure that you don't look unbalanced or old-fashioned. Try looking at images or styling of celebrities in magazines or on TV to get a hint on how to better your crewneck style.

How To Wear Them: V-Neck vs Crewneck Sweaters

Wearing a Crewneck sweater

A crewneck sweater is considered knitwear’s workhorse. Before they became a fashion staple, they were everyman’s sweaters. Most crewneck sweaters you encounter are made of cotton, but the more luxurious brands have produced them in either cashmere or wool. 

What’s appealing about the crewneck sweater is that it’s versatile. Whether you’re opting to dress up or down, it can work for you - as long as you pick the right fit and go with the right layer for your sweater.

For the smart casual look, don a white button-down shirt under your crewneck sweater. Pair it with your favorite denim, and smart-looking sneakers - and you’re all set!

Wearing a V-Neck sweater

V-neck sweaters are rightly the crewneck’s eternal nemesis. Both have their separate fan base, but the V-neck’s defenders swear by its versatility. You can wear it to dress up and look stylish with minimal effort. 

However, never a V-neck without anything underneath. If that V-neck sweater has a severe neckline, you’ll be a fashion fiasco. 

For dressing up, you can pair your V-neck sweater with a collared dress shirt and tie. Layering it like this makes you look smart and confident. Try contrasting colors with the layers - go for a dark buttoned-up shirt and a light V-neck sweater, and vice versa.

Don’t get carried away and choose colors that are too out there. Instead, pick the basic and neutral tones to pull off the look. You want to look good and confident without your outfit practically begging for attention.

Tips to Pull Off Either The V-Neck or Crewneck Shirt

If you want to dress in style, you have to know the protocol. 

Right outfit, right time

Don’t go too casual for a formal event, so never pair your crewneck shirt with a pair of jeans. If you’re going to the gym, choose to wear your crewneck shirt with a pair of sweatpants.


If you’re dressing to impress, wearing a simple accessory can go a long way. You don’t have to wear the most expensive bracelet or Cuban chain out there, but it’s better than nothing. 

Wear clean shoes at all times

You can’t pull off a look if your loafers or sneakers are dirty. So make sure you use a shoe cleaning kit to ensure you have a clean and polished outfit.


So who wins the war - V-neck or crewneck?

In general, both styles can be worn however you want. Although both styles are pretty equal, it all comes down to how you style it or if it fits you. Before deciding what to wear, get to know the style that suits you the best. Although personal preference helps, it is better to look at every possible thing that will spice up your overall look.

A majority of people may think crewnecks are better, but if you’re comfortable otherwise, then it’s your choice to make. You can pull off any look as long as you do it with confidence.