The Best Suede Men’s Sneakers to Wear All Year

Tuesday Bote - March 3, 2021

Suede sneakers are arguably the best-looking casual sneakers a guy could wear for any occasion and are so comfortable that you wish you could wear them all the time. The reason why they’re not more popular is that they’re known to be impractical. Men’s suede casual sneakers get ruined when they get wet, which makes cleaning difficult. The common belief is you can only wear suede sneakers during the fall when it’s not too hot, and there’s hardly a chance of snow or rain. Many assume that the only reason why they get worn at all is they’re just so gorgeous. 

The good news is there are a few tricks to wearing suede sneakers, and if you know how to care for your suede sneakers, you will find it’s possible to wear them all year round.

What Are Men’s Suede Sneakers?

Although many compare suede and leather to each other, suede is actually a type of leather. Suede is made of animal hide, same as leather, except suede is made from the skin’s inner layer while leather is the sturdier outer layer. Both are extremely durable, although suede is much lighter than regular leather. The quality of suede is also softer and fuzzier. While both are seen as premium materials, suede tends to look more luxurious and expensive. 

However, men’s suede sneakers are more casual than their leather counterparts, which you can wear to the office and even more formal occasions. Well, it’s possible to wear men’s luxury suede sneakers with a suit, but it will somehow dress you down. Perhaps it’s the fuzz factor. Still, if you wear them out on an important date or semi-formal event, men’s suede casual sneakers will upgrade your overall look, making you look more stylish than you’d ever dreamed. 

Oliver Cabell’s Distressed line features suede and leather hybrids along with sneakers made of full leather. The upper is made of 3oz full-grain suede, while the lining and footbed are made of Italian calfskin leather. Margom soles give adequate protection from the elements. All materials are sourced from Italy and hand-stitched. 

Best Suede Men’s Sneakers to Wear All Year

Suede is a porous material that can easily absorb dye, which explains Elvis’ favorite pair of sneakers. While men’s blue suede sneakers are now perhaps the most famous color for suede sneakers, they come in other eye-catching colors as well. The new styles of men’s low suede sneakers in Oliver Cabell’s Low 1 - Distressed line are vibrant and delicious and add a zing to any outfit. 

Even though men’s suede casual sneakers are meant to be precisely that: casual, you wouldn’t want to wear them just for a quick errand to get gas or whatever. When you wear men’s suede tennis sneakers, you bring more to the court than just your game. Score with these suggested looks that go with our current favorite Oliver Cabell suede sneakers. 

Wallaby. Wallaby suede men's sneakers has a distinguished grey suede upper while retaining its playfulness with a white leather toe box and tongue, and navy blue heel tab, and the O signature emblem on the side. These look spiffy in the classic jeans and white t-shirt and smart with relaxed cardigans in neutral colors over white chinos. 

Wheat. Wheat is a light brown suede sneaker with a white leather toe box and tongue, and a black leather heel tab and O. A vibrant neutral, if there ever was one, wear them with beige cargo pants or black joggers and shirts in autumn shades. 

Military. Military is a darker, more serious shade of brown. The whole upper part of the shoe is made of brown suede, except for the blue leather heel tab. The O is made of suede that’s an even darker shade than the rest of the shoe, and the outsole in dark brown Margom rubber gives it a serious color block vibe. Play with the military theme and wear these with camouflage cargo pants and a grey muscle shirt or a dark green hoodie. You can also wear these with white ripped jeans and a rust-colored shirt. 


Marine. But of course, Oliver Cabell would sell blue suede shoes! Marine is a full dark blue suede sneaker, including tongue, toe box, and Margom rubber outsole, highlighted by off-white laces and a bright blue heel tab. Pull on a motorcycle jacket over a pair of ripped black jeans with these to look like you own the street. You can wear these with tailored dress pants and a turtleneck, or grey chinos and a white dress shirt under a grey or camel overcoat for a fancier look.  

Pigment. A darker grey full suede sneaker with dark grey Margom rubber outsoles, Pigment looks definitively beaten up like a true distressed sneaker. The pop of blue on the heel tab and the pale mauve O are nice touches to keep the sneaker lively. These look best with white or beige chinos and a printed black short-sleeve button down or skinny jeans under a trench coat. 

How to Care for Men’s Suede Sneakers

Men’s suede casual sneakers are primarily thought of as footwear for fall. It’s too rainy in spring, too hot in summer, and too icy cold in winter. Thankfully, a few hacks can address these issues. 

Use a suede shoe spray before wearing them

To guard suede sneakers against rain, puddles, snow patches, salt stains, and more, you can protect your shoes with a suede spray before wearing them. This suede spray coats the sneaker with a protective waterproof shield. Several brands are available, but make sure you find a spray that goes on clear - there have been instances when protective suede sprays have discolored the shoes. 

Dry them out completely

In case you do get your suede sneakers wet, don’t freak out and toss them just yet. First, dry them out completely. Stuff them with newspaper or, better yet, wooden shoe trees and wait for them to dry naturally. 

Clean with a sneaker brush

Once fully dry, brush them with a sneaker brush, preferably with soft hog hair bristles or a used toothbrush if you must. Brush along the grain with light strokes. For visible stains, run the brush a little heavier or use a rubber eraser to, well, rub them out. If all else fails, you can use a DIY solution of vinegar and water in equal parts or a special suede cleaning solution. 

Get a great sneaker cleaner

Oliver Cabell developed a sneaker cleaner that’s suitable for all kinds of shoe materials - canvas, leather, and even suede. Use minimal water to apply the sneaker cleaner with your sneaker brush and wipe the foam off with a towel. Brush it again when fully dry. Dry brushing is suitable for men’s suede casual sneakers when you don’t get your shoes wet. Reviving the nap with brushing is one of the best ways to refresh suede sneakers. 


Wear no-show socks

On hot summer days, wear men’s suede casual sneakers with low-cut or no-show socks, which stop right beneath the ankle and make it appear as if you’re barefoot in your sneaks. Aside from making your men’s suede dress sneakers look even more fashionable, the socks protect the suede by absorbing any sweat from your feet. 

Where to buy the best men’s sneakers?

It’s not difficult to find men’s blue suede sneakers for sale, or in other colors, for that matter, but the quickest place to find them these days is actually online. It is also more practical to find a direct-to-consumer brand like Oliver Cabell. Buying straight from them eliminates the need for 3rd party intermediaries and their part in the sneaker’s price. Oliver Cabell can sell luxurious, hand-stitched sneakers made of premium quality materials at a lower price because of this system. What’s more, they ship for free - within the US for orders over $100 and internationally for orders over $170. You cannot imagine getting men’s suede sneakers cheap anywhere else.

When you find the best men’s suede sneakers, it’s only right that you should be able to wear them anytime you want, whatever season, throughout the year. It’s time to get spiffy.


What is the difference between nubuck and suede? 

Nubuck is made of the outer part of an animal hide but is sanded down until smooth. It is more robust than suede. 

How do I know my size for Oliver Cabell men’s suede casual sneakers?

Each product page on Oliver Cabell’s website presents available stocks in US sizes, linking to an International Size Guide and a Fit Guide. If you plan to buy any of the suede sneakers in the Low 1 Distressed line, note that these sneakers fit short and narrow, so you should size up if your feet are wide or if you wear a half-size.

Can I return or exchange my Oliver Cabell sneakers if they’re not the right size?

Yes, you may, if 1. the sneakers are in a re-sellable condition, meaning there are no visible creases or signs of being worn, and in the packaging that they arrived in, and 2. if you send us your return request within 30 days of receiving your order.