Women's Leather Sneakers White Collection: Update With The Perfect Pair

Tuesday Bote - March 3, 2021


White leather sneakers have been and still are a big staple in everyone’s wardrobe these days. Whether you are big in fashion or more of a casual dresser, you likely have a pair (or more) of these women’s leather sneakers white kicks yourself. 

When, how, and where did this trend all begin? It has always been there! The rise of vintage and retro pieces a few years ago simply put a spotlight on these pairs of whites, and its popularity hasn’t gone down since. Women’s sleek leather sneakers in white are now, more than ever, considered a timeless piece that is a must-have in anyone’s wardrobe. And in all honesty, we understand why.

These women’s leather sneakers white pairs are great for both men and women, they go well with any outfit and occasion, and they are extremely fun and easy to style! Sneakers are also very comfortable and trendy. 

To know more about why these white sneakers are a big hit, especially to women, read on below!

Why Do Women Wear White Sneakers?

Women and fashion go together well. And so does comfort! With the women's leather sneakers white, though, this is just one of many reasons why women's white leather sneakers sale are so popular. Let’s dive in on some of them:

Clean and Crisp

Who wants an overall look that is so put-together and just on point but also seems effortless? Everyone. This is one of the reasons why white leather sneakers are well-loved by many. No matter what the outfit is, throwing in a pair of white leather sneakers will immediately amp up your style. 

These white pairs add a clean and crisp element, perfectly matching your look without overpowering the rest of your outfit. White shoes are a great way to balance out highlights or statement pieces in your look.

Stylish and Flexible

Casual day at work? A romantic date in the park? Or out for a vacation to an exciting new city? You can wear your favorite women's leather sneakers white pair through all of these situations - and more. There are even white shoes that can be worn on formal events, and they look great when paired with dresses! 

White leather sneakers are so flexible they can look basic, chic, elegant, glam, punk, and even formal, depending on what you pair them with. It’s such a staple piece that you can do different activities while wearing the same white shoes. 

White Shoes for All Ages and Occasions 

Exploring more on the flexible side of these white leather sneakers, these pairs are just so essential; they look great for all ages too. No one is too young or too old to own a pair of these white leather sneakers. 

These women's white leather walking sneakers can be worn in school, at the park, in the office, and even on formal occasions such as big events or even weddings! Many brides who are not into high heels are opting to choose a white pair of leather sneakers to match their wedding dress - often followed suit by their grooms and the entire entourage!

Lots of Styles to Choose From

Just because we’re talking about white leather sneakers doesn’t mean there is only one design to choose from. White sneakers come in so many styles and, yes, even colors and variations. There are casual sneakers, ones made from canvas, athletic sneakers, high-top sneakers, and even sneakers with heels.

When it comes to color variations, women's leather sneakers white come in choices too. Popular ones include the Classic White, Off White, and mainly white pieces with different color and design accents. 

Over time, as you use these white sneakers, it is unavoidable that they get soiled or get some dirt marks. You can be the type who prefers to clean your white leather sneakers immediately (and here are some useful tips), or take your time and consider washing them some other time. The great news is these off-white leather women’s sneakers with the Dirty White look are quite popular too - dirt marks and all, for that bit of a rugged feel.

Trendy and Conscious

Keep up to date with the latest trends by owning a pair of these white women's leather sneakers white. There are so many styles to choose from; there is undoubtedly something for everyone. Another great thing is that some of these trendy leather shoes come at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. You can get premium white leather sneakers like these Low Whites handcrafted by artisans in Italy without breaking the bank. 

Other manufacturers jump in on the trend without considering how the raw materials are sourced or their productions' conditions and locations. And then raise the prices of their shoes just because it’s popular. As consumers, it’s best to be conscious of these things too.

Comfortable and Durable

As mentioned, comfort is essential for anyone choosing their pair of shoes. Footwear is something that we use for hours, for almost the entire day and even up to the evening. From walking and moving around while wearing the shoes, stepping on the insoles, checking if the soles have a good grip or slippery, or simply sitting with them -- comfort is always one of the main factors. 

It’s also essential that the shoe size is correct, as this can cause blisters or even accidents when it doesn’t fit right. 

Comfortable Women’s White Leather Sneakers 

As mentioned, comfort is a significant consideration when choosing your best white pairs. What are some things to look out for in selecting comfortable women's leather sneakers white shoes, anyway? 

  • Go for quality pairs, check the materials and the information provided by the manufacturer.

  • Consider your shoe size, including length and width, as well as the design of the sneakers.

  • Check out other customers’ reviews - nothing like first-hand information to guarantee a product’s comfortability. 

  • Know the story of the brand. Understanding more about the brand gives you an insight into how they craft their products and their overall quality, including comfort!

Not sure where to start? 

Here are some of our favorite women’s white leather sneakers from Oliver Cabell. We work with Italy and Spain's artisans to craft shoes that are of premium quality but also highly affordable. Our line of White Leather Sneakers has been raved upon and is continuously getting impressive reviews! 

Check them out below.

Low 1 White

The Low 1 is the classic white sneakers of Oliver Cabell. This iconic low top is handcrafted in Italy using ethically sourced genuine calfskin leather and Margom outsoles. 

Limited Edition Low 1 Vista


Add a twist to the iconic Oliver Cabell best-selling Low 1, and you get the Vista. This pair is available in pre-sale and will only have 50 pairs available. Its distressed look keeps it apart from the Low 1, but both come in the same premium quality.

Low 1 White Wall


No two pairs of the Low 1 White Wall are the same. It’s available on pre-sale as well, and Oliver Cabell will release only 50 pairs. The Low 1 White Wall variation maintains the sleek and comfort of the Low 1 but adding a bit of a roughed-up element to match. 

Low 1 Transparent



The Low 1 Transparent, as its name suggests, comes with transparent outsoles. This is such a great way to add some fun to regular white sneakers and make any extra unique outfit! 

Low 1 Off White


The Low 1 Off White is another best-selling Oliver Cabell pair, with the classic white sneakers look, but with the soles sporting a different touch. The white leather of the Low 1, together with the Margom soles in off-white, is a perfect match. 


Whether you prefer dressing down and just chilling or amping up your whenever you can, you can never go wrong with a pair of women's classic white leather sneakers. These are timeless pieces that you can wear for a long time in comfort and style! The best part is that these Oliver Cabell pairs are such high-quality, luxury pairs that are guaranteed to be comfortable, even when worn daily. 

Oliver Cabell works with the experts in Italy to ensure the quality of these leather sneakers, from sourcing the materials to crafting the shoes until it’s ready to be shipped to you. 

Choose from the white sneaker leathers featured about or check out the rest of the women's leather sneakers white collection here


Are Oliver Cabell Low 1 Sneakers true to size? 

These pairs run a full-size large. For best fit, it’s recommended to size down one size.

What are the best white sneakers?

The Oliver Cabell Low 1 white sneakers are iconic and have been a favorite by many!

What are the best leather sneakers?

These handcrafted Oliver Cabell sneakers only use ethically-sourced genuine leather to ensure premium comfort designed to last.

Do white sneakers go with anything? 

Yes! They’re perfect for the usual t-shirt and jeans/shorts, a summer or formal dress, or even a smart casual attire. 

Are white shoes still in style this year? 

Definitely, women’s low white leather sneakers are timeless!