The Best Summer Shoes for Men:
How to Make a Style Comeback

Tuesday Bote - April 14, 2021

When we covered
casual summer shoes for men last year, little did we know that those OOTD suggestions were still going to be on the back burner for a whole year. That’s why we love this funny GQ letter to the editor from a guy from the suburbs - he said he wanted to make a stylish comeback post-pandemic. It’s safe to say that this guy isn’t alone in feeling this way. Now’s the time to have some fun with your wardrobe, as we strive to thrive in the (continuing) new normal. Summer is the perfect time to break out of a style rut.

Why Celebrity Stylists Love Men’s Shoes for Summer

A celebrity stylist to A-List Hollywood stars says she loves stylish men’s casual summer footwear for the following reasons:

- They don’t only make you look cool - summer shoes cool you down!

Summer offers a welcome break from boots and socks, both of which are uncomfortable on a sunny day. Some lightweight shoes have more breathable materials, or even offer antibacterial lining so you don’t sweat in your shoes in summer. Nice.

- They make it easier to mix and match with lighter clothes for warmer months.

There’s no better way to try out the latest menswear fashion trends than with the best summer men's footwear because they’re designed with more festive colors and materials.  

- Resort-savvy shoes are seasonally appropriate. 

(Might we add, without making you look too touristy.) Flip-flops and crocs aren’t exactly summer wedding fare.

Top Men's Summer Shoe Styles: Classic and New Staples That Look Good With Any Clothing Trend

Oliver Cabell Mens Drivers
A common feature of men’s casual shoes in the summer season is that these babies are easy to slip on, and they let you go (virtually) sock-free. Here are styles that you can consider adding to your closet:

The Classics
These are traditional men’s summer shoe styles that have been around for decades and are popular with resort towns all over. Most come in conservative designs with quality leather, so they’re also great for business casual settings.

  • Boat shoes go great with shorts and chinos, plus collared polos or short-sleeved Cuban shirts

  • Espadrilles look good with cuffed jeans (but not dark-colored ones)

  • Suede drivers offer that suave penny loafer style that can be paired with light suits. We recommend using unlaced ones with a good silhouette.

Trendy Kicks
These more modern styles offer fashionable options for everyday errands:
  • Slip-on sneakers are a good alternative to wearing sandals so you still look put together while stumbling around the pool.

  • Low top lace-ups like distressed sneakers for men update your summer footwear and give your whole look a lot more attitude.

How to Choose the Best Men's Summer Footwear That Puts the Zing In Your OOTDs

Oliver Cabell Summer Shoes for Men

If you want to dress better (or at least differently, by trying fashion trends), then start with your shoes! A dope casual shoe can inspire you to try clothes outside your comfort zone. Here’s what makes a great summer shoe that lets you be more creative with your fashion choices:

    Just as you’d be switching from heavy layering to cotton shirts and chinos, why not give your feet a break from all that thick leather? Think canvas or perforated leather in court sneakers. If you can’t resist full leather altogether, suede summer shoes are an excellent choice for keeping things stylishly breezy.

    Offers More Styling Options
      When it comes to jazzing up any outfit, basic staples like white sneakers are an easy go-to. They can tone down any festive top or they can turn into resort-ready footwear for light suits. Either way, that means easier light packing for any destination trip you’re raring to go to.

      3. C
      an Also Double as Smart Casual
        Suede drivers, sometimes referred to as driving mocs (moccasins) are the ultimate weekend shoe, summer or not. They go well with more sartorial (tailored, classic styles) dressing without making you look overdressed or stiff.

          Sneakers with sustainable materials are now an emerging fashion trend, believe it or not! They look just as good as their high-end counterparts but are extremely lightweight. Most of them are made with recycled plastic, organic materials, and the greenest shoe-making processes.

          Easy Ways to Inject Fun Into Your Summer Wardrobe

          Oliver Cabell Summer Shoes For Men

          It is possible to look on-trend without looking out of place (or worse, trying too hard). The trick is to find looks that suit you and make you feel a little more confident when you’re in front of the mirror. 

          For summer, here are some simple ways to spice up your casualwear arsenal:

          Play with Color
            Yes, you don’t always need to live in a world of neutrals, blues, or grays just to feel dressed up. Stylists recommend looking at nature to be inspired: think pastel versions of your favorite hues or try something along the lines of greens and yellows. Think contrasts and keep your tops and bottoms understated. 
            You can have a flashy top or bottom but don’t overdo it by pairing both at the same time. One clothing piece needs to be toned down so there’s a sense of balance that's not too overwhelming to the eyes. You could also flex pastel colored sneakers instead.

            Try Some Bold Prints
              When say “prints”, we don’t mean exactly mean Hawaiian shirts. Why not try subtle floral or nautical tops to look fresh on the weekends. These kinds of prints look cool with understated jeans and shorts that border on a relaxed but slightly tailored fit. Weekend dad or not, you should not start dressing like a tourist. Men’s loafers and drivers go well with these fashion trends to balance the prints with a more traditional design.

              Be More Adventurous With Looser Silhouettes
                Summer wouldn’t be summer without more relaxed silhouettes, so live a little with an untucked polo shirt or long sleeve linen shirt. Choose breathable fabrics that let you untuck to your heart’s content. For bottoms, choose white pants or pastel bermuda shorts, and finish with low top sneakers for easy styling. 

                Bonus Tip: Accessorize to Mesmerize
                Putting on casual jewelry or men’s accessories puts another memorable twist on your everyday summer uniform. Pick out a statement piece - stylish men’s bracelets or necklaces that can make any casual outfit exude effortless swagger.

                By updating your wardrobe with some fun statement pieces, and wearing them with the
                best casual men’s summer shoes - you don’t have to quarantine fun or your fashion sense ever again.