The Best Women's Gold Necklace Chains

Lester Fangonilo - November 24, 2021


Herringbone women’s gold necklace chain


Women’s gold necklace chains are very small, easily-tangled pieces of jewelry. Despite that, they are still popular among women so much that you can assume that every woman owns at least one gold chain. 

The light-as-a-feather constitution of a women’s gold necklace chain gives that delicate feel to women so they opt for it, especially when they want to portray their femininity. 

They can sometimes be subtle and attention-grabbing at the same time. Whichever a woman’s fashion style may be, the gold necklace chain enhances the outfit more making them more stylish and occasion-appropriate. 

From small gold chains that can only be seen when light reflects to it, to that of bold and big gold necklace chains that shouts at people’s faces, no matter what it is you’re wearing, they are very much a necessity!  

And as years pass by, the amount of new styles being presented to the consumers are continuously rising. That said, the styles in the future will also be more varied. 

That’s why it is good to purchase jewelry that is both timeless and fashionable. Because you don't want to be called outdated just because you’re wearing something from the previous decade.

In order for that not to happen, you should start collecting various gold necklace chains to broaden your style and experiment on future fashion. 

The Most Popular Women’s Gold Necklace Chains

The demand for women’s gold necklace chains is always on the rise and because of that, the production of gold chains worldwide is still very measurable. Determining which style looks better on you helps with styling yourself. 

And with different styles of women’s  gold necklace chains available nowadays, it is better to know the very best ones you can purchase, so below is a list of the best gold chains for women:

Fierce Glamour Necklace

With the pandemic still going on, getting together with lots of people is still restricted. However, it wouldn’t be long until you can attend these parties and embellishing yourself with jewelry fit for dinner parties will surely come in handy. 


Herringbone gold necklace chain


For that, sporting spectacular and glamorous chains will definitely attract everybody’s attention. Fit for these events are necklaces that are attractive but not too much, just the right amount of fierceness to make you the talk of the party.

Everyday Necklace

Even being stranded inside your house, or when you don’t feel like dressing up but still want to look stylish, wearing basic gold chain necklaces is a must. They may be called basic but they are not as simple as you think. 


Chain necklace in 18k Gold


These women’s gold necklace chains are made for everyday wear which means it doesn’t wear off as easily as others. Although the style can be simplistic, it helps with enhancing the outfit you're wearing, even if the outfit in question is basic as well. After all, the basics are very ‘in’ right now.

Bold Necklace

“Be bold and be brave.” That statement reflects these types of necklace. Bold gold chains can easily attract someone’s attention. Bold pieces of jewelry are often used to match outfits in order to look brave, fierce, and confident. 


Cuban chain in 18k Gold


Plus, it can also serve as a statement piece on your style. It certainly will boost your self-esteem when you wear bold necklace, so try one now!

Romantic Gold Chains

Most romantic gold necklaces are embellished with charms and symbols pertaining to ‘love’. It can be of astronomical or planetary charms, charms with sentimental value or meaning, or it can also be in the form of a heart. 


Boyfriend necklace in 18k Gold


In general, hearts can be linked with romance so wearing these types of gold chains will make your person more “romantic”, or feel loved.

Gold Chains for Special Events

Much like when wearing clothes, necklaces are also subdivided into different types that fit well into different occasions. 


Interlocking chain in 18k gold


From a small gathering to a huge party to a fancy meeting, you need to wear necklaces that match these occasions. That’s why it is better to go for a gold chain that enhances your outfit while blending well with the atmosphere you’re in.

If you can’t find a certain piece that is specifically suited for a specific event, then why not try something that can totally be worn whatever the situation is. Your safest bet is basic gold chains, they’re basic but they do their job well. 

Delicate Necklace

These necklaces are the thinnest gold chains that you might think are very delicate, just as the name suggests. However, these are not as weak as you may think. 

Delicate necklaces might be thin but they deliver a powerful impact to the bearer. The delicacy of these gold chains make subtle statements enough to convey the delicacy of the person wearing them. 

Also, if you add diamonds or pearls in them, they become more exquisite. 

Charmed Necklace

Charms can express a certain feeling you would like to express, so they are very popular among women. 

Charms embellished in necklaces adds personality to the necklace and the person wearing them. It is perfect for when you want to wear something that represents you or your character. 

Wearing charms with long gold chains promotes distinctiveness and personal style. It is a very good jewelry when you want to present your identity to everyone.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of women’s gold necklace chains available in the market nowadays. You can even look for a specific style and you’ll see it on sale in retail shops. It can be simple, neutral or bold. 

Depending on your style, you can definitely pull off different gold necklace chains. After all, your confidence adds to the impact of your jewelry and outfit. As long as you know that you rock that shining, blinding gold necklace chain then you don’t have to worry about what others have to say. 

So, when looking for a women's gold necklace chain, it is better to take into account where you’re going, the time of the event, and theme of the occasion. That way you can make sure that what you’re wearing matches perfectly and will not be out-of-place.