The Great Debate: Colored or White Sneakers?

Tuesday Bote - February 1, 2021


These bold and vibrant Oliver Cabell Low 1 Red colored sneakers add a strong visual statement to one’s wardrobe


Have you ever imagined a world devoid of color? Many people would say that it’s an idea that doesn’t bear thinking: a world made drab and colorless is also a world that is lifeless and boring. Especially in the fashion scene, putting colors together in harmonious – though sometimes discordant – combinations adds visual interest and character to an outfit.

But all bets are off where shoes are concerned. Purists will argue that neutrals are the only colors that one should consider when it comes to footwear, with black and white leading the pack. Fashion rebels, on the other hand, will tell you this: the bolder, the better. This has led to using color to fantastic effect among followers of both fast fashion and haute couture.

One would think that it’s a debate that would not affect the most diplomatic of footwear, the humble sneaker. However, this is not the case: on one end, you have those who adamantly state that the basic white sneaker is the ultimate staple for anyone’s wardrobe. On the other, you have those who think that – women, most significantly – need a full spectrum of colors in their shoe rack, just the thing to wear for any specific occasion.

To be frank, both have their merits – and this is something we’ll be delving into with this post.

The Case for White Kicks: A Pristine Touch

The Oliver Cabell Low 1 White is as classic as they come: an elegantly streamlined silhouette in a pristine color choice


White sneakers are said to be the “little black dress” of footwear in that they are a timeless staple for anyone’s wardrobe. Look into anyone’s shoe rack regardless of age or gender, and you will find a pair of classic white tennies – perhaps a bit battered, often careworn – somewhere in there. Of course, as one grows older and tastes change, you go for quality over mere price – which is why you should consider the Oliver Cabell Low 1 white series (white, off-white, and transparent) for your feet.

And why not? Not only do they provide hours of comfort, but these fabulous white sneakers have the following advantages:

  • They have a timeless look. There is just something classic – and classy – about white shoes. They never go out of style, and you can wear them anytime regardless of the season. Many people even have fond memories of wearing them on the first day of school: their white kicks standing out in stark contrast against the fallen leaves’ ruddy browns and reds on the ground.

Oliver Cabell Court Sneakers in White


  • They are the ultimate in casual style. A white top over either faded or deep blue denims? Pair them with white sneaks. Flirty and floral uber-feminine dresses? White sneakers would be perfect with them. Need to add a stunning contrast to a dark outfit? White sneakers are your best friends. When it comes to casual wear, the versatility of white kicks is pretty undeniable.
  • They’re not that hard to clean. The main issue why most people don’t like white sneakers isn’t because they’re plain, but more because they think that these pristine kicks are hard to clean. Fortunately, you have innovative sneaks like Oliver Cabell Phoenix Whites that are machine-washable (seriously, toss them into the wash, and you’re good to go). There are sneaker care kits that make cleaning your shoes so much easier.


The Case for Colored Sneaks: How to Make a Bold Statement

Dive into blue with these regally hued Court kicks, the result of a brilliant collaboration between Oliver Cabell and French tannery Remy Carriat which produces the exceptional leather used for Hermes’ legendary Birkin handbags


Here’s the thing about colored shoes: they are incredibly versatile, and there is a pair in just the right shade for any outfit for any occasion. Especially now that office dress codes are being relaxed, people have become keen on buying shoes to match their daily outfits, adding a welcome touch of style and color to their otherwise staid work-wear.

But here’s the thing: unlike white sneakers, which can be easily paired with practically everything except the most formal outfits (well, there have been numerous cases where brides have been wearing white kicks with their gowns, but that’s a story for another day), one must carefully look at and consider what will go best with specific colors. That said, here are a few pointers to ponder if you’re veering towards having a choice selection of colored kicks for your wardrobe:

  • Neutrals are still your best choice. Black, grey, and khaki-colored kicks can be paired beautifully with office attire; leather sneakers in these colors are especially great as these can quickly go from bullpen to boardroom without any effort. Solid dark sneaks – like the Oliver Cabell Low 1 Jet Black or the Low 1 Charcoal – look great with even the most straightforward business suits or even with something more casual like a white dress shirt over denims, with or without a blazer. Likewise, brown sneakers are great for those whose work takes them from the office to the field; for them, the Low 1 Camel is a shoe that can go anywhere with them.

Oliver Cabell Low 1 Camel colored sneakers

The Oliver Cabell Demi Daybreak has a chiaroscuro effect going for it, with its dark upper interspersed with white in the heel, sides, and sole


  • Ponder on multicolored kicks. While celebrities may rock high-topped, neon-striped, crazy quilt-patterned trainers, these may be too much for regular wear – especially among older wearers. If you’re going to gun for a pop and a dash of color, consider the two-toned sneakers that are part of the recently launched Oliver Cabell Distressed line.


  • Use solid colors to make a striking visual statement. Want to stand out at a gathering? Pair an all-white or an all-dark outfit with visually arresting kicks in a vibrant solid shade. The play of Oliver Cabell red sneakers with a white suit, for example, is a summer favorite as it plays up the contrasting notions of innocence and unbridled passion. Also, try other colorways with your outfits, particularly those with bolder hues to make bright outfits more vibrant, or use darker-hued solids to soften an otherwise harsh-on-the-eyes ensemble.

Bright and Bold - Oliver Cabell Court (Red) Sneakers


  • Where colors are concerned, there is such a thing as season-appropriate. In the spring, green kicks add a fun and playful touch to your outfits, and dark red or brown shoes are just the thing to wear in the fall. Brighter and bolder colored sneakers – robust reds and wild oranges – make any outfit beach and party-worthy in the summer. While there are no hard and fast rules, it always pays to know what would work best with seasonal outfits before slipping your feet into your sneaks.

Season-appropriate Low 1 Birch colored sneakers by Oliver Cabell


With or Without Color, It Has to be Oliver Cabell

Every pair of Oliver Cabells is characterized by keen attention to detail and quality control, which is in keeping with the brand’s commitment to delivering only the very best of footwear to its growing number of customers throughout the world


Regardless of whether you fall into the all-white camp or prefer a wider selection of hues and tints to play with, Oliver Cabell should be your sneaker brand of choice. 

Every pair of Oliver Cabells is crafted in the finest traditions of classic Italian shoemaking with emphasis on sustainability and ethical practice.