Finally! The Most Comfy Shoes for Work

Tuesday Bote - February 1, 2021


Does this look like a work shoe to you? Trust us when we say that it helps those on the fight’s front lines against the pandemic. The limited-edition Oliver Cabell EDKH helps brave medical professionals run and stand throughout the long, grueling hours of their shifts.

You know the old saying about the shoes making the (wo)man? We think the better way to phrase it is “the shoes make the working man/woman.” Think about it: regardless of what career path you’ve chosen to follow, your shoes make a difference not only in your appearance, but your overall image at work. If you’re in action-oriented professions, your shoes can determine your speed and efficiency on the job.

Choosing one’s shoes for work should be about how good you look and how good you feel after a long day at work. Therefore, work shoes need to be comfortable and they certainly need to be appropriate for the job.

In fact, you need to answer the following questions whenever you’re planning to buy new work shoes:

  • Which industry do you work in?
  • What exactly do you do?
  • How many hours of the day are you usually on your feet?
  • Your answers will determine the kind of shoes that you should be wearing for maximum comfort – and style, of course, whenever necessary – for the job.

    The Right Shoes for the Job You’re In

    Does your job involve office work and needing to be ready for meetings and presentations at the drop of a hat? Oliver Cabell Dream Flat Black is the shoe for you


    Designed to be stylish yet practical and comfortable all at once, Oliver Cabell offers an extensive selection of shoes to suit every lifestyle and occupation, from staid office work to high-impact jobs on the medical frontlines and even to rugged job sites off the beaten path.

    For the Urban Warrior: Drivers and Flats

    Many office workers, especially women, suffer from the discomfort of very uncomfortable shoes – high-heels and shoes with narrow toes, to be exact – and have to swap footwear for the commute home. Wearing sensible shoes that also exude a sense of elegance and competence helps ease the discomfort, and there is no need to change your shoes (or limp home, for that matter.)

    Oliver Cabell Recommends…


    Not your typical schoolteacher’s shoe, the Oliver Cabell Monti Black exudes European chic that easily takes you from classroom to club at the end of the day


    Dream Flat for women: The classic construction and streamlined, sophisticated look of the Oliver Cabell Dream Flat is deceptive: it may look like a standard-issue ladies flat, but it is so much more than that. There’s no break-in period necessary; the Dream Flat keeps your feet comfortable from day one.


    Oliver Cabell Driver for men: Constructed like a classic loafer or moccasin, the Oliver Cabell Driver offers comfort even for long days at work thanks to the soft suede upper and the plush calfskin lining the interior.


    Monti Flat for women: Similar in appearance to the Driver, the Oliver Cabell Monti is a classic loafer with plenty of attitude. Plus, wearing them feels like you’re walking on air. This lightweight yet sturdy suede flat is just the thing for teachers who have their hands full in and out of the classroom.

    When Peoples’ Lives are On the Line: Sneakers for the Mad Dash

    When time is of the essence, medical professionals – especially staff nurses, EMTs, and doctors assigned to Emergency Services – need to be quick on their feet. Surgeons and surgical staff, in particular, may need to stand for hours on end to perform life-saving operations. For these dedicated men and women, good sneakers are a must – but these need to be hard-wearing to withstand hours of wear and tear. The Oliver Cabell Phoenix in white is the sneaker we recommend for these brave men and women. Lightweight and made with upcycled water bottles, it keeps hardworking feet fresh and cool even for hours under pressure – and your footprints will leave a smaller carbon footprint upon the environment.

    Oliver Cabell’s 3D-Printed Phoenix Sneakers


    Likewise, the white variants of Oliver Cabell Low 1 and the recently-introduced Distressed line are in keeping with most hospital uniform regulations for medical staff. These fine leather sneakers aren’t just stylish, but they are made to be durable, and the calfskin lining the interior ensures that wearers are comfortable even after hours of being on their feet and on the go.

    Built for the field, Oliver Cabell SB3 Stone Roughout exudes a rough-hewn solidity and is sturdy enough for all but the most unforgiving terrain


    Rough and Rugged: Boots for Hard Work in the Field

    Architects and engineers may seem like professionals who stay in the office and sketch out their plans. However, their work demands that they spend time in the field, supervising construction or surveying possible development sites. It’s dusty (or muddy) work on uneven terrain, and it’s a job that calls for sturdy footwear you can stomp through the fields with. 

    For that, Oliver Cabell SB 1 and SB3 Boots are just the thing for those who need to rough things out to get the job done – wherever that job takes them. Built like classic lumberjack boots, these shoes protect the feet from the elements even while being comfortable enough to walk in on rocky paths and uncharted roads.

    For Shoes That Work as Hard as You Do, Consider Oliver Cabell

    You work hard to make a living, but that doesn’t mean you should wear just about any shoe to work. Good work shoes are among the best investments you can get for yourself, regardless of your profession. For that, Oliver Cabell should become your brand of choice.

    Since 2016, this forward-thinking independent brand has made a name for itself with a great line of casual footwear whose quality easily rivals that of some of the world’s finest brands – but at just a fraction of the cost. 

    Oliver Cabell - mixing innovation and tradition


    Indeed, Oliver Cabell prides itself on an expertly considered mix of tradition and innovation. Many of its products are produced by master shoemakers who have a long tradition of Italian craftsmanship and artistry backing up their skills. Following stringent standards for quality control, each pair of classic Oliver Cabells is made with precision, keen attention to detail, and the wearer’s comfort in mind at all times.

    On the flip side, the company also considers technological innovation by using more contemporary techniques such as 3D printing to significantly reduce time and costs without compromising the quality and integrity of the finished product.

    Oliver Cabell - making great shoes while saving the planet


    In both cases, Oliver Cabell uses either sustainably-sourced materials or upcycles single-use plastics together with compassionate work practices to create shoes that are a smart mix of comfort, style, and durability. This practice reduced the company’s overall carbon footprint and served to educate customers about environmental and ethical responsibility.

    Oliver Cabell is more than just another shoe brand; it’s a brand that cares for the welfare of its people – both the craftsmen behind their acclaimed footwear and the hardworking men and women who proudly wear their finished products to work.