What Makes The Perfect Curved Hem Men's T-shirt?

Lester Fangonilo - October 5, 2021


You must’ve been well aware of the curved hem tee shirts. 

Among the shirts in your drawer, the features and hemline of these t-shirts are undoubtedly noticeable. 

If this is your best pick or your signature daily outfit, one thing that you would want to know is what makes the perfect curved hem men’s t-shirt.

And you know what,  there is so much left to learn. 

So hang in there!

Because we will brief you with everything, you ought to know about these shirts to achieve that cool, eye-catching look.

What is a Curved Hem T-shirt?

Before we start, let’s first be well-acquainted with curved hem t-shirts.

It got its name from its bottom hemline, which is noticeably rounded. It deviates from the standard hemline of shirts which is a straight cut. Some people who prefer streetwear tend to choose curved hem because its longer style makes more accessible access to its pockets, and it has the trademark fit of ‘figure-hugging.’

Sometimes, this style is called Scallop hem, and this is the common term used in the USA as the Hip Hop trend gained its popularity. The term scallop got its name from the defining feature of the shirt, a scoop or the scallop-styled hemline. 

There will be no pompous "primping" for a night out for scallop hemmed tees nor fretting over whether or not an outfit will come together. It is simply 100% practically excellent aesthetics at an affordable price. Of course, you may also incorporate curved hem shirts into a layering look. 

Unlike oversized tees, which are unpleasant to wear when worn underneath, hemmed t-shirts don’t just fit in tightly. You can also wear them practically under anything, from a jersey to a hoodie. In addition, its curved hem will allow the t-shirt to come out beneath your regular top, adding another layer and color to your style. 

Furthermore, a  regular tee-shirt with a straight cut hemline is different from a more stylish finish defined by a curve, which is assured by a 90’s oversized street vibes. 

What Makes a Perfect Curve Hem T-Shirt?

Now, let’s move forward to the criteria of perfectly curved hem t-shirts.


Despite being customarily rounded, other varieties of its shapes indicate how you should wear it. 

So, carefully check the hem of your shirt!

The evenness of its regular feature along its perimeter or a pronounced tail-like style in the back and front has to mean something.

  • These are meant to be worn untucked for even hemmed t-shirts (this is also applicable on polo-shirts).
  • For curved and uneven hemmed shirts, you wear these types of shirts tucked.

But always keep in mind that to wear a curved hemmed shirt untucked is not a forbidden look!

Who knows? You might even start a fad.


If you are familiar with fashion history, the biggest problem with white tee shirts is how to settle the sheer size. It tells us that length has something to do with what makes a perfectly curved hem.

They thought that baggy t-shirts are meant to be casual and should only be lounged around the home as it gives an “unkempt” look. Meanwhile, a long t-shirt provides greater mobility and provides a wearer with greater comfort. 

Instead of answering which among the two is better, they invented the curved hem tee or the scallop tee, which combined the best characteristics of the two. It has the extra-long tail of regular white tee-shirts and a form-fitting feature that extends to the arms and torso without compromising the bodily proportion of the wearer. 

Also, you can wear a long scallop t-shirt in various ways. You should find one that fits your style.

Moreover, the length could also indicate whether or not you should tuck it in. If your curve hemmed t-shirt is short (not too short that it reveals your belly), and you wish to tuck it in, but every time you do so, it gets untucked when you move or sit. Then, it probably isn’t meant to be untucked. 

You should consider leaving it as it is like a European-style buttoned-down shirt where the curved hem could hang freely. It gives your silhouette a nice and classy street-style look. 

The specialized curved hemmed shirt that is meant to be worn tucked has a profound and prolonged hem at the back and front. It will keep your shirt tucked. 

Sometimes, the hem at the back is uneven to the hem at the front. It implies that you should tuck it in because a pronounced extra fabric would make you appear unprofessional and sloppy. On these kinds of garments, make sure that the hem extends below your belt at least 7 to 10 centimeters below. The longer the shirt, the more likely it is to remain tucked in.


The following variable to consider is durability. We all want our favorite shirts to last a lifetime, right?

The factors that impact the durability of your curve hemmed t-shirts are the following:

  • The construction of the garment. You should look at how it is knitted. Is it secure enough to withstand stretching if you prefer it tucked?
  • The fabric quality. It is essential to know what kind of fabric is used. Is it solid and comfortable?
  • Longevity of elements and prints. Let’s face it. Some shirts are poorly printed that washing them once would deteriorate the prints. It is crucial to avoid personalized clothing that will appear cheap after washing and using, where you can see the early signs of cloth degradation. Designs may appear decolorized, peeled, or cracked.


One thing to know if your curved hem t-shirt would last is to see the quality. So with that, you have to ask yourself, what is the best quality T-shirt material? 

Well, similar to the hoodie above, the cloth of a curved hem t-shirt must be made to provide you comfort. This, along with your shirt’s prints, is guaranteed once you pick a cotton-based cloth. 

It does not only allow the prints to stick longer, but they also age better than other natural fibers and synthetic ones. 

Items made of mixtures of different materials usually have varying expiration dates that lose their shape and quality over time. But this isn’t true for cotton, and it doesn’t compromise the exceptional quality.

Synthetic fibers are also a good choice. Some synthetic ones have good quality, similar to how natural textiles could have bad and pleasing forms.  Meanwhile, polyesters often have a terrible reputation. However, the fashion industry recognizes them as the superior choice in terms of impermeability, elasticity, and even breathability.


Now you know what makes a perfect curved hem men’s t-shirt, all you need to do is get one. Trust Oliver Cabell for quality, excellence, and ethical manufacturing in men’s clothing items, jewelry, and shoes.