Which Golden Goose Black Dupes Suit You The Best?

Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020



If you live under a rock, you'd be surprised to find that shabby means luxury in the sneaker world. Golden Goose is a controversially famous brand of sneakers - controversial because they sell worn-out-looking shoes at staggeringly high prices. Golden Goose is a luxury brand that is known for introducing the distressed shoe look to the public. Distressed means the sneaks are brand-new. Part of its design are scuffs and skid marks on the soles, sides, and heels of the shoe, making it look worn and even beaten up. Golden Goose black dupes are among the most sought-after men’s distressed shoes today. But which among them suits you best?

Golden Goose Distressed Sneakers - What Gives?


This distressed shoe trend incited confusion and ire in the beginning - why on earth would anybody sell a worn-out sneaker? And why would anyone pay so much money for a pair? However, the fact that Golden Goose Men sales are so high shows how much the distressed style appeals to many. These sneakers have become a cult classic, and hundreds of Golden Goose black dupes in the market satisfy the craving.


The most popular of Golden Goose men's sneakers are the classic white sneakers with black details (including laces, heel tab, and the always present GGDB star on the sides of the shoe), the classic black sneakers with white detail, and all the variations in between. Admittedly, Golden Goose sneakers are gaining attention for the daring color combinations mixed up with animal patterns, such as leopard and zebra prints, plus sequins, glitter, patchwork, and even pony hair. However, classic blacks and whites are still the preferred Golden Goose men's trainers.


Why are Golden Goose sneakers so expensive?

Golden Goose was established in 2000 by two designers from Venice who took elements from their travels and experiences and put them into creating what was later acknowledged as the pioneer of the "ugly sneaker trend." The sneakers are far from ugly, however. Instead, they became quite eye-catching and rebellious. The distressed sneaker’s idea is to remove the “new shoe” burden and make you feel immediately comfortable wearing the sneakers. This feeling of being broken in is part of the brand’s mission to live your best life.

Golden Goose sneakers are not meant to be cheap. Like the GGDB originals, Golden Goose black dupes such as those made by Oliver Cabell are designer-made and handcrafted using premium Italian leather and other quality materials. They also only make a certain number of pairs for each design. If the sneakers were mass-produced by machine, they would cost much less.


The effort to make the sneakers look worn also contributes to the cost. Distressing shoes is actually an expensive process! Think about how the leather used for cowboy boots is distressed to wear them in comfort. 


Golden Goose leather sneakers are broken in during the distressing process and relieve the wearer of that period of adjustment that feet go through with new shoes. The quality of the shoe is not affected in the distressing, and neither is the fit. Many who have taken the splurge attest that their Golden Goose black dupes sneakers are the most comfortable shoes in their closet.


The steep price is not for everybody, so there are many Golden Goose dupes inspired by the brand in both design and wearability. Many designer brands like Oliver Cabell offer high-quality Golden Goose black dupes at more affordable rates. The brand features distressed leather sneakers and many versions of the relaxed Golden Goose black men's sneaker.

Classic Distressed Black Sneakers

If you're looking for Golden Goose black dupes, you should be aware of what Golden Goose black sneakers typically look like first. Here are some of our favorite models.


  • The black Super-Stars with fluffy shearling padding inside the shoe is a super cozy shoe both in and out, as the outer Italian leather is so soft that it's almost buttery.
  • The black leather Purestar sneakers feature a thick rubber sole for extra stepping comfort and 100% leather upper.
  • Black Super-Star sneakers have the star in black as well, and a nude heel tab.
  • The black Ball Star sneakers in suede with a white star feature a metal heel tab as an extra touch.
  • Black V-Star sneakers with the tonal star have a leather toe cap on the front of the foot that looks like a dupe of another vintage sneaker. It has a more prominent silhouette than that other shoe, though.
  • Black leather Super-Stars with lettering on the foxing looks like you wrote the words "Have a Golden Day!" yourself - that is, if your handwriting was very steady and you make confident broad strokes when you write on your shoes.
  • The Yeah sneakers are somewhat more exciting, such as the black Yeah sneakers with black glitter covering most of the shoe, accentuated by the fuchsia tongue and zebra-print star. So much going on in these sneakers, but they're still black on the first look. A simpler alternative is the black Yeah sneakers with the star in fluorescent yellow.


The star on the shoe’s sides is actually the Golden Goose signature, apart from the logo on the tongue and the heel tab. If you look at other branded sneakers, you will notice that each designer brand has its own bold statement on the side of their sneaker. The Golden Goose star is perhaps one of the more attractive statement brandings on a sneaker, but others do this effectively as well.

Which Golden Goose Black Dupes Suit You Best?

What is the point of the ugly sneaker? It is to make a statement about who you are and what you want to project your style to be, so you would know best which black Golden Goose dupes will suit you best. Are you fun-loving and risk-taking and wearing black sneakers with bright-colored accents? Or are you sensible, reserved, and quietly elegant, as your pure black sneakers with the sleek silhouette exude? Or are you one today and the other tomorrow? It’s all up to you.


If you desire distressed black sneakers but don't want to break the bank, Oliver Cabell offers several Golden Goose alternatives that add their signature flair to the original. 


Low 1 Daybreak: These black sneakers in leather look like the classic black Golden Goose sneakers sans that distinctive GG star on the side. These sneaks are hand-crafted and built with high-quality Italian calfskin leather with durable and lightweight outsoles. When worn, it provides the right amount of age to be vintage-esque without compromising comfort whatsoever. It does not offer anything too whimsical, so it suits the reserved and quietly elegant look you’re going for. It’s the perfect pair to put on if you’re meeting anyone casually or going for an evening out with friends. 


Low 1 Cardinal: Although not entirely black, these are inspired by the black Golden Goose Super-Star sneakers bringing the distressed vintage aesthetic to another level. The red accents add a little bit of oomph to this Oliver Cabell version of Golden Goose Black sneakers. This pair is perfect for the risk-taking and fun-loving shoe aficionado. Like the Low 1 Daybreak, it’s all hand-stitched Italian calfskin leather on its upper, insole, lining, and footbed. 


Low 1 Peacock: This Oliver Cabell take on Google Goose black sneakers feature the signature scuffs that scream shabby chic. Like the Low 1 Cardinal, this variant has bright blue accents and the same high-quality materials and hand-stitched craftsmanship of Oliver Cabell. 


Final Thoughts


Without a doubt, the fad of the distressed appearance is unlikely to end soon. If you’re looking for a Golden Goose black dupes to complete your ensemble, look for one you can customize. Also, you should consider practical matters, such as price and comfort. We don't recommend buying the poor imitations of Golden Goose sneakers. 


If you make side-by-side comparisons with Golden Goose and dupes trying to pass off as authentic GGDB, you will notice that the stitching and the general craftsmanship are vastly different. Unless you're only trying to catch up with the trend and don't care much for durability, longevity, or comfort, you shouldn't buy imitations and look for dupes by established or known shoemakers who are inspired by Golden Goose or are taking care to create their own line.

Oliver Cabell makes awesome distressed sneakers but doesn't charge as much for a pair. Like Golden Goose, they use high-quality Italian leather and masterful craftsmanship. These dupes may cost more than the poorly-made imitations sold at Golden Goose men's trainers' sales, but they'll still be more affordable than an authentic Golden Goose pair. If you want to catch a ride on the distressed ugly sneaker trend and be comfortable on that journey, these black dupes are worth a try.