Women’s Essential Flats, How To Wear Them Comfortably, and More

Tuesday Bote - April 7, 2021

Flats are one of the first staple pieces in a woman’s wardrobe. Over the years, it has gone from being the pair of choice just for casual and regular, almost daily wear to corporate, formal, and even on the runway. 


The reason? Lots! One of the main drivers of this shift is that flats have become extremely fashionable, that they are now able to exude that same level of style and elegance similar to heels.


Let’s dive deeper into the world of flats, the different types to choose from depending on your style, and some tips on how to level up the comfort when wearing these already-comfy and cozy flats. 


We also featured some women's flats with good support that you can check out.


Flats and Comfort


Right away, flats and comfort go together - one might think. Compared to high heels that can get uncomfortable, sometimes even dangerous to wear, flats are indeed on the safer side. However, wearing flats all the time can’t always be all sunshine. 


If you have been wearing flats for a long time, you are familiar with how your feet can still experience discomfort when wearing flats, especially for extended periods and even with women's flats with a small heel. Why is this? 


Since flats are well - flats, they provide very little support to the foot. This fact becomes more evident when you wear your flat shoes for the whole day, with your feet traveling to all different places. A very flat shoe with a size a little too small affects the distribution of pressure in each step, causing possible injuries, especially in the long term. 


So, how do we deal with these? The great news is that there are several ways to don your favorite flats still but at the same time, wear them more comfortably. 

How to Wear Flats Without Hurting your Feet 


  1. Always break in the shoes before wearing them in public.


A tip that goes for all types of shoes -- consider wearing them a few times, even for short periods at home, before taking them out for a day. Breaking in the shoes at home provides you with a safer place to remove the shoes, in case they get uncomfortable while allowing your feet to adjust to the pair as well. When breaking in a pair of new shoes, wear thin socks to protect your feet and help stretch out the shoes. Even the women's flats most comfortable pair sometimes need breaking in!


  1. Wear ‘invisible’ liner socks


These socks are often made with thin material available in different colors to match your shoes. Wearing these will protect your feet from blisters and rubbing, as is common with new shoes. These invisible socks will not show over the edge of your flats, while the cotton part of the socks helps absorb moisture too. 

  1. Protect the backs of your ankles with anti-friction gel or lotion, or a bandage


A common occurrence with new shoes, the back of the shoe tends to rub harshly against the back of your ankle. Create a protective layer with these anti-friction gel or lotion, apply on the back ankle, give it a few minutes to dry, and wear the shoes. Bandages and band-aids work well too. Replace as necessary. If there is a small scratch or a blister already, wait for the wound to fully heal before applying anti-friction gel or lotion again. 


  1. Add moleskin padding in your shoes


Due to flat shoes’ design, it is common for the flats to dig on some parts of the feet. Drop by a drugstore and grab some moleskin padding, cut a piece, and stick it directly to the inner part of the shoe that is giving you discomfort. This additional layer of padding should protect your skin and add a layer of comfort. 

  1. Invest in gel insoles to provide additional comfort and protection


Wear flats but get the support of heels too, with gel insoles. These are available in all sizes in most shops, both online and in the malls. Stick these gel insoles inside the shoe, press and hold to keep it in place, and see the difference! An alternative to gel insoles is arch supports, and are sometimes made of plastic, foam, or gel. 

  1. Look for shoes with padding


This layer of comfort can spell a good or a bad day depending on how long you are wearing your flats. These paddings are designed specifically to make the shoes more ergonomic, enabling the shoe’s shape to match with your feet and absorb and protect your feet from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind. 

  1. Get shoe trees to help maintain the shape of your flats

Wooden shoe trees make great shoe care accessories, as it helps retain the shape of the shoes while keeping moisture and odor out. In case you end up buying shoes that are a little bit small on size, there are also shoe stretchers available that can help make the shoes feel more comfortable. Best to avoid this, though, by making sure you get the right size and double-check with the manufacturer should you have some size questions or concerns!


  1. Take care of your skin


Calluses are a big no, no! These will indeed not protect your feet in any way and might cause more problems in the long run. Take care of the skin in your feet by using a pumice stone and moisturizing your skin regularly. Soft and smooth skin will feel better when wearing your favorite flats. 


Women’s Flats: Most Comfortable Types 


Curious about what are the best women's flats? We’ve featured the top ones below.


Ballet Flats


These are the most popular type of flats and the most versatile, too! They are often closed-type and inspired by ballet shoes, with very thin heels or none. 


“Smart design meets effortless unstructured essential” - this is how we see this Dream Flat. These women's colored flats are great for everyday use, school, or even errands and casual walks. They are so versatile as well and can be worn in different ways, depending on your style.

Loafers (or slip-ons)

Shoes that are, as their names suggest, can be worn by simply slipping on them. No laces or straps are holding the shoe in the foot. 



Loafers are the epitome of comfort and style. These can be worn all year-round and is indeed a wardrobe staple. Add a flair of summer coziness when wearing shorts with these loafers, or upgrade a regular tee and jeans combo with these slip ons and a sleek jacket.


Mules are similar to loafers and are worn as “slip ons” as well. The difference is that mules come with an open-backed design and are often designed with a pointed toe.


This Dream Mule upgrades your outfit right away, whether you’re dressed up for a day out or just chilling with a white tee and jeans. There is no break-in period required, and Italian artisans have handcrafted each pair. 


These are often canvas shoes with rubber soles. White sneakers have gained extreme popularity these last few years, ranging from regular casual streetwear to high-end designer markets. 


Last and not least is this wardrobe staple - Oliver Cabell Low 1 White Sneakers that are ultra-fashionable and super comfy. Each pair is handcrafted in Italy using only the best and ethical materials in the region and Margom soles known as the world’s best. There are all sorts of colors to choose from, including Jet Black and Nude, which are equally popular. Check out the rest of the Oliver Cabell sneakers collection here. 



Flats are a very versatile type of shoes, and one can never have too much of it! They are also great for all sorts of events and occasions and even for daily wear. The choices when it comes to materials, designs and styles of these flats are endless too. There will undoubtedly be something for everyone. And if you’re wondering where to buy women’s flats - there is a long list of online and physical stores that sell them.


However, it’s not always just about style when looking for quality women's flats. Most importantly, they need to be comfortable. The great news is that flats have always been the go-to choice of people for comfort. And we can even take this to another level. With some of the tips above, you can now wear your flats more comfortably than ever before! 


What are flat shoes called?


Flat shoes are also called ballet flats, ballerina flats, flats, and doll shoes.

How to clean my flat shoes?


The method of cleaning your flats mostly depends on the material of your shoes. Leather and suede will have different cleaning methods, same with canvas and rubber. One thing is for sure, though: Don’t just throw it in the washer! Grab in quality shoe care products, too, to make sure your shoes are taken care of properly and will last long. 

What are the most comfortable women’s flats?


The most comfortable flat shoes are the ones that are the right size for your feet and are made of quality materials. These Oliver Cabell flat footwear are great pieces to invest in! They are stylish, comfortable, and designed to last! Even better, they use ethically sourced and guaranteed genuine full-grain leather. 


How do you dress up with flat shoes?


If you’re curious what are the best flats for work and how to style these to match your corporate outfit, worry no more! Check out this quick guide we created about styling flat shoes. 


Is Oliver Cabell sizing true to size? 


It depends on the shoe style and your size. Shoe sizing gets a little bit trickier for people in between sizes like 6.5. The best way to get the perfect-fitting shoes is to check the Fit/Size notes and the manufacturer’s recommendation. For Oliver Cabell, in-between sizes are recommended to size up.