What Clothing Styles Best Fit Flat Shoes?

Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


These days of fast-paced living, comfort, and style now effortlessly go together. The same applies to ladies’ footwear. You can now easily skip a pair of heels when trying to look chic and elegant if you don’t feel like wearing one!


There is now a wide collection of flat shoes for women like these Oliver Cabell shoes that are perfectly styled and designed to be just as fashionable while also being exceptionally comfortable. No more worrying if you might be a bit underdressed for going without heels or having to force yourself to wear one and end up with blisters.


Handcrafted in Italy, Oliver Cabell flats like the ones above are also designed to be comfortable for everyday wear but will last for a long time. The ethically-sourced leather and Marcom soles make it one of the best in the market - without costing as much as its counterparts.

Clothing styles for flat shoes

There are just days where flats are the better option, and it doesn’t matter what look you are going for -- there is undoubtedly a perfect pair of flats for you.


Below is a simple guide on how you can easily style your outfit together with your flat shoes! Pull off that corporate, laidback, casual, or edgy vibe with these quick tricks. 

  1. Wearing Flats Shoes with Skirts and Dresses

During warmer seasons, pair your flats with dresses and skirts that sit above the knee. You can push it a little bit just under the kneecap -- but anything longer can make you look shorter. Give the illusion of being tall by showing more of the lower leg. Unless you are really tall, avoid dresses and skirts that go as long as your calf.



In colder seasons, you can wear legging or skinnies under your favorite dress for added warmth. I guarantee it will look equally lovely with your flats!


  1. Wearing flat shoes with jeans

The same rule applies to jeans and khakis. Avoid calf-length jeans as they tend to make your legs shorter than usual. Your best bet would be pants that are cropped nicely by the ankle-bone to give the feel of longer legs. 

With jeans, you can also fold up your favorite pair up until your ankle-bone for the same effect.

  1. Matching your favorite tops with flat shoes

Take advantage of the line of sight and retain that balance with the correct length of tops and jackets, anything too long will give your look a baggy feel and might not work well with your flat shoes. 

Tops and jackets that are too long will give your upper body a longer look, compared to your lower body, making your legs look shorter.

A quick check: if it goes over your bum, it is too long. If your top is too long, loosely tuck in your pants in the front to help the visual balance in your upper body.


  1. Corporate Look with flat shoes



Whether it’s a regular day at work or one of those busy seasons, a pair of flat shoes will not just give you that added mobility and comfort. It will add a professional vibe, too. 

Tailored blazers and ankle-length pants make the perfect pair for your chic flat shoes. Knee-high flat boots are a great choice too! Go for black or neutral colors for a more classic look or hustle in style with a pop of color or a snakeskin pair for added dimension.


  1. Elegant Vibe with flat shoes



Attending a formal event and you want to skip the heels? Worry not! You can look equally elegant and stunning with a pair of flats! Go for ankle-length gowns or pants to give your legs a longer look, while also showing off your stylish pair.

  1. Overcoats, Blazers, and Jackets with flat shoes


Your favorite top, jeans, and a pair of flats might seem like basic pieces, but wait until you add a tailored overcoat or a jacket that ties together this chic, cozy look - that is also extremely comfortable and versatile.

  1. Summer/Maxi dresses in flat shoes


Depending on the weather and your style, you can match your summer dresses with lace-up flats or a sparkly pair to complete your look. Go for that boho look with maxi dresses and lace-up sandals for a stroll by the beach or dress up with jeweled or studded flats for a fun and feminine vibe.


  1. Laid-back/Casual style with flat shoes


More than anything, flat shoes casual are perfect for laid-back clothes, especially on lazy weekends, a brunch date, or even simply hanging out with friends at the park. From sweaters to jeans, t-shirts, and flat shoes --- these pairs are just a match made in heaven.

  1. Edgy/Grunge look with flat shoes


Oversized or button-down shirts, distressed jeans or skirts, leather, and a good pair of flats. An edgy look is one of the easiest to do with flat shoes, especially with a casual vibe going on. If you prefer more glam rock, you can still wear your dream flat shoes by spicing it up with accessories.

How to care for your flat shoes

A pair of trusty flat shoes are a standard in any girl’s wardrobe and for all the right reasons. To enjoy your lovely pairs for a long time, though, it’s best to care for them with quality shoe care products. This ultimate shoe care kit is a worthy investment! The best part? It’s not just for flats! You can also use these shoe care products for heels, boots, sneakers, and winter shoes.

Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Kit

It comes with three sets of Cedar shoe trees also to help retain the shape of your shoes after multiple wears and to avoid creases on the shoe material. Cedar naturally absorbs moisture and keeps your pair of shoes odor-free.

Find Your Perfect Flats

Girls who find flat shoes comfortable swear by them, and we so get it. Flat shoes for women are stylish and functional. They give you a different level of convenience and comfort that doesn’t compare with a pair of heels - whether you are in a busy urban environment or a more laidback area.


Flats are incredibly versatile too, and you can wear the same pair in a business meeting, strolling in the mall, walking with flat shoes by the park, and even during overseas travels. They are extremely easy to pack and store too.


Find your perfect flat shoes today from the latest Oliver Cabell women’s collection and pull off any look with ease. The stunning combinations above are proof that you can never go wrong with flats. What are your favorite ways of styling your flats? Let us know in the comments!