A Sneaker Review

By Alex Westphal – 9.19.2019

I never gave much thought to my sneakers until a certain someone made it clear I needed an upgrade. After researching the traditional brands like Common Projects, Allbirds, Greats, and Koio, I finally decided to pick up a few pairs of Oliver Cabell's famous sneakers. Here’s what happened.

1. They Felt Incredible

The second I put them on, I realized there’s a serious difference between Oliver Cabells and other shoes I’ve purchased. The leather is of amazing quality, the fit feels custom made, and they give great support (without putting in my grandpa orthotics). No longer do I have to choose between saving some cash and buying poorly constructed low-quality sneakers that are affordable, or highly-quality, well-designed sneakers that cost $400.

2. They Looked As Good As They Felt

As if the feel wasn’t enough, I must say these shoes look pretty awesome, too: cool, low-profile, never flashy. These are no-frills low tops that will stand the test of time (and every “of-the-moment” footwear trend).

3. You Can Wear Them With Everything

The best shoes pretty much work with everything, right? “Versatile” might be the most overused word in fashion today, but it’s actually warranted when you’re talking about Oliver Cabells. They look as good sitting under my favorite jeans as they do anchoring a slim suit on casual Fridays. 

4. They’re Made of the Good Stuff

We’re talking Nappa leather for the upper and lining here, which is the supple, soft-but-sturdy kind of cow skin that you’re more likely to find being used in expensive leather jackets than for a pair of sneakers. And because the simple soles are stitched—and not glued—to the uppers, I could, hypothetically, have these sneakers resoled. 

They’re Worth It

I thought it was pretty normal to have to replace your white sneakers every year (or, more realistically, ignore the fact that they’re falling apart). Oliver Cabell’s are totally different. They’re sticking around for the long run.

It’s a great feeling to slip on a pair of seriously comfortable sneakers in the morning and know they’re going to last all day. Oliver Cabell is a major upgrade and I’m never going back!

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