Choosing the Right Boots for Each Season

Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


Boots are a classic piece in anyone’s wardrobe. It is stylish, functional, and timeless. Boots go well with any style, whether you are up on the runway, strolling in the park, heading for a business meeting, checking in on that hotel overseas, or even to a party or concert.


The choices when it comes to materials where boots are made vary a lot too - from leather to suede, canvas, and snakeskin, to name a few.

Boots for Each Season 

Below are some of the most popular styles of women’s boots and note that most are available both in flats and heels.


  • Ankle Boots/Booties: One of the most popular styles are the ankle boots, and they come in slip-on, lace-up, or zip-up style.
  • Mid-Calf Boots: As its name suggests, mid-calf boots are a little higher than ankle boots and are commonly worn more in places with a colder climate.
  • Tall Boots: These can be anything from knee-high boots to over-the-knee boots, or even lace-up boots.
  • Wedge Boots: These boots feature a wedge at the heel for a more comfortable fit.

For men, check out some of the trendiest men’s boots in the Oliver Cabell collection. One of the best pairs currently available in the market, the Brown Roughout, is a crowd favorite. When it comes to season, there are specific boots suited to particular weather, while there are pairs designed as boots for all seasons.


Boots for Warm Climate

People living in a warm climate don’t have to worry as much in transitioning to different seasons so that they can focus on other essential factors like the style. If you are living in a tropical area, chances are there is a wide variation of boots for the summer available for you to choose from.


Invest in a pair of black boots for that classic vibe that will go well with most occasions -- events, meetings, a day out of town, or even a night out. Black boots can easily be matched with any outfit as well, including jeans, leggings, and denim.


For a touch of tan, brown boots like the SB1 in Natural (as pictured below) are perfect also, whether you are going for that formal look or a more relaxed feel. Match it with a classic white t-shirt, a denim button-down, or your favorite smart casual shirt. 


Living in a warm climate doesn’t mean it’s ok to skip quality shoes and proper shoe care, though. As much as there are sunny days, there is the rainy season. To know if your summertime boots can handle both seasons, check for waterproof uppers, comfortable lining, quality stitches, durable rubber, and padded footbeds.

For worry-free shoe care, an ultimate cleaning kit comes highly recommended.

Boots for Cold Climate


Living in a country that changes weather every few months means investing in footwear that are not just stylish, but also functional and highly versatile. The warm summer days and the cold wind of spring allow you to wear boots with lighter materials while the fall and winter season would mean best boots for the fall with warm insulation and sturdy rubber soles.

Boots for Summer

Some might go for sandals as the standard during summer, but boots-lovers need not worry. Summer might be a little warm for some boots. However, there are also versatile pieces that are just as comfortable and still very stylish like the Oliver Cabell Chelsea SB2 Roughout boot. 


What are some tips to remember when donning your pair of summer boots for ladies?

  • Show off your legs with short shorts, a mini dress, or a dress shirt;
  • Give your outfit that extra edgy look with biker boots, oversized shirt, and distressed jeans or shorts;
  • Go boho with a maxi dress and leather boots;
  • Take your look to the next level with accessories - hats, necklaces, bags, jewelry
  • Skip the winter ensemble, no fur or beanies.

Boots for Fall




If anything, boots for autumn are a match made in heaven. As the season transitions from summer, you would still want to wear some of those shirts, jeans, dresses, and skirts, but also keep warm. 

A go-to pair that works for the entire year, but matches with Fall perfectly too is the Oliver Cabell Mock Boots in Natural as pictured above. 

For women, beat the chill and stay in style with these best boots for autumn. Popular pieces for the best boots for fall are:


  • Cowboy boots paired with a lovely dress
  • Mid-calf boots this autumn where you can tuck in your trousers for a chic look
  • Heeled ankle boots perfect with mid-length dresses for ladies and cuffed-back pants for men
  • Snakeskin boots autumn style for a touch of color, texture and dimension
  • Leather boots, flat or heeled that basically go together with anything
  • Knee-high boots for fall that is great when paired with dress shirts

Snow Boots for Winter

Investing in quality, sturdy boots for the winter like Oliver Cabell’s Wilson boots are crucial. These mean not only comfort but also safety. Avoid sliding on ice with snow boots that come with durable rubber soles designed to help you manage different surfaces with good grip.


Insulation is another essential factor when it comes to choosing the perfect winter boots. Go for shoes that keep your feet warm or dry, whether you are on your usual work commute or exploring the park with your friends.


The last thing to consider with winter boots is the durability. Check that the insoles and the topstitching are all in place and adequately done. Try it out, get a feel of the shoes. When worn, you will know if the pair can last years. When you do find your go-to snowshoes, it can be your perfect match every winter!

Boots for Spring




Finding an outfit in spring can get confusing. Often, it is not too warm that it is ok to wear sandals, but also not too cold to bring out your winter pairs. Where does that leave you? Your trusty summer pair as your best boots for spring!


Spring still lets you wear your favorite dresses while adding in a lovely cardigan for some warmth. Ankle boots in spring such as Chelsea boots by Oliver Cabell are perfect as these keep you just warm enough. For men, denim or black pants are still as reliable, and pair it with a long sleeved shirt and your favorite jacket.

Boots for Heavy Rain


Don’t forget the unexpected downpour, too. Always prioritize functionality. Check for anti-slip rubber soles and materials that are weather-resistant, waterproof, and locks-out moisture like this Mock boots in Black. Keep your feet dry and warm all day with high-quality insulated boots.

Boots for All-Seasons

This classic brown boots from Oliver Cabell is an excellent choice for all-season boots, as the pair is handcrafted from Italy and is made with the best materials including ethically-sourced leather. This pair doesn’t just look neat; it’s pretty all around as well. Not to mention, this pair can handle sun, rain, and some cold.

Below is the anatomy of Oliver Cabell SB 1 boots:

  • Resole-able Blake stitch construction 
  • Water-resistant full-grain leather, sourced from a small tannery in Albacete Spain, “pull up” and vegetable tanned for upper
  • Custom water-resistant and anti-slip studded rubber outsoles from England for the outsole
  • Replaceable vegetable tanned leather footbed, with removable molded in-sole
  • Vegetable-tanned leather sourced from Venice, Italy for the lining
  • Premium Italian flat waxed cotton laces
  • Natural vegetable tanned leather foot forming midsole from Spain 
  • Vintage brass eyelets from Spain
  • Custom-made steel shank from Germany
  • Custom-Spanish brass nails for other components


They say shoes make the outfit -- and you can never go wrong with the perfect pair of boots for the right season! Check out these boots collection and find the ones best for you!