How to Clean Your Pair of Mules: 3 Essential Tips

 Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


It might be your first pair or tenth pair of mules. Congratulations - you have scored a great classic pair for your wardrobe! Mules have been around since the 16th century, and as much as some fashion gurus want to argue about how being “in trend” these are, the fact is mules are here to stay.

Mules are the answer to every girl’s wish: shoes that are stylish and comfortable, emphasis on the second part. Not every girl can stroll the mall comfortably with a pair of heels, and sometimes, it can get tricky to dress up or don a smart casual look when you are more comfortable with flats.

Mules: Functional and Stylish

Here come the mules: functional and stylish, easy to slip in and out off, and pairs perfectly with almost any outfit. Some might say mules are great for that ‘chic’ modern vibe - but it can be so much more.

Whether it’s for a smart casual look, a dreamy summer vibe, a bit edgy / street style look, or a laid-back weekend, these mules got you.

Oh, also, did we mention that these mules are a classic? They are staple pieces in your wardrobe that are sure to be in style, whether it’s next year or even in the next 5 to 10 years. Not only will your wardrobe love it, but your budget will also thank you.

And if you invest in a premium pair like Oliver Cabell mules, you’re also helping improve the fashion industry’s overall situation.

Oliver Cabell shoes are handcrafted in Italy only with the best materials, from ethically-sourced leather to Margom outsoles, which is considered one of the world’s best -- and imagine the level of expertise involved to be considered best of the best in something as specific as outsoles!

Now, you pretty much know we are obsessed with these mules. And we are excited as much as you to try them out!

First things first, though, here are some quick shoe care tips on how to care for your mules. These pairs may be designed for everyday wear and are made to last forever, but caring for them well will surely help keep them in top condition to help you look your best.

A Quick Shoe Care Guide: How to Clean your Mules

1. Know the material of your mules

Shoe care for mules starts with knowing the material of your shoes. Certain cleaning products and processes might work for a particular pair but might damage another. This is why it’s important to always check the materials of your shoes first.

Mules are very versatile, and they come in all sorts of fabric and material; some of the most common include leather, suede, and lace, to name a few. Some come in sleek, minimalistic, modern designs, while there are also those embroidered with jewels or decorated with tassels.

Shoe Care for Leather Mules

When cleaning leather mules, the first step is to dry brush it then rub with a shoe cleaning solution that is safe for leather. Finish it off with a leather conditioner to keep it soft and prevent drying. Never soak shoes with leather materials in soapy water or wash them in the washer/washing machine.

Shoe Care for Suede Mules

As much as possible, keep the surface of your suede mules dry. Clean it with a soft-bristled brush after every wear to remove dust and dirt. For stains, treat them as soon as possible.

Suede and vinegar? Yep. One of the go-to cleaning agents for suede pairs is a dash of vinegar over dry shoe stains. 

Use a clean cloth with vinegar to dab over the stain to remove it. But what if you are outside and that stain is really just getting into you? Check your purse for a pencil and use the pink eraser on the other end to gently rub off the dry stain.

What about fresh stains? Make sure to dry the stain first without spreading it. Once dry, do the eraser or vinegar trick. If it is an oil stain, sprinkle first with cornstarch or baby powder and leave for an hour. Brush away the dirt after the oil has been absorbed.

Shoe Care for Roped/Espadrilles Mules

For mules with roped-heels, clean the top part first. For the rope heel, use 4 cups of warm water, 1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent, and ¼ cup distilled white vinegar. 

Use an old toothbrush or a clean cloth to gently work on the heels, focusing on one area at a time, and remember to scrub in one direction. To rinse, use clean water and a cloth to wipe away the soap. Air dry. 

2. Invest in the Right Shoe Care Products

Similarly, caring for the shoes depends on the material, so as the cleaning products. Check first with the manufacturer or do quick research before using something you are not familiar with on your pair of shoes. Always go for quality shoe care products. 

 Shoe Cleaner: Ensure that the shoe cleaner you are using is safe on all colors and materials, especially leather and suede. Avoid cleaners that contain harsh chemicals and non-biodegradable ingredients as well.

Shoe Whitener: White footwear has been crazy trendy these past years. Keep your white leather shoes neat and tidy while also fixing minor scratches with this Shoe Whitener that Oliver Cabell has perfected.

Shoe Cleaning Brush: The cleaning formula can affect the shoes, as does the brush. Use a shoe brush with soft bristles to avoid damaging the shoe, but can still handle stubborn dirt and stains.

Leather Conditioner: This is an essential element in keeping your leather shoes in top condition. Go for a formula that uses natural waxes to keep the leather soft and protected while also providing natural waterproofing.

To save you from the hassle of choosing from different available products, you can grab this Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Kit. It’s literally the only cleaning kit you will ever need. You can use it from your shoes to boots and even on sneakers!


3. Never Wash Leather or Suede Mules in the Washer/Washing Machine


Put your pair of shoes in a laundry bag, add in the detergent, and toss it in the washer might work for sneakers and other types of rubber shoes. 

However, for mules, handwash is the way to go. Washing your mules in the washer risks damaging the shoes in so many ways. Bottomline: leather and suede are not made for machine wash. The detergent might not dissolve properly and get stuck. The shape of your mules might get damaged, and a lot more possible scenarios. Trus me, it’s not worth the risk. 

Love Your Mules

And that’s pretty much it! Like with any classic piece, loving your pair of mules gently is the best way to enjoy them for a long time. Grab one of these essential shoe care kits and start styling your mules in any way you feel like it.

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