Fashion Styles That Go Well With Mules

 Tuesday Bote - Dec 18, 2020


There is no doubt that mules are the shoe trend of 2020. People asking “Are mules shoes in style?” will be pleasantly surprised to know that they've been the chic shoe of choice for the past few seasons - and are still in fashion now. It's no wonder, too, that mules shoes seem to match all the top fashion trends of the year as well. 


Mules: What Are They?

Mules are closed-toe, open-heeled or backless shoes that are easy to step into. They were first worn in Ancient Rome and were popular as boudoir shoes in early 17th century Europe. Mules were frilly, pretty footwear that you wear only in your bedroom, usually matching your negligee. Men also wore indoor mules in the 17th century, but it was popular for English men to wear mules shoes in the late 1880s when a design called the Albert was a standard shoe to own.


Over the years, they have been developed as stylish shoes for women and men to wear outdoors, and mules shoes outfit ideas have improved from indoor dressing gowns. Sarah Jessica Parker and top fashion brands have helped spark interest in mules in the '90s, and they have made a big comeback in the last three years. 

We emphasize "big" in "big comeback" because they're still dominating fashion trends three years hence.

Mules are specifically low-heeled and closed-toe shoes. Open-toed backless shoes are called slides. Over the years, mules designs have experimented with heel height, from a slightly elevated heel to high stilettos, but still typically backless. Flat mules remain the most popular.

Fashion Styles that Work with Mules

Whether you're still wondering which clothes that best fit the mules shoes trend, or you're looking forward to what mules shoes women will be matching in the upcoming months, here's a rundown of recent and ongoing fashion trends and why mules shoes look divine with them.

Pajama chic


Pajamas in public have been in the spotlight recently, for obvious reasons. Silk pajamas can look classy and formal when you pair them with mules, as these shoes can pull off looking relaxed yet chic at the same time. Mules shoes for women were worn initially for lounging in a lady's boudoir, so it's not a stretch to pair them with smart-looking sleepwear in stripes or other geometric patterns.

Big, puffy sleeves


A favorite this year is crop tops or mini dresses with creatively billowy sleeves. Since these sleeves make enough of a statement, they go best with simple flats or mules shoes. Mules, especially, don't steal the spotlight from the puffs but still lend an air of elegance that completes the outfit.

Checkered and patchwork patterns


As we've established with the puffy sleeves fashion trend, mules shoes are understated in a classy way that contributes to the overall look without taking away from the outfit's main point. In this way, mules shoes in neutral colors are best with checks and patchwork designs, which we see a lot this year. 

In general, mules allow your outfit to have as much fun as it wants while grounding it and keeping it all classy.

Oversized tops, coats, and jackets


Mules go great with these outfits. This trend started with oversized tops set off by slim-fitting pants, leggings, or skinny jeans. As fall and winter roll over, the trend has extended to coats and jackets. Even though the focus will be on the upper part of the body, pants need to complement oversized blouses, coats, and jackets and show off a flattering silhouette. 

Cropped pants and jeans


As work from home style has dictated fashion trends this year, more relaxed pants styles have replaced jeans and business pants. Pants cropped at the leg to show off the ankle have become popular and are seen in jeans and jogger pants. 


Mules are excellent at showing off your ankles, being backless, and all. The sophisticated line of women's mules shoes already show off the feet exquisitely, and wearing them with cropped pants emphasizes the legs' length. 

Bermuda Shorts


We're talking about Bermuda shorts as a fashion statement and not just the shorts you wear around the house when you want to veg out. Designers are having fun with Bermuda shorts this year, and they're quickly replacing booty shorts in popularity. Most likely to make a comeback in spring, wear them with mules to help make Bermuda shorts look spiffy.

Flat Mules as Hot Fashion Trend


Although women’s mules shoes started out as flats, designers have experimented with varying heights for heels on mules. Dressing room flats began to incorporate short heels to make the shoes look more elegant and formal, even as you would wear them in a sheer nightgown and peignoir. 

When women started to wear mules as outdoor shoes, heels got even higher. For 2020, however, shoe fanatics preferred flat mules to wear with the year’s most popular fashion trends.  The understated elegance of a neutral-colored pair of mules seems to be staying at the top even onto 2021.

Get the Best Mules Online


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Wrapping Up

These are only a few of countless mule shoes outfit ideas. One great thing about mules is that they are very versatile - relaxed enough for casual hanging out yet sufficiently fashionable for evenings out. Apart from actually wearing them, it is quite fun to match outfits with mules shoes, and you'll find endless possibilities!